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  1. Incorrect, i dont think its as easy as 30% crit minues 20% resil = 10% crit chance.


    I have played a ranger with 35%+ resilience however critical strikes still occur, as skrillex said, we dont know the game mechanics.


    Resilience only affects damage/critical chance from other players. That is what resilience is.

  2. In all the time I'm on the forum, you never noticed I never spent a penny? ;)


    Many other players havent spent a penny on this game yet i am sure are able to save millions kf gold, for eg. Adywijaya, rogue millionaire, hasnt spent a penny on this game?


    Also as i stated, this is just for those whom have no othrr use for their gold and want something to do/spend gold on

  3. Not a good idea. Because rich players will trasact gold among them selfs as donations. For example if there would be a donate button and he gives it to other players and than the more he donates the higher he ranks? If I understood corectly? Well if thats the case he will just give 30m to his friend and he will give him back and they both would be very high ranked.. Beside idea of announcing kings enterance is bad because of chat spam.

    You misunderstood the concept!

  4. Money is just donated to a nobility merchant.


    100k is not alot anymore nowadays,

    5% hp is useful for tanks/arena players


    Its not a prerequisite, you dont have to do it. Only if you want

  5. I like this idea , oh yes and when king lags and keeps disconnecting , world chat spammer haha :D . Yes will be great to see that added in game , makes it more interesting and for people to find a point to keep playing , become famous in their server ! . And also dont forget there must be a list with nobility ranks somewhere added , so anyone can see who has these ranks .

    Yep, there will be a list definately! Exactly bro, just another thing to do in this game


    Nah, sorry Jake. Things are good as they are.



    Appreciate your input, however the game isnt going to stay the same, always changing


    No, it shouldn't be gold or cc, only mcoins. Plebs who work hard to earn their status? That's not how things work in real life.

    Gold atleast, would love to see those whom dont buy coin recognised aswell.


    i sorta like it and i would definetely go for a spot on Ryderx that extra buff making me more op huehuehue :[


    I reckon you'd get it!

  6. Ehmm, keep in mind that mostly elfs will have the bonuses? Goodbye balance:)

    Incorrect, i can name at least 40 players mc side.


    For eg) the guild sithlords.


    Assuming all the rich players are elfs will only get you so so far, true?


    Besides, population elf:mc currently stands at 3:1- imo. If anything, mc should be able to attain higher quantities of golds due to the lack of players selling *insert example*

  7. May I salute you: the richest people on the server with even more advantages :clapping:

    Best idea ever.



    We have a war buff that rewards an entire faction


    it's more appealing to most of the players because they dont have to work for it. true?


    wheras when people use their gold/earnings for their own advantage that they rightfully deserve - its frowned upon




    e.g) Mcoiner amps +10, people call him a rich nub


    e.g.) mcoiner shares mcoins, wew he rich pro :*



  8. Nobility system!


    Similar to..lets say arens ranking or guild war ranking.


    Nobility system gives a chance to those whome would like to donate excess gold/miracle coins/cc towards their nobility ranking.


    There will be 5 overall ranks!


    1. King/Queen

    2. Prince/Princess

    3. Duke

    4. Earl

    5. Baron


    There will be a maximum of 5 king/Queens per server

    There will be a maximum of 8 Prince's/Princess' per server

    There will be a maximum of 14 Dukes per server

    There will be a maximum of 21 Earl's per server

    There will be a maximum of 30 Baron's per server.


    In total: 78 positions up for grabs by players.


    In order to be promoted to a baron, the minimum donation is 100,000 gold (mcoin/cc conversion to be made)

    earl: 200,000

    duke: 350,000

    Prince: 600,000

    king: 800,000



    How it works!


    Those numbers are just the minimum requirements. Players can donate well over the minimum. Its basiccally out-donating other players. Similar to guild tournament. But without the gp, just wealth.


    If you are a rank 5 king and someone donates more than you, you are demoted to a prince, until you donate more etc.



    Rewards for nobility:


    Kings/queens receive additional damage (10%), resilience(10%) Health boost:7%

    princes: damage: 10%, defence: 5%, healthboost 5%

    dukes: damage 5%, healthboost 5%

    earl: damage 5%

    baron: healthboost 5%


    The nobility rankings reset every 3-6 months. Maybe even yearly.




    When a king logs into the server, it is written on world chat in red or whatever.

    E.g.) King 'Magikarp' has entered the game!



    Let me know what you think!


    Note: Please do not cry 'this is unfair' because it is, you can farm or sell items to be awarded a spot.


    THIS IS FOR LATE/END GAME players, people that see nothing else better to do. It would be fun.



    I really hope everyone thinks before the comment. Thank you!

  9. Shamans = druids

    A tank cant beat a caster if he keeps space unless you beat the living shit out of him before he starts his 'you cant touch dis session'.

    Fight a +5 sham in a cl war rush or something they rarely get on pvpcave you'll see how bds could take em out before they're able to blind you.

    If you plan on taking +8-+10s and win you are horribly wrong.

    And yes i am making a lvl 14 bd. I already bought a set of +6 gear meh.

    Not true, some druids dont kite


    Also shamsn arre not druids. I wish they were, but unfortunately not. Shamans are damage based, whereas druids are stun based


    Bd op.

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