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  1. Every man for himself in 5x5. Aint no teamwork bruh
  2. I am going to make link 4/4 and pvp for a day, just for lols.
  3. Can i watch
  4. Thought i'd share my opinion to those PvP-built druids, bee is a far better skill than lightning, Why? PRO: Damage: overall lightning may do more damage THAN bee, however that is the only PRO of the skill. CON: No other efefft of the skill by leveling it. - if the skill misses, you have effectively wasted x amount of skill points. - in terms of leveling it at high character level with high amp staff, the damage difference is not impressive at all. Bee! Pro: great damage at level 3+, DoT ticking over 100 with penetration, can critically strike aswell. *THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ABOUT BEE* Dps/attack speed reduction. Alot of newer players have forgotten what a great utility bee is for pvping against melees and especially rangers E.g.) level 3 bee casted on a ranger with, lets say 15% attack speed. When bee is casted, their attack speeed is altered into a negative integer ( negative) - 12.9 or even greater. These figures arent exact, i will do tests tommorow. Primarily, bee is a great skill to level if you prefer pvping more than pve. unlike lightning, if bee dmg is dodged, the speed reduction is still applied, thus reducing DPS aswell (damage per second is reliant on attack speed and damage.) What are your thoughts? Lightning or bee. Constructive arguments please.
  5. i like it! However - be aware that a caster with 500 magic damage hitting something with 7000 magic defense will result in the damage being less than 220 (~218 to be exact) whereas your boss will have up to 10,000 - quite a bit considering the sheer amount of health points! that's just my opinion, otherwise - i really like this boss
  6. Damn straight i do, everyone starts with a motive. big or small, a motive is a motive. In every game i have played or do play, i do it to be the best possible - why? that brings me fun, i love it everyone who pvp's surely has a motive to be recognised as a great fighter true? even if it is just for fun, we all appreciate recognition
  7. Its not similar, unless you are refering to the name which i have had for over a year..? I wish i could ss the arena reward post in announcement but that was deleted due to new forum I appreciate your concern though!
  8. Something like that, but i want green woman, green red and black inspired sounds goood, i'll see what i can do on photo shop, thank you!
  9. Dont die , and thank you Thwnk you bro, means alot!
  10. Ivyseeker - The queen of nature! Long ago..very long ago - legends foretold the story about the mysterious woman hidden in the depths of Dawn Forest. Travelers in that area have reported swarms, and i mean swarms of fairy-like insectoids chanting 'iiiiivy...iiiiivy' as they approach them. These insectoids were mere minions that served their mother, ivyseeker. Their powers unknown to most because those travelers lucky enough to survive the encounter had returned in a state of shock. However some have described what they've seen as 'incredible'. One day - the vilage council had decided to investigate what on earth was happening in dawn forest. Their Chief - Howard, rallied up one hundred of his finest soldiers to investigate dawn forest. Leading the soldiers was captain Arii, an experienced magician. So of they went into Dawn Forest. "d-d-do you hear that?' murmered one of the soldiers. 'iiivvvyy...iiiiivvy' - they all began to hear. "Look out!" yelled Arii as he noticed the reported insectoids approaching. The soldiers and insectoids fought. the battle went on for hours. Captain Arii and a mere 21 soldiers where the survivors. "W-w-we have to go back..we nearly died! who knows what's up ahead!" murrered one of the soldiers. Arii notices heads nodding in agreement, however, Arii was like no other - he had no fear. "We must keep going!" he chanted, however the soldiers did not show sign of cooperation, instead they gazed at Arii, as if something had came over them... "Soldiers!" yelled Arii..however they did not respond. A few seconds went on until they too started chanting 'Iiiivy...iiivyyy'. What on earth could be happening? It seems Arii's soldiers had been overcame with mass hysteria, but who could be doing this?! All of a sudden Dawn Forest darkened in the daylight and the soldiers began attacking each other mercilessly. "Stop!" shouted Arii but they did not listen, their swords once grey, no painted in blood- swung at each other, unsure of what to do, Arii yelled once more "Stop!". A strange voice whispered "you do not control my puppets"...it was Ivyseeker, the notorious queen of Dawn Forest. Arii turned around and saw tthis green-skinned lady, lavished in flowers standing with one hand on her hip and a grin on her face. Arii, unable to contain his anger from what she has done - attacked Ivyseeker... No one knows the ending of this encounter, however,. ever since that day, Arii and the one hundred soulders have not returned to the village since. That was a short introduction to my boss, Her name is Ivyseeker Type: Plant/nature Health: 1 275 000 Mana: 1000 Environment: forest-like area Powers:__________________________ 1) Hysteria Similar to the chaos potion efffect, she is able to cast hysteria on an area on the ground, players in that area (perhaps 5x5) are now enemies to each other and cannot attack Ivy. This skill can be avoided by leaving the area before the effect happens. 2) Bloom: Ivy seeker summons roots from below the ground that stun all players in range. (aoe effect) The skill is basically the druid skill, root - except AoE style. The skill lasts 6 seconds 3) Cross Polunation: Ivy sends out bees onto one player, the affected player suffers DoT damage and decreased damage and healing output for the duration of the skill. (perhaps 40-50%) 4) Aid: Ivy summons 3 yellow boss-like minions that heal ivy 240/per second each whilst they are not interrupted. in order to stop them from healing, they must be attacked. When they are attacked, they will try run away. (They have 14000 health points each) If they arent being attacked anymore, they will try move in range of ivy and begin healing again until they die (either players kill them or they sacrfrice their health points to their master, ivy. At a rate of 240/health per second) 5) : Insectoids: Ivy summons 3 yellow boss-like minions that deal damage. These insectoids have skills of their own. 1 insectoid is able to use sleep, at a level of 3/4, the second insectoid is able to use a skill similar to roar, whilst the third uses sap on players. 6) Carnivorous plant: Ivy summons a plant that eats a player, trapping them (similar to priest or necro shield) however whilst in this plant, the player is unable to use skills and receives damage over time. How does ivy attack: Ivy attacks using a vine whip, she whips her targets, the damage has an aoe effect similar to power of water, however only 1 player recieves 100% of the damage, others receive a recoil-like damage of 20%. On the map, ivy doesnt move much- instead, a carnivorous plant swallows her, goes underground and pops her back up in a different location from time to time.- after all, nature is her specialty. Ivy is mainly physical damage, however some of her skills are magic based. DROPS: Ivy should drop a costume similar to druids cosutume but redisigned, it would have a flower as the back that looked like a cape but covered the hair and towers over the players head. I will upload a photo after work, i'm a really bad drawer.. thank you! Let me know what you think below, good or bad - i am interested! About the picture: 1) I am 100% aware that i cannot draw, i have not picked up a writing instrument in nearly years, besides signing documentations. 2) The cape as seen would be a part of the costume, it would look similar to that, followed by a thinner cape covering the lower body. The flower at the back of the torso and head should have some sort of pattern, whilst keeping the nature-like theme. 3) If you are wondering why my drawing is so bad, refer to number 1 please. 4) You may laugh. 5) i will render a photoshop version tommorow, one that wont look as bad! F.A.Q: Isnt ivyseeker your old char name? yes - i thought it'd fit best because it's nature-based for this boss lmao bro your drawing is bad i know! EDIT: i tried to make a computerised version, however, it is NOT 100% my work at all, i used a template from an 'ace of spades' card online.
  11. i started as a shaman, dont forget, 2/3 years of being a shaman, i simply wanted something new
  12. Shamans have always been the best class for pvp- whether you admit it or not. Lightning shield is amazing. Lasts ~45 seconds. ~20 second cooldown left afterwards. Does insane dmg. So does totem.
  13. Artezy is a sore loser. He pvp'd by Druid, I won a couple of times. He blamed lucky crits/sleep/ etc He beat me once - he starts saying I'm a +10 noob who lost and will never pvp me again He does not deserve to be recognised in my opinion.
  14. Another thing mate, stop kos'ng people so often, like emperior. A druid was pvping a rogue, whilst pvping, elva was ganking someone. The rougue came out of invis so the druid used sleep to disable the rogue, unfortunately elva was in range and also got affected by sleep. The druid is now on KOS. Lol
  15. Lol dude, see - you assume i cant kill you now :/ yet you told someone to log in and help you, true? i know alot of people find it hard to believe that your shaman can beat my druid... I wont even argue - i am not hating on your guild or you, i am just a retaliator - attack me and be attacked back. As for potting, i admit i used one pot, why? Two totems where attacking me at the same time, apart from that, there was no need. Besides, if you did die, 16 nbk members and a jehova's witness would all log in just to help you kill one person I do have a big head, but what makes you and i differrnt is the fact that i am able to admit it. You aren't the king of sapphire us, no one is. You won't get my respect until the day you pvp me. Win or lose, thats how you earn respect in pvp cave buddy
  16. Lol dude, i play this game to be the best, thats my motive for any game. nbk has no rulee, your guild does not dare touch me if you're offline, everyone has seen this - so as far as i am concerned, this guild kos issue is pathetic Dont refer to our conflict as being me vs nbk when it isnt - its only me, you and deli that have a problem! your biggest fault is your inability to move on from the past, you chose to linger
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