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  1. why always data caching.... data caching... every login :diablo: :facepalm: :facepalm:
  2. wow :shok: its very good :shok:
  3. heem susah banget amply bow,,, cara naikin +5 ke +6 dan seterusnya biar irit sign gmana? :good:
  4. why new player cant get nold enchant likes old player??? :cray: :cray:
  5. u can easy take it, if u are rogue :lol:
  6. morox

    HELLO! :)

    hello ALL... :friends: :friends: :friends:
  7. setuju buat clan,,, biar bisa tawur bareng,,, :lol: mantap.... :yahoo:
  8. bantuin newbie dong :sorry: ,,, padahal sama2 indo,, klo di mintain bantuan gak di jawab2 :pleasantry:
  9. Guys, What the best weapon use for arena? dagger or sword?? Thanks :friends:
  10. kapan bisa beli m.coin lewat sms lagi???? :crazy:
  11. ok, guys,, but how long can get it?? :facepalm: thank you :good: :good:
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