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  1. Does map 1 still drop for lvl 13 and how does craft resources drop from mini bosses should i not be more than 2 lvl above it for craft resources to drop like killing a lvl 8 mini boss when im lvl 13
  2. Make random boxes spawn that gives op weapons just for this if possible so even low amp players will be motivated to join .But thats impossible I think so just make it a buff like for 10mins 30%patk or 2mins its a large area so 5 boxes every 5mins or something can't hurt I guess. Just a suggestion
  3. I was gonna post something after i saw this I gave up WELLDONE hope you win :D
  4. oh yah forgot that elf side just pm me in game i take in anybody xmikee my ign
  5. Nice Vids screwed love the bd with op atk speed
  6. [/color] And the most important - drop restriction in solo Dungeons is changed. Now, you have the reward even if you are one level Thank you i level up to 25 forgot use perme was so sad but now thnx i can spam dg 24 and go 26 after event
  7. Hi im looking for interested players to join my guild its lvl 2 currently im looking for mates to go to nadir dg lvl +18 above im not strong or rich just trying to start my small group of friends or guildmates if interested u can contact me
  8. Sad But True, but still some people help lowbies i help my guild members specially when theres event cause travel is only 1g
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