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  1. Ty so much for making hard mode instance 12 minutes long. Now with great players and teamwork no need to spend that other stamina. [/size] First time couldn't take a screenshot, 9 seconds left and killed Juggernaut. Second time we were even faster! 3rd time was just perfect. :D ty xhivx, fox, slay, and delija! such rush, weew Nice ss Nime :good:
  2. Delija

    TheCore (EU-Emerald)

    Nice nagur :good: :good:
  3. [FB]: Nadir-Sard, Danair 07.06.2012.
  4. [F.B] Nornakon Center - Chris 11.05.2012.
  5. [FB]: Danair, Nadir-Sard 03/05/2012
  6. Delija

    "Warriors of Glory"

    thanks ashurain , and I thank all members of W.o.G for their reception in the clan :drinks:
  7. Delija

    "Warriors of Glory"

    Hello,my respected worriors of glory i m big fun of your clan.Can you please do me a honor by making me a member of W.O.G.
  8. Delija

    Favorite class

    Renger is the best :yahoo:
  9. :good: thanks for the information
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