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  1. , am i colour blind or is that not red
  2. LMAO, ok i see why this is a finalist, the face made me crack up! Awesome boss!
  3. lmao, love being called a liar If you really must know, swagathero and mcmonkeyz
  4. Cooldown can be for melee weapons. Your asses alreadyhave ridiculous dmg so allowinf further lifesteal is a bit... lol. I saw a bd doing pontifices alone today.
  5. Bump. Can we please put lifesteal in our staffs? Having dodge as the only option is kinda sucky.
  6. I accdientally leveled a character from lvl to 10 to 11 through events, contacted support but they didnt give two shits because it was my fault, in your case - it's a fault on their behalf, probaproprobably something to do with the quest type in special events hope they fix your char!
  7. Buying STICK eternal frost, sapphire us, elf Private message me on forum or ingame; Physik
  8. Don't tell me what to do Don't appear on every single post on the forum
  9. Ngaw this post so old, sadly i know the next upcoming skills and they're passive.
  10. Another option, change the value of resilince runes inserted onto accessories to 0% or 0.1%. that way they can remove them themselves.
  11. No need to stop playing, look at the screen shots uploaded on this post
  12. I have no reason to lie, im angry too they have ridiculous resilience, 30%+ i have seen their stat screen shots its funny. Devs fkd up, it was fixed on the 2kb patch recentlly, however they can keep their runes im pretty sure.
  13. Probably like 2% for staffs +10. #personalopinion
  14. Its not a visual bug. Alot of players have enchsnted resil cloak amulet and rings now when the server bugged before update I think its funny bc they have ridiculous resil. Some even have resil enchsnted on arens prize rings. Lol
  15. x6t3nc3

    Charged twice.

    I have sent an email to support. For any others that attempt to buy miracle coins, if it lags then shows an error, do not attempt again, wait 5 minutes and see if you were charged first.
  16. x6t3nc3

    Charged twice.

    I just got chargedd twice for miracle coins yet only recieved 1 of the payments. I can supply the transaction id's. The game lagged, disconnected me. I recieved a receipt from google play. 2 different transactions, however only 1 gave me miracle coins.
  17. Does not specify if it works in PvE though Yup, even some players use full non arena set yet still cope fine
  18. ^ clipping. Animation clipping Works with most skills in the game
  19. I still do not think it does reduce critical chance from players. I use 12.2% resilience and do perfectly fine, it depends on your defense to resilience ratio. High defence and low resil is equivalent to high resil and average defence If you have great defence, 10% resilience will be more than sufficient against rogues
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