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  1. Exactly how was it not working before? Also does this stat only affect maps where you can drown? Basically does this work in ST dungeons?
  2. Once a week would have been better imo to keep ppl from maxing it out too soon, since dungeon will give also, but either way
  3. Also not many have high talents which will give resist to stuns/blinds/poison and so on which will allow for easier passage @Reivenorik Side note: There's an annoying issue crossing maps and mana regeneration where it will just drain if you cross, stop and recross maps. As using a class with 2 continuous skills little annoying to have to reactivate them constantly. Curious minds also want to know what % does critical hit book give
  4. Love update, good job Just one little thing, how about giving classes that can uaw different weapons the option to pick the achievement skin they want ...a 2h skin is useless to me
  5. I actually meant to revert back to personal based use, should have been clearer. Like if you overwrite a skill, old skills are still available
  6. @[email protected] Due to all these passive expert skills please consider giving us a mcoin option to unbind old skills used, same to relics and weapon skins
  7. This is usually a problem when content becomes to easy to beat, i.e 1 stam spammable due to complaints then everything drops in the space of a week and becomes worthless, then devs hoping it will last longer now have an angry mob of players demanding new stuff. Hopefully the difficulty of the new area and it's drops are kept hard to get to keep things fresh for a while while allowing devs time to work on future expansions. Lol okay
  8. Lovely, now can I troll and inflict bleed on others so they get eaten or is the bleed different to normal bleed?
  9. So this class has been neglected from the get go; a lot of garbage expert skills, rag doll in pvp, no significant buffs to fix their downfalls and all around frustrating with mana changes, insanely high mana consumption AND accuracy (as it's a melee class) being heavily required. I'm just going to spitball a couple changes to improve the class as played it since released exclusively, feel free to chime in or add your own input. Base Skills Splitting this skill is fine, with the last update boosting it's damage and lowering cooldown, can't complain Harad
  10. Not gonna take up a lot of time here, current decorative skins are huge, future batches think "Illusion Kris" size ~ Kthnxbye
  11. Booooo lol, you've made us suffer a long time, make it worth it
  12. Short and simple; item / mcoin / gold option to recover expert skill books (oh and relics) versus overwriting them and losing them.
  13. That's hilarious 😃 Edit: less funny now lol
  14. Are the citizens of this place perhaps into banking also?
  15. Probably same as snow (description never changed) boost the defensive % of described skill
  16. Older cliwnt no skill fx are being shown *never mind fixed*
  17. Special thanks for this was driving me crazy
  18. I'm gonna give it a shot but i still think it's bad UX I'm right handed my mouse is to the right of the screen most of the time 2 clicks is a lot faster from that side You are also forced to use the hamburger menu when your character dies as the left menu above is replaced by revive Still think a single click chat button on the right next to the menu or replace Interact would be better as chat is used more Anyways on another topic why exactly can't you click out of mcoin shop without clicking close?
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