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  1. got it. so I think it should be specified in the description, it is useful information and can make someone spend skill points or not.
  2. Hi there . While I was playing I noticed that the grimoire skill lasts less than it should. Would it be a bug? I wanted to know why it doesn't last the correct 20s of the skill. YouCut_20230112_151004770.mp4
  3. I already received the costume, I just need to receive the chests. I would like to know when I will receive them 🙂 @Akasha @Holmes
  4. I am very happy with the result, thanks for the consideration and opportunity 😍😍
  5. Will the winners be chosen by the administrators, or by the amount of likes on Facebook? On Facebook there are people who are quite happy to be famous in the game.
  6. DESEJO À TODOS UM GRANDE E FELIZ ANO! E que 2021 seja um ano de grandes realizações para todos🥳.
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