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  1. My other download Painkiller Black Edition need 12 minutes. What game i can play first?
  2. no on homepage, just go on download section, i think in store earliest date tomorrow. google isnt fastest one
  3. Nice update, now u finaly give an update to high lvl players. Perfect, hope u will do that in future also. Hahaha archievments good idea to make much money really fast. Wait for ur next ideas, maybe jobs like fishing, first aid etc. And last word from me, INCREASE BAGSIZE !!!!!!
  4. Hey guys, its summer sale on steam and i want to ask if someone trades a steam key below 5 € for 600 miracle coins (items from shop). Maybe one of u is interrested, then post in here for details
  5. She is the cutest metal queen ever. Realy gorgeous. Watch pictures first, then watch this video.
  6. it is funny german/english translation german word: wo = english word: where german word: wer = english word: who
  7. For all retro game fans is that the right site. http://www.vizzed.com/index.php?ref=526720 . Almost all retro games u know, starting with atari vcs till psx and dreamcast, u can play free and legal there. Do me a favour when u creating an account, answer Dobermann77 told u about the page. Thanks and maybe we can play a session multiplayer there. See ya
  8. What rewards u can get from Colosseum dungeon in Nadir on easy? I cant find in any topic
  9. if ur gamestyle like ur writing style play unreal tournament, cs is tactical u dont understand that kind of game. Is warspear a arena game? i dont think so, 90% is questing with a cool storyline but some people like u and many low level dont understand this fact. dont cry, if u dont like that game, erase ur chars and leave.
  10. I think i understand for what all this changes and future changes in updates stand for. First reason make more money, this is a pure pay to win game, but u all think about classes and sides? Elf side become more and more supporting areas, like auras from priest and pala or now double heal ability for druids, so this side is much easier for bosses dungeons etc. Mc side instead gets more and more fighting skills like rogues shamans barbs, so this side is much better for pvp players. I think this game, especially devs learn now, how to create updates to become the game much more interesting for people. Yeah most cries its not fair, but like in real life all chars and sides have positive and negative aspects. So dont cry, change side or char if ur char dont fit to ur gamestyle. I say thanks for all this amazing new stuff now and in future will add to the game.
  11. lol symbian dead, iphone long waiting time, windows mobile always have problems, android rules, but technique fails too
  12. Ssshhh come on baby...Dont cry like this..Shamans not cry like u when their earthquake got ♥♥♥♥ed from 5x5 to 2x2Warlock circle got decreased.. etc..Now u crying bcuz devs make some fair system...Just enjoy the game manDont waste ur time crying here xD Very fair and balanced, shamans 4 attack skills, druids 3x stun
  13. Yeah Yeah, MC side crying always, and elfs getting weaker and weaker after they cried. Good work GM, maybe u give all elfs extra skill "Target Board" that MC easiely can kill all elfs. Or maybe u remove all elf skills, they r all useless. Game more and more sux these days.
  14. Good ideas. For me bag extensions important. Same problem. 100 slots and only 3 to 5 free :!
  15. haha time for some ppl reboot their missing brains
  16. guys we have 2 chars pala and priest needs shadows. we need ranger druid to do that quest. if u have a druid or ranger please send message to diiadora or dobermannn in game. thx
  17. nice first im lier now u said u took. thx and have fun
  18. many ppl call jayrox scammer. now i know why. and my druid not as good as jayrox. but i dont need steal from guildchest. poor.
  19. jayrox isnt in legends anymore. maybe he stealed there too
  20. the char davileo is jayrox from legends. look what this poor theft did
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