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  1. Ok. Thanks. Gotta delete the bonus i gave. I didn't give it as a second design though. I nearly brought it up as an bonus idea of mine... Well I guess its the same, huh?
  2. Hi to everyone! :) I would like to present you my hard work of mind! There is a variety of things to concetrate while designing such map... But for me... I tried to come up with a map as simple as its possible, but still with a requirement for a great tactical mind. I think that more choices bring more confusion and, what comes usually with it, mistakes. I created arena map, which will be reasonably balanced between high amped people and low amped. I focused on that matter, because Im one of the lower class and what I see as the measure of power (or lets say professionalism) is ones tactic (teamwork for the most part), not ones strenght. I created arena map, which will challenge the tactic of those who enter it. Of course the balance between high amps and low amps can not be totally deleted. Its just the purpose of amping to acquire some advantage. Without further delay, here is my map: TACTIC: When you enter the arena, number of choices come to your head. Thanks to this map's overall simplicity, choices come to you quicker and easier. So let's simulate some scenarios here: 1. Rather equally matched opponents - Here, there is the most of choices. When u exit the base, you spawn in a very interesting position. U can either: Kill your opponent first and capture 3rd point, then go for other capture points ( bare in mind, that leaving a capture point 3 which is so close to exit points of both teams is VERY risky). Withdraw from fight in the begginning and capture area that is closer to your base. This option really questiones your teamwork. Why? Because one of your team mates spawns REALLY close to capture point 3. Not only that, but right from the start u see your opponent right in front of you. The temtation to capture point 3 and surpass your enemy is simply unresistable. Or is it not? Who would leave a capture point to the enemy right from the start? :) However you look at it... It isn't such a bad idea. U could simply take a capture point closer to your base with all 3 of your teammates. That way its way faster. You also don't risk loosing this chance later on (if the battle would be too intensive and u didn't have any time to take it). If your opponent withdraws, u can simply split into two groups and capture 2 teritories at the same time. Do what your senses tell you to do. 2. High amped vs low amped - It often happens that u are forced to fight an opponent that is simply beyond you. In that case the battle is never perfectly balanced. But don't give up. I tried my best to simulate some of those scenarios. So... What are "high apms" doing when they go against weaker opponent? They often feel very confident. This can happen: One or two of "high apms" will go and try to kill you right from the start and take capture point 3. Rest will go for capture point near their base. In that scenario you (I think I am talkig to "low apms" here) have a big advantage over "high apms". Try to overcome your enemy with your team (3 vs 2or1) Then try to take capture point 3 and deal with the other "high apms". It is very possible that your enemy will use SEALS. Fight in this condicionts will be tought. In case u die and feel out of options you can use passages below and above the capture point 3 to overcome your oponent with your teamwork and cunning. For example you can split into two groups and try to redeem capture points taken by enemy. It will be VERY TOUGH on them if u succeed to split them and catch them by surprise. All "high apms" will go and try to kill you right from the start and take capture point 3. In that case u can either withdraw and capture territory near your base. You earn the chance that "high apms" may split after capturing point 3 and one is returning for point near his base. If they come with full power, try to split between them and run for capture point closer to their base (If u die, then u can do so after u revive. In that case u can also split and try to confuse your enemy.). If they split, try to defeat them. Other unpredictable situation based on your reading of a given situation. Remember that "Temple of Seals" arena mode is all about capturing points. The battle itself doesnt matter. Capture points matter. I described a few of my simulations. Of course every situation is different, every person and every party is different. I can not predict what can happen precisely. Also... I have many other simulations in head, but would be a real bother to write it all down. :) I feel that i mentioned the most common and simple. THEME: As for theme, I would really like it to be Blissful Isle theme (although i though of a Mountain clan's theme at first). I dont have any good screenshot or picture of it. I somehow concetrated the most on the map itself... So I am leaving details of the theme to developers... If my work gets choosen that is. That beeing said... Here is my idea for the obstacles in the middle... It could be those beautifull flowers or some small trees (Maybe it could be iteresting if the trees would hide players... On the other hand a fight in this condition would be rather funny and hard)... In the end... Thank you for reading till the end. :) Maybe my map doesn't seem to be that innovative... But I feel doesn't need to be innovative much. I feel it's unique in it's own way... And I would really like to play in it. :) If you feel it's too simple... try to simulate some scenarios... It works for me:). Thanks again. :)
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