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  1. Totally . Expect if you dont pvp
  2. Ok. So you cant be tank and dmg might need little more dmg
  3. U say u cant beat barb 1v1. How about that you vs hassn
  4. Is this same reason why nobody believes noobs ingame
  5. Devs need to extinguish the flame
  6. How much dmg and def ur bd has. I hope that you will get it done soon
  7. We all gotta understand that if skills are nerfed for pvp then they might be uselles in pve
  8. Lets start collect names for address to mods so they would lock this
  9. Solo? Nvm i accidentally posted this
  10. And if this would be about elfs, u would be defending how they dont need nerf Ela is just getting started
  11. Dang dg spammers Looks lie hes going to get 2 serpent and theyre [equipping] so hes rich
  12. She has druid (xredbirdx) And bd (xbluebirdx)
  13. What about ela who beat him in 1v1 Also my opinion is that omer,higgs or almost any other high level dk is best
  14. But ela isnt used to fight against not max players
  15. But if they would have more cd it would be impossible for normal non cooldown locks to use their skills
  16. I think its easiest cuz only pro ppls go it so party will be op
  17. Ok. So next is what ppls say is easiest, heroic
  18. If only i could understand russian
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