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  1. 25 minutes ago, Aкasha said:

    Unbelievable. Let's estabilish a tone to this conversation because I have no intention to play your game "im just a loyal customer who expects fair treatment and has not recieved it, if you dont understand that, and cant talk to me in a reasonable and beffiting manner then maybe your not the person i should be talking to." - seriously Jackb? It's even hard to believe that you meant it.. but I will assume you don't know my contribution in the past 5 years at all, maybe there is a huge gap in our communication or we completely misunderstood each other.. eww! 


    "so your telling me firstly that people defrauding the game isnt an issue that needs fixing? Im curious how that logic prevails, would u care to enlighten me how this isnt an issue that needs fixing?"  Good God! Are you being silly? I already answered that on your other topic and the support team too, by any chance we cooperate with it and whoever gets caught doing it will suffer consequences, obviously the tech team already know about this task. Do you expect me to repeat myself as if I hadn't read your words the first time?!


    Now, do you really believe to be acting in a fair manner yourself while insisting to spam in different topics that the game provides hidden privileges to Russians? Listen to me for once, I'm pretty sure that the team answered you on this very same subject before, in addition it has been said so many times that amplification rates are the same!.. I can only be led to think that you believe in conspiracy or worse.. honestly, that wasn't a belittling comment of mine, It was nothing but a poor attempt to transmit a message on equal terms to someone clearly confused or stubborn, I'm sorry. If you're fully convinced by your own experimental methods that you have more luck in another location, you can always move.. but there is no real evidence of it.


    I ask you to choose your words wisely and cooldown before your next post because I'm the oldest forum member among community admins (at least, those who still perform this function in the company) and I have been player >moderator >admin.. conclusively.. I might be your best bet at the moment, specially if you want to discuss a matter in English, whether you like it or not. And I already asked you to change your attitude towards me, I may not be as nice next time.

    I safely assume that your not going to listen to the validity of anything in this post as upto now you have just been exceedingly arrogant hostile and provocative towards me. Furthermore i have escalated this beyond your jurisdiction as your attitude in the previous comment is belittling arrogant and extremely hostile with absolutely no cause. All i did was come on asking questions to which i am entitled to ask. How are you justifying the way you speak to me in this post by your previous 5 years on the job? is that justification to put words in my mouth claiming i said that they are the russian mafia or that you are affiliated to them? So because you have been here 5 years that justifies the open hostility and belligerence towards me when asking for answers on something extremely valid?

    In my post i clearly show support arent even trying to catch these abusers of a bug, i came on to see if the situation had changed or if there had any progress on the matter.

    When u say im spamming subjects you mean im replying to various topics and various subjects, im following the rules of the forum and keeping things on topic, with their appropriate links. So why are u lying about me now? The only time i have mentioned that is in this topic and because you have decided to call me a liar i will gather my proof and thus submit it now to trading standards and whatever the current European counterpart is.

    You assume this is a game im playing? I thought i was asking a serious question and in return i get belittled by someone instead of treated with the professional curtsy that your position requires or am i wrong?

    Now your proceeding to threaten me? I can see this conversation is going no where with you i will go through support as they have the power to deal with this, im glad this is all here in black and white. thanks have a nice day.

  2. 4 hours ago, Reivenorik said:

    Something bad is happening with our servers.
    Technicians do their best to troubleshoot.
    I'm asking for your patience, soon everything will be fixed and the situation will cease to repeat.
    I apologize for the inconvenience.

    an apology for wasted time and money? 

    I feel it necessary to ask this, but how would you like your free time off work to be wasted because of a company not including your hard earned money? Im asking you to put yourself in our shoes for once, and maybe have a little compassion in respect to consideration for compensation,

    Is it wrong to be so bold as to state this?

  3. so your telling me firstly that people defrauding the game isnt an issue that needs fixing? Im curious how that logic prevails, would u care to enlighten me how this isnt an issue that needs fixing? 

    4 hours ago, Aкasha said:


    I can only imagine how frustrating it feels to hear that, but there is no conspiracy going on behind the scenes, in reality we aren't connected to Russian mafia. Please, don't embarrass yourself trying to prove that and avoid passive-aggressive content here. 


    I'd be more glad to read and give feedback on your ideas to improve existing features and implement significant changes, but I'd like to see a different attitude next time.

    I did a check with my friends and myself all trying it, im sure dan video'd some of it. We found conclusive results with the outcome being that on a russian server, we had higher drop rates then usual, higher amp sucess rate. You guys seem to think im talking with no actual substance to the things im saying.

    i never said u was connected to the mafia did i? where did that insinuation come from and why are u putting words into my mouth that i didnt utter? Would u care to respond in a fair manner that isnt deliberately misinterpreting what ive said?

    You say im being passive agressive how? im just a loyal customer who expects fair treatment and has not recieved it, if you dont understand that, and cant talk to me in a reasonable and beffiting manner then maybe your not the person i should be talking to.   

    Also here is the response from support about the reasons why they havent done anythng about this issue.



    Im genuinely concerned now that instead of actually addressing valid concerns you chose to state that either its the wrong place for something that needs fixing when this is a thread for fixes.

    secondly you make such belittling comments in address to people when trying to resolve said issues. 

  4. well they used to ip block people so banning vpns isn't altogether out of the realms of possibilities.

    there is a multitude of points on this, but clearly the main ones are these.

    1 the system quite visibly charges a lot less through the Chinese method.

    2 the system must have been made this way or it wouldn't be there to exploit.

    3 why is it there to be exploited in the first place?

    4 why are people being treated unethically and unfairly/ why has the business chose to allow cheats to prosper.

    5. after support has admitted they havent done anything about, what guarentee do we have that cheats wont continue to prosper and what sort of compensation are u going to offer those of us affected by it the most?


  5. the topic shouldnt be closed, moveover the gaming company should take the necessary steps to prevent this from happening. ontop of that the system actually allows it as the above image proves.

    what the flippin heck? 😄

  6. i have made a mistake there, my fault.... i apologise, 

    you did in fact bring up the fact that its blocked and u have to use a vpn to access it.

    That is only happening if your country has it blocked.

    If warspear is blocked its due to the laws of that particular country.

    As such if you do then access warspear your breaking 2 sets of laws, one your own countries laws, and secondly warspears if you make an in app purchase.

    but the whole point of a vpn is the fact you can use it to change your location, to buy mcoin cheap.

    These people have been for quite some time without any sort of due diligence in respect of the matter,

    cheats being allowed to abuse the fact that you can use a vpn to mask/alter location to abuse a system, when as you saw above is quite visably there to be 

  7. if you actually read the whole topic, its about using vpn's to purchase mcoin.

    sorry to be perdantic but clearly you havent read the whole thing :P

    On 11/5/2018 at 2:48 PM, GalaxyRekt said:

    In some places Warspear is blocked, the only way to play/buy coins is by using VPN.

    I can't see anything wrong in that.


    And BTW i didn't say i used VPN to buy coins:facepalm1:


    There is almost no differente between Russia/China and Brazil when it comes to buying coins😀

    There is a big difference between Russia/China/Brazil and European countries. For the same price, being in Russia/China/Brazil, you get almost 2x more mcoins.



    you clearly brought up the whole subject of warspear being blocked in countries and now suddenly no one said anything? pfft

  8. are u just trying to argue or something?

    if your country has warspear blocked, you have to use a vpn to play, therefor your accessing the game from another country, if you then make in app purchases your doing it illegally because your not pyshically located in that country, is that clear enough for you?

    secondly, i dont see how this has anything to do with the current discussion i was having with support about the cinese mcoin price which you have started all this from, would you care to clarify?

    thirdly using a vpn to play isnt illegal, i never said it was so where are you getting all this from?

    I have quite clearly said, if warspear is banned in your country, and you have to use a vpn to access it, your in breach of your own countries laws, i have said nothing about it being illegal to se a vpn unless its banned in your own country.

    would u care to explain to me how the cheap china mcoin price has anything to do with this discussion?

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