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  1. 12 minutes ago, TheCaster said:

    Thank you. But how is that different from the left click on the character like usual?ūüėÖ


    Is there an option to customize the hotkeys? My laptop got F1, F2 series keys on the top. So that means I have to press (Shift + F1) to actually go back or (Shift + F2) to access menu. Been a bit cumbersome for a while. I was hoping there could be some solution to this. 

    If you left click on skill you still have to use it on yourself, by right clicking you just use it immediately, so its basically the same as alt/ctrl + skill 


    I dont think there is a way to customize hotkeys unless you can make some other key to act like its f2

  2. 4 minutes ago, Nolan said:

    Are you sure they're not respawning at all?


    Apparently they're taking too long to respawn, considering the number of players killing them.


    Their respawn time will be decreased.

    when they were respawning it took like less than 1 min

    but currently it has been 28 minutes and no mobs have appeared at all

  3. Bro why me, im just a moderator which means im just a olayer like you


    I dont even play warlock :happypumpkin:


    Although that skill might some kind of maximun amount of procs that can occur

  4. can you translate what thay says

    22 minutes ago, Azerbaizan said:

    The topic, thanks.


    "Dear players!  We urge you to refrain from discussing political topics in in-game chats and draw your attention to the fact that insults, threats, calls for violence in the real world are strictly prohibited by the rules of the gaming community."



  5. 39 minutes ago, Aditya Maheshwari said:

    In what time those events would come? because restoring character is only possible from the game is upto 90 days of deletion and my char was deleted 2years ago


    If i remember correctly we have had the "restoration week" near anniversary


    ^this was in 2021


    and this was in 2020


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