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  1. They already have a system that periodically clears up inactive names that are taken by characters under level 5

    50 minutes ago, Laevateinn said:

    It's not just for names. Some people made alt characters for additional bag space or market slots. If you have to raise your character to level 6 or level 10 every time you make a character for this purpose, it will also cause inconvenience. 

    The characters themselves dont go anywhere, you just have to rename it once you log back in

  2. 5 hours ago, Aizen said:

    I think moonlight(active) expert skill of beastmaster is too OP, the duration refresh with moonbeast auto attacks...that debuff gives periodic magic damage and it can last until you die as long as he hits you with pet attacks...it gives advantage not only in pvp but in pve as well 

    We dont know how often moon monster attacks or how long does moonlight debuff last so cant really say if its going to op yet


    5 hours ago, Aizen said:

    i mean lets be honest the pet cd will probably match the charmers and if it does it will be easy to summon two at a time probably with the help of some cd reduc

    Did you even read the skill description, its a skill with permanent action which means tou can only ever have one monster at a time and when it dies the skill goes on cooldown but we dont know for how long, but you literally cant have more than 1 of them



    5 hours ago, Aizen said:

    But if it can...its OP...and one of the NORMAL skill of this new class  is charmer's expert skill(the force pet attack target skill)...forsaken is really forsaken... sentinels can use it at lvl 1 while forsaken have to buy it 40k...lol

    It literally cant 

  3. 22 hours ago, LeeLoo said:

    ненависть.png Hate (passive)
    Gives access to the unique resource "Hate". Successful auto-attacks of the character accumulate certain amount of resourse. When being out of combat for some time, the character begins to lose “Hate”.

    In demonic form, auto-attacks do not accumulate “Hate”. 

    so this hate is only used for increasing critical damage of this skill?

    22 hours ago, LeeLoo said:

    аннигиляция.png Annihilation (active)
    An attack that deals physical damage to the enemy. Each accumulated “Hate” unit increases the critical damage of the skill.

    In demonic form, the skill is guaranteed to deal critical damage, and the bonus to critical damage depends on the maximum amount of hate.


    22 hours ago, LeeLoo said:

    дьявол сущность.png Essence of the Devil
    The "Demonic Appearance" skill will not expend hatred for some time after use

    or does turning into a demon use your hate resource

  4. 1 hour ago, Solarfire said:

    Só que mesmo assim reduz 18 ao invés de nove, o efeito da redução já foi ativado, então não era para reduzir novamente em batalha. Se for do jeito q vcs ADMs colocaram aí, têm que mudar a descrição da skill, e colocar tipo, como tenho a relíquia de 50%, seria: " reduz a regeneração de energia em 9, caso entre em batalha serão reduzidos mais 9 "; algo desse tipo.

    Its doesnt reduce regen by 18, its just an illusion because of the order of calculations


    If it first reduced regen and then halved it would be better than it should be


    34-9= 25


    It would only reduce regen by 4-5 instead of 9


    Also, please use english when commenting on international section 

  5. 2 hours ago, Solarfire said:

    I mean the bug when we activate the normal damage boosting skills of the hunter and seeker, or is it just a defect that the game's WMDs created to harm low level players? ;

    My hunter has 34 energy regen;

    With active posture: 25

    In battle: 8, there's no logic to it.

    permanent skills reduce regen after combat reduction is applied 


    so first its 34/2 which is 17 and then 9 is removed which means you have 8 regen

  6. What magical secrets and untapped potential might you contain? Perhaps you are the key component on the path to further strengthening and therefore victory as intended by White Wanderer himself. Or perhaps you were created by the sinister trickster Sam Hain who needed to keep up the facade of his Horror Circus so warriors from all around Arinar would come to him. Or maybe you are just another trick invented by greedy merchants who made up stories of these signs protecting items with their magical properties. 

    No one knows but legendary warriors alike are willing to trade everything for them and hope that they help them become stronger and reach everlasting glory. Some even go as far as trading their own pieces of the legendary Spear of legends acquired many moons ago and passed down for generations. One can also aqcuire your bretheren by proving one's worth and help their guild prove its might by completing various tasks given by inhabitants of the vast world of Arinar and purging dungeons of their hostile infections


    You are the stuff of legends but all these years since your discovery more and more have come into existence making others not as rare as they used to be and therefore easier to get one’s hands on. 


    Almost everyone has some kind of superstition about how to properly use your powers to gain the most benefit for the least amount of trouble and investment, and I am no different and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. You are really good at making warriors have a love-hate relationship with you and your kin. So much gold has been lost on false hope. 


    Maybe one day someone will uncover your secrets and bend your powers to their will but until then one can only wish for the White wanderer to be merciful and grant you his favor



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