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  1. I think that people not only disturb others, they maybe have disturbed brains. Poor show yesterday. Need 8 ppl to disturb us at maraksha. Lol for what? Spheres and maybe one worthless drop. But im glad to have those ppl in game, otherwhise it is too boring without that clowns.

  2. I think it is enough. Anakpanah owns now over 10 chars to block bosses and disturbing the whole day. Elfs make urself free, and hit back. Disturb Anakpanah and his chars and friends everytime u see them. Dont be scared, he is a poor child who think "im the king of warspear". If all do this, he has no chance to dominate the game anymore. If u need help pm me or Diiadora. Hope u understand me and give ur best to kick this disturber out of game. Thx for ur help

  3. I have mc char too, but not for cry dont kill me like other elfs, im interested of the quests mc have to do. I try to kill every mc on sight. If i die, who cares, i come back again. Same on mc side, i try to kill all elfs i see, doesnt matter i know them or not. Im not the best player, but i can kill many of the highclass mcs. Thats the storyline i follow, and all other chars, mc or elfs, who standing around and look if enemys comes shame urself.

  4. One last word. Lindaa the Druid heals without equip to help them disturb us. We wanted to help a newbie to do marakshaquest, and they disturbed us almost an hour. I hope nobody helps those people longer or go hunting with them, than slowly this shit stops. Hope u understand we are angry about this. If someone disturbs u write jayrox, diiadora or me with name. We put in forum. Thx for helping stopping those players

  5. So, i have talk with Blacklord about membership here in FoF clan, so i want ask here official to become clanmember. Im daily online about more than 4 hours a day, and i want help u with ur clan. Hope i hear from u soon.

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