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  1. They show this on the test server no? I do recall seeing bd’s sap values can’t remember them off hand though
  2. Did it last night, tt Mythical that is with warden and seeker it’s not ‘that’ hard now but yes very long
  3. Winter

    Punishment Fail

    Nope not just you, noticed it also so never use it now in pve at least, pvp (it should) work as described. It's basically the same thing as rouge kick in the back which also doesn't work in pve.
  4. Probably moved cause it's not a bug.
  5. Simple, don't hit the rock :D
  6. If mana regen is working correctly now then seriously lower the amount of mana needed for seeker skills cause they don't exactly use a little and I can easily drain 110+ regen in no time, it's bad enough you've made them even more useless than they were already in pvp.
  7. As a seeker agree with you there lol, rogues at least have defences, with bleeds blocked by parry and melee attacks that's like most attacks
  8. The issue with introducing a new set of pvp items from a new location is that would make a 3rd set of gear people would have to get, good for devs, annoying for everyone else. If the existing or any new arena weapons (only) were made to be gained with war points or whatever and new varied arena sets to the arena it would light up activity in both areas, can't put everything there or arena would be more dead than it is now. Other than that I like the idea, they could also make a new map that's accessible only to the winning side to hunt during the after win period, also during those
  9. Winter

    Phishing sites!

    Hardware ID Bans don't work?
  10. Yes to seeker's disappear time and no clue on the shield.
  11. Winter

    Private Mode

    Added to a toggle switch, example if you click your class's icon in the top left hand corner it changes it would be nice. Also if you could set the parameters for what you want disabled in options.
  12. You are forgetting you and every other class can also use the armor which will resist bd's hamstring (can miss and also dodgeable), you will obviously lose resistance and be susceptible to criticals just like any other class, it seems pretty balanced to me, you gain and you lose. Everyone you come across also won't be using this armor in their build as while it may have an advantage over locks it makes it weak vs other classes e.g. crit rogues. There's also other classes than locks and bds, remember that when speaking of balance ;)
  13. Not 1 buff per attack taken, it's like shield lv3 example absorbs xx dmg (no clue) and gives 25% buff with all 10 stacks. If you take the full dmg the shield absorbs you get all stacks, higher the shield level more dmg it'll take to activate them but longer buff lasts once you get it. So may be counter to what you'd want but less defence = easier it is to activate the stacks or fight stronger things if amped.
  14. Just tested, seems fine to me, try stronger mobs. Higher their attack or more damage you take quicker they'll activate the buffs.
  15. Dodge actually does work in t4 (if you get it high enough e.g. 40%+) If you are looking to solo bosses etc ls and parry.
  16. Yeah, it should have another bonus to it maybe similar to Resilience where it reduces damage other players do also and to counter that bonus give pve a negative effect like increased chance monsters hit criticals or something.
  17. I was going to make a post about this but since the game has the full screen option now the hotkeys and where they are positioned needs to be re-thought since they are buried in the bottom left corner, fine if you use keys to do them and such but a pain with the mouse to not only use them but potions etc Centered in the middle but raised slightly from the bottom would be a good place for skills and maybe a couple slots to the right for potions or something since everyone has been saying we need more hotkeys anyway.
  18. Whatever you guys did to mana regeneration thank you and please keep it.
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