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  1. Every servers has those players that sometimes take this game too seriously
  2. in that case he should send a ticket to support team [email protected]
  3. did he lose that 26million or is it just not displayed
  4. Jcbreff

    warlock bug

    you posted this already
  5. If i remember correctly we have had the "restoration week" near anniversary ^this was in 2021 and this was in 2020
  6. At the moment, you cant devs are working on alternative system for leadership transfer but we will have to wait and see when that gets added
  7. "screenbug" or "position bug" it often happens in lab where mobs hit you so you move slower than what other players see on their screens so you fall behind and mobs arent where others see them
  8. well, there are some workarounds on this you could create chieftain or seeker, both of which have movement speed increasing skill and sometimes battle pass will have mount skill when you reach certain amount of points, which is what this current bp does
  9. support team cant help you with this there is an option to restore character for miracle coins, but there are some restrictions which i dont remember right now but there are events during which you can restore older characters aswell
  10. yeah idk if any of them are scams but thats what comes to my mind when i see casino offers
  11. did you mean this or the actual "earn free miracle coins" where half of them look like scams and other half wont work most of the time
  12. Its actually 1 stam every 8h, not 6 Atleast during the last 2 springs there have been passive buffs to reduce that time to 4 hours
  13. It reduces skill costs of all skills so it isnt even that useless
  14. that would solve some of the problems but it would affect aigrind's revenue significantly they have so different mechanics and upgrading stuff in those games helps you differently. and they have you go against players everytime, not everyone in ws amps for pvp
  15. these games are not comparable to ws
  16. what do you mean by "play to earn"
  17. if there weren't any notifications in world chat then it wasn't planned at all buffs are paused during maintenance breaks and other outages
  18. i feel like 10% would be too low but 50% would be too good even if it is for 1 attack only
  19. Jcbreff

    Frogspear Online

    someone brought the frog debuff from map 2 monkey boss
  20. Oh then it was that other topic that had complaints about both banner doing dmg to flag and it dealing damage even after user dies
  21. i guess the problem here is banner dealing damage even after paladin dies?
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