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  1. energy regeneration isnt incorrect, being in battle first halves your regen and then applies additional reductions or what do you mean?
  2. What magical secrets and untapped potential might you contain? Perhaps you are the key component on the path to further strengthening and therefore victory as intended by White Wanderer himself. Or perhaps you were created by the sinister trickster Sam Hain who needed to keep up the facade of his Horror Circus so warriors from all around Arinar would come to him. Or maybe you are just another trick invented by greedy merchants who made up stories of these signs protecting items with their magical properties. No one knows but legendary warriors alike are willing to trade everything for them and hope that they help them become stronger and reach everlasting glory. Some even go as far as trading their own pieces of the legendary Spear of legends acquired many moons ago and passed down for generations. One can also aqcuire your bretheren by proving one's worth and help their guild prove its might by completing various tasks given by inhabitants of the vast world of Arinar and purging dungeons of their hostile infections You are the stuff of legends but all these years since your discovery more and more have come into existence making others not as rare as they used to be and therefore easier to get one’s hands on. Almost everyone has some kind of superstition about how to properly use your powers to gain the most benefit for the least amount of trouble and investment, and I am no different and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. You are really good at making warriors have a love-hate relationship with you and your kin. So much gold has been lost on false hope. Maybe one day someone will uncover your secrets and bend your powers to their will but until then one can only wish for the White wanderer to be merciful and grant you his favor
  3. Ironic isnt it that you posted 3x3 and 5x5 rankings but not 2x2 or 4x4 seals where elfs have top ranks Also, arena in emerald has pretty much lost its meaning to see which classes are best based on their winrate
  4. on emerald i dont think that even guilds that owned the castle spammed them that much
  5. I dont think there is a limit because not too many sources increase it
  6. do you mean critical hit chance or critical damage multiplier
  7. just ignore them or the duration of the event
  8. one of the reasons why these gvgs are copypasted might be that devs have been (hopefully) working on new classes, balance update and also that new island that was teased so this is a way for them to have everything ready faster, but who knows for sure gvgs can either be long ones that require constant attention like chaos or ones that a strong guild can complete in just a few minutes and its subjective which is better they could make it to how it was last year with guilds ranking but then the difference between rewards for different ranks would have to be something to avoid #5-10 being basically the same they want to give weaker guilds and newer players something to take part in without having to worry about getting next to nothing, although that is exactly what happened to stronger guilds too in few gvgs where higher level guilds just kept the orbs until the end
  9. i see your seeker and raise with this chieftain
  10. i had similar problem few months back and updating graphic drivers did the trick for me
  11. Vampirism makes normal dungeons trivial but other dungeons with special mechanics cant be completed fast with life steal slone, for example new castle dungeons since they require someone to kill mobs to heal npcs or then normal healer needs to heal
  12. I mean i would like some new raid boss that would have some actual mechanics to consider Maybe not world of warcraft levels where one mistake can mean entire team or in this case guild gets wiped but maybe something that would require more than few minutes to kill and require actual strategy
  13. cooldown and the expert skill "demonic pact"
  14. Nah none have ever tried this 13 year old game
  15. it wont, it was an exclusive battle pass skin
  16. Im not sure if you have "all" blue quests because you get them before completing easy dungeon quest
  17. Last peluli is quest for easy termitary
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