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    Miks melko moni op/hyvä pelaaja on suomalaine
  2. I think maintenance is over. Or then my network just sucks
  3. Miracle vodka. You mean ale? Ale is dang vodka that heals your wounds
  4. I always thought that those max level increases or ayvondil was longest update
  5. Anyone know what was longest update and how long it was?
  6. "About 6h" I wonder when last time update was so long
  7. But if amount of rewards is enough then afkers would get free items and of they would be signs. Who doesnt want free signs. And everyone farming miney would come to get free gold and valuable items Sorry i thought u commened to my post
  8. I wonder just how many ppls will keep clicking play button in game just to see when update done
  9. They really should add something to nap 1 or 2. Not everybody is intrested in wars Its because mobs agro you and boar hits you so shield hits back. Atleast i think it hasnt changed
  10. If we are under lvl 18 and are not in lvl 5 guild how does this affect us (if lvl 5 was required for castles)
  11. Lvl 18 what expert skill Lvl 20 same for all rest levels Lvl 22 Lvl 24 Lvl 24 Lvl 26 Lvl 28
  12. I think hes not elf. That guy who he quoted is clearly elf
  13. How can skill be op if they increased recovery and skill usage. And barbarian nature 20secs doesnt break it
  14. Clearly you are an elf Clearly you are an elf Clearly you are an elf
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