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  1. And fair is being able to be stunned incapable of being able to do anything is it? Be careful of the hypocrisy. You know that resist does always work as its a % chance and not some guaranteed stun like locks circle or fear or any of the other numerous stuns mc have. Yeah 1 resistance and rip lock, but how long have we had to put up with not even being able to have a chance to fight back? 7 years? So on the one hand its ok that were +10 and cant even kill a +1 lock or charmer or barb, but its not ok for us to resist and have a chance to fight back, and its a chance as I stated earlier. Babo is +10 on a 25 ferocity weapon as is my bd. How unfair do u think it is to us people to not even be able to have a chance to fight back? This is the hypocrisy of it all, you expect to play a bugged class where no one can touch you, but as soon as we even get a tiny bit of a chance to fight back your all up in arms about it.
  2. this topic is resistance runes.mc have at least 3 perm stun classes, and elfs had no real way to defend against them. If you want to start insulting people lyzoic I suggest you go find another place to do it, stop acting like a child and take it on the chin like elfs had to when blessing got nerfed, when counter got nerfed. Your classes haven't been nerfed, they just added in a balance factor as atm its completely unfair to have 3 classes that cant be touched. You already know this and yes lyzoic, you do only use your lock charmer in arena because u know that without a perm stun class u would have to have a fair fight and as we all know u cant handle a fair fight :D Notice u didn't argue about using perm stun classes so u cant be touched? its nice to see that you know its a cheat as well as everyone else, but keep on arguing in the hope that they will remove it. Personally I find this update a good addition as now its a fair fight not just use a perm stun class so no one can touch u no matter what their amp, we both know that was a massive joke in the first place. Also your charmer can see invis, so whats your issue with that? Your issue is you play perm stun classes so you don't have to have a fair fight, we all know how u operate. (sorry Higgins)
  3. You guys are really something u know that? You play a perm stun class so that u can just kill people without being touched but as soon as the developers balance it out you start complaining about the unfairness of it all, you can use the stun resist set yourself too. But no, you come on here and complain that its not fair.... seriously? So its fair being permenantly stunned without the capability of fighting back? where does your logic come from at all? Basically your crying because the game has been balanced out and elfs now have a fair chance of fighting back.... Lyzoic babo cant kill u in 1 hamstring combo so I really don't know why you feel the need to complain.
  4. and then we get told 'its a matter of luck' btw anyone else having this, cannot connect to server issue?
  5. fox I did more and got 1 good drop all week, not including the chests were a total bust too.
  6. @ Higgins. Its not drama when this has a track record of happening at every event and it does happen virtually every event. Since when is it ok for a business to offer something and then not give it? you do realise this is deliberately misleading. while were talking about all this you know mcoins are cheaper for Russians then anyone else which is also discrimination, you should read the trade description act, do u really want to continue this?
  7. i am calm morgana but if u can explain to me why we should suffer the injustice of it then I'm all ears.
  8. and then to say they might put another week of bounty on so they can rinse yet more money from ppls pockets its hilarious how many ppl actually swallow that....
  9. you know as well as I that even if they do compensate us it will be some crummy pathetic nowhere near the value of what we wasted items. its always the same, waste a fortune getting great upots together, the game mechanics are wrong and then the players end up out of pocket. Whats worse is great upots aren't buyable from the mshop it requires luck or money to get/buy them. The people who was online rady and waiting to start the event waste their supplies, then when they eventually fix the mechanics the guys who tried right from the start don't have their gp tripled, or get back a portion 2/3 of what they used so please don't say lets be hopeful. not once have they ever tried to 'make it right' Its a scam.
  10. well that's a buzzkill Higgins, what happens if its like this until they are back? it could be a few days. They definitely need to have a system of compensation as guilds are losing out on vasts amounts of gp and so are individuals trying for rank places. the issue of fairness is something of a sticker, people spamming now who made the effort to start when the x3 gp should have started and now will have done all this gp but they wont multiply it by 3 accordingly I assume. So when they x3 eventually kicks in they will have done 1/3 of what it would have been had everything worked accordingly. I think its a fair point to raise.
  11. yeah just a heads up the triple gp hasn't activated.
  12. Jackb

    bug report

    it hasn't been fixed yet and its causing havoc with guild members all going to do events and not being able to complete if because of coding errors.... also ty for the speedy reply
  13. Jackb

    bug report

    the guild event is bugged on the pelion part, everytime we kill pteriks and the 2 other 200k bosses the event still fails. could u look into this please? thanks
  14. If you ever do any testing for balancing can you give me an email so I can participate? Also I would like to add a massive thankyou this rebalancing will be good for both sides and not just one... awesome job!
  15. If you want to see what its like from start to finish elasiri made a video of karma running though it all, sadly no commentary just music. After you capture the throne and defend it im assuming you get access to all the npc's and are able to start upgrading. Sadly none of that was on the alpha test.
  16. Jackb

    Arena Bug abuse

    Right this needs to be addressed as its a major problem. In the arena system its now 25-28 and not 26-28 allowing lvl 25 players to create lower level parties to avoid having to fight the higher level players, even though they are in the same arena bracket as us. Either fix it so they cant avoid us or rechange the bracket so that they remain in the lower level arena until such time they level up to fight us. Its gauling to see a level 25 spamming the arena with lower levels, to specifically avoid having to fight the top people of the game. Yet they can receive the level 26 arena award? I don't think u realise how many people have been affected by this blatent bug abuse, and also the amount of money u will loose due to players refusing to spend money because you allow bug abuses like this to happen without any fix. Also on a side note, thanks for the bugged war yesterday as well we had 200 ppl and would have won 3-0 but you couldn't check your coding before introducing it....
  17. sadly locks and barbs are ridiculously hard to counter with the stuns and their immobilizations. a full +10 bd cant kill a full 10 barb now or a lock. its called power gaming and all games do it, they make 1 or 2classes redicoulsly hard to kill so that everyone spends money making them, then when it becomes overbalanced they alter it to fix the balance.
  18. don't mean to be a pain here but this hasn't addressed any of the current in game issues. Firstly in the update statement it says that so were forgetting about locks ability with 6 ppl to block a whole army from moving? Or rogues being able to move undetected to a flag and hit it without detection? Secondly the main issue is the in game balancing, its already unbalanced when u removed counters power rangers blessing and upgrade mc skills, most elf classes cant stand up to a rogue ambush or a lock stun cycle or a barbs full stun cycle or a shamans blind and totem and running although it would seem the developers seems to not have noticed :! for example barbs skill cycle, full stun cycle and an immunity to controlling affects, then locks with their constant skill blocks and stuns. im starting to think the devs who actually play this game don't even play elfs, we just get left to the crumbs off the table whenever money gets spent on development. How many good updates have us elfs had? 1? the introduction of expert skills.
  19. specific date :P or is the development still not near completion?
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