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  1. A passiva do cacique é extremamente forte da um dano absurdo em area parece muito com a aura do mago, diferença é que a aura do mago nem é mais utilizada mts das vezes so serve pra suga mana, seria bom um buff nela.
  2. take out your tools if that’s right you’re blind
  3. The guild recently had 15 priests and 10 druids, and you translated it wrong :), priest would be a better choice if they hadn’t nerfed the unlimited skill for 9 people in the market, and just to remember the shaman’s totem that takes pene and critical precision dps of redemption she comes back instant
  4. arthas I see you being impartial, but other moderators who commented are being totally impartial and having biased opinions, for me if he wants to comment as soon as he comes with his account as a character and not as a moderator
  5. is that changing something? save me
  6. The legion's desperation to not have a change is clear, because, you see the wrong role of moderators commenting intensively in an impartial way, for this post of moderators like these we had to make a post in the international forum, because we were not heard in the forum br, if this posture is correct please admit me correct
  7. i agree, this would be of great use to the elves , because just as the area of lock q is selectable and the silence in area and decreases 80% of the magic defense, we would have in the elves something to equal the so many debuff that legionnaires have
  8. I agree with everything, at times in the elves we are trying to find a way to at least have a fair battle, several elven guilds try to fight against guilds on the legion side that does not have 80% of its members with pvp set, even with this disadvantage the legion stands out in all sense the chief with his absurd damage in area the greatest damage of all classes, lock with his skil that silences the area and decreases 80% of the enemies' magic def (extremely stolen), chief with his leather that does more than damage the guard himself, who is a tank class, an example of this is gvg on youtube, just search for Rush vs banana, I hope the developers will take action, I am about to give up the game for this lack of balance.
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