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  1. screen bug or position bug has always been a part of warspear you just have to learn to play with it
  2. only support team can help you but dont spam tickets to them, it will only make them slower
  3. They already have a system that periodically clears up inactive names that are taken by characters under level 5 The characters themselves dont go anywhere, you just have to rename it once you log back in
  4. who wants to be the translator
  5. We dont know how often moon monster attacks or how long does moonlight debuff last so cant really say if its going to op yet Did you even read the skill description, its a skill with permanent action which means tou can only ever have one monster at a time and when it dies the skill goes on cooldown but we dont know for how long, but you literally cant have more than 1 of them It literally cant
  6. devs know but they wont tell us. launch is most likely test week since russians have closed test this week and international player base most likely next week
  7. we will see that once test server and actual update is released
  8. beastcaller seems to be weak without the beast and it can only have 1 of them, not 3 like charmer
  9. Only support team can help you Send them a ticket [email protected]
  10. yea that does make sense cuz otherwise hate would be almost unnecessary
  11. so this hate is only used for increasing critical damage of this skill? or does turning into a demon use your hate resource
  12. Its doesnt reduce regen by 18, its just an illusion because of the order of calculations If it first reduced regen and then halved it would be better than it should be 34-9= 25 25/2=12.5~13 It would only reduce regen by 4-5 instead of 9 Also, please use english when commenting on international section
  13. permanent skills reduce regen after combat reduction is applied so first its 34/2 which is 17 and then 9 is removed which means you have 8 regen
  14. there are already auras from permanent skills and those of mermen armors
  15. bro i think you might have made your hunter in the wrong map
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