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  1. On 10/25/2018 at 4:16 PM, Peony said:

    First stage: Chest of the Giants I and Pumpkin horror buff - increases the damage from the Pumpkin? A bomb! skill by 10% (max. 5 buffs - 50%)


    Second stage: Chest of the Giants II and Long walk buff - increases the lifetime of monsters summoned by the Help of Ruin Berserker and Help of Crab Stone skills by 10% (max. 5 buffs - 50%)


    Third stage: Chest of the Giants III and Assistants' might buff - increases strength and defense of character's minions by 50%


    Fourth stage: Chest of the Giants IV and Magic of Vampirism buff - increases the Steal health parameter by 3% (max. 3 buffs - 9%)


    Fifth stage: Chest of the Giants V and Sudden Shock buff - increases the Stun parameter by 2% (max. 3 buffs - 6%)


    Sixth stage: Chest of the Giants VI and Lucky Deal buff - increases the number of Good luck Tokens received by a character on rides by 30% (if the 4th and 5th stages had been successfully completed)

    how long event start every hour ?

  2. 1 hour ago, Daria said:



    Restoring characters


    Only in the period from 07.06 09:00 CEST till 02.07 11:00 CEST you will be able to restore deleted characters dating to 2014, with the 50% discount!


    Notice that when restoring a character its name may be already have taken, so you will be offered to choose another name.


    omg!!!! with this event i will finally be able to restore my old bd that has been deleted since 2015 😘 Thanks devs

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