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  1. ;D what is the site girlsofspear.com or something like that :shok:
  2. :facepalm: you are too where did I put my wrentch o there you aree
  3. :shout: :shout: bustin my balls kuzman :shout: :shout: im outa rum dont want sleep :yahoo: :yahoo: want to play!!!!
  4. :bomb: boo yahhh finish.chainless hey sulla why u.cant beat my ranger now u even.have to pot now hehehehehe did eisha give u all them pots wew maken u waste em alll i kinda feel bad 8)
  5. ;D i see ur.not bad yourself :-! But im not staying 18 ive.had 40xp to level for a week :rofl: just been helping friends get weapons 8)
  6. Thats.not bad at all shammy is.fun huh 8)
  7. :facepalm: silly putty rank 80 933/1065 slinky 120/150ish arena weapons easy why .noob never wanna show there poss hahahahahahaha pussys my gf plays slinkyy too funny to see how i still affect people makes me feel good to know if even for a breif moment in the day i am on ur.mind and yes u r obessed with me i.just love.it 8)
  8. :yahoo: curisous sulla is the reson i never see.u.in pvp cave caus.theres no crossing? :shok:
  9. :shok: send eisha ur..razors :wacko: shes the.nutball cutter
  10. :facepalm: kinda feel bad for u guys what with all of shappire hating u but a freshnew start is alway the cure :bomb:
  11. ; u r butthurt that bad a made a witty remark since i.been.playin ranger.n drid for a month and u (otall ths out of it u guys truly r pathetic
  12. :blush: well look at u smart ass u spelled every word out no abrieveations wow u must be very educated stfu pathetic and keep to ur bidness. :bomb:
  13. :yahoo: haha stop stealing copywritten shit use ur original stuff for a change
  14. :(they totally r im.not gunna lie i seen ur pathetic dissapear and i :nea:was lookn for my trap :rofl:
  15. :friends: ty for charge sstill need rings pn it
  16. 8) i.say in.future ranger weak just good attack
  17. 8) twisty charge wrought mantle light smock pm sillyputty or reach me on slinkyy :bomb: hI
  18. :facepalm: hhe chose to believe a mental case.over.me
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