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  1. 8 hours ago, mari setogaya said:

    Honestly, healers are very little used lately, but they are used for their healing not for their dmg,  also if you want more dmg and little heal, you should play wlock instead, no offense

    Necroes and i assume priests are wanted for their support skills and revive skill


    Shamans and druid are wanted if dg needs superior heals

  2. You stood there for 6 hours?


    Seems to me like he just has his moon monster kill those mobs and then takes the drop

  3. They probably should add some way to buy ach skins and costumes back for miracle coins if you need to make room in your bag or accidentally throw them away, [receiving] of course

  4. As Hossein said you need to contact supoort team but most likely they wont do anything since no one has access to your account unless you share your email and password with them

  5. Even though the hammer skills looks like a 1x1 are skills it worked like a 3x3 skill so ypu can use it next to them


    You should also always go to the middle when you smack one before next one spawns to reach any spot on map faster


    This is the result i got with bp buff and something like 20-22 zombies so token gain isnt that low 

    Screenshot_20221108-110226_Warspear Online.jpg

  6. this has been the subject of many topics









    out of combat simple enough


    in combat 








    no matter the situation skills reduce energy regen by same amount


    as you can see using skills and going into combat seems to reduce regen by more than 50%  but thats just because it first reduces base regen by 50% and then applies any additional reductions



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