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  1. What colour flue? (If you remember)
  2. Difference is, when i use pot -they stop pvping
  3. Chosen and forsaken are a joke Mountainclan is the easiest
  4. not bring it back really, just click delete lol
  5. Why cant tech support delete a character of yours that has been banned if you give them your permission and verify ownership...i would like my old old names back? (Yes...names..ive been naughty
  6. Fuk dat quest, no body reads that. Why not have chat bubbles iinstead of essays whwn you start a quest
  7. x6t3nc3


    I noah-guy. pm me in game, Asianporn
  8. one long af quest. Upgrade it, show players how to use the merchant. Show players how the amplification system works show them how to craft show them how to use minions. Even starter characters shiuld have 1 personal cat charmer to start with. Its not easy when you are level 1 and a non healer.
  9. Powerfull skil? The only powerful skill i know off is mental pit #changingtopic
  10. Ofcourse, at the end of the day, the development team makes the changes soo... Eg.didnt shaman used to be a healer? Rofl.
  11. The only person immature at elf side is brednor and sourpurpp. You are my friend - yes. Dont forget when warlocks came out, mc side was ducked, outnumbered elfs 1:2 basically. They arent doing anything about it!, read update, if you have elf char, you can make as many elf as you want again. Everyone has an ekf char for talking or mc char for talking War is nothing, buff last only 24 hrs, some people play for only 5hrs.. useless We elfs do work as a team, mc side argues too much Most mc plsyer do thst, pay for quest help.
  12. Alot of you guys may not know this but back in the day when you first started warspear, there was an island you started off on, it was informative, teaching you how to attack etc etc. I think it would be beneficial if you broutht it back. Ofcourse with the skip tutorial option. I dont even know why it was removed.
  13. SNAP Legionn, ball is in your court
  14. Each month developers should look at a specific class and change soomething about it in order to try restore balance. For eg, august can be warlock month, developers look at the class, skill mechanics etc and change something (if needed) or where fits. For example, giving all warlocks 3% lifesteal from lvl 1. September another class, lets say BD. Lowering elnlightenment effect by x%, reducing second hand weapon dmg by 60% instead of the 40 or 50% it is stm. Developers would create topics on forum and us players would list changes we would want to see. Developers test them and At the end of the month, something is changed. What do you think? Afterall, we are the community - we should have a bigger voice as to what we want as customers
  15. Okk, but you'll be losing alot of players interest in lleveling craft for lvl 20 items when we are lvl 24, unless lvl 20 craft items give a good amount of damage as opposed to regular items? for eg, lvl 22 cape gives 19 magic dmg, will lvl 20 craft cape give near as much or that of a regular lvl 22 cape?
  16. Link hp regain ks dependant on your current hp, the lower it is, the highrr the regen. Eg, my hp 2200/3100, each tick of healing will be ~119 ish at lvl 1, my hp 300/3100, healing 570+ tick @ lvl 1 the lower your hp, the higher % link will output
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