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  1. @Omercix helped me complete labs for few time tower dg and almost everyhing of map 4
  2. Just completed hard techno and now i agree that it is the hardest Pt was Ixcylesbo Heyward Dutchhealx Lyzois Jcbreff and it only took 5 stam cuz we died few times
  3. I read some old topics. Does your fi gers ever get hurt from writing all those" please,contact support" or do you just have link so you can link it everytime?

  4. I wonder when aoa coming back and showing aoal whos the boss
  5. Well in eu its propably cuz they want to make Berserk the new AOA
  6. Dos every piece of star wisdom give hp regen
  7. Well vladeath posted video about it. Some of magna members didnt attack berserk members.
  8. Berserk got 1st castle And i think i wont be in castles either cuz op guilds only invite friends and +10 players. And no reason to be in castle in not so good guild
  9. I play on mc emerald and i have friends that help me Well i used 9 signs and got my staff to +5
  10. My reason to why i think its ing garbage is tyat if youre not lvl 20+ nor in guild level 5+ this isnt going to affect you at all
  11. I agree. Best way to complete these in to somehow get op player to be your friend or to be invited to guild that will help its members.
  12. Atleast they can go play cookie clicker after this discount
  13. So i went easy and normal techno with same party Easy was 5 stam and we kept dying on that 3 spawner room Normal was 2 stam and nobody died And peoles say that hard and heroic are easier than easy. Is it really that way or is it some mechanic that makes normal almost easier,like less mobs from spawners but stronger.
  14. Im now lvl 27 and i have heal shield and snake 5/5 dmg 2 and nightmare 3 Im pve.
  15. Did you stop playing as actively as before. Cuz i dont see you much in game

  16. Dangit lyzo. 3/my 7 finnish friends are your chars. If wcduckk is yours
  17. Did you change ponti guest for all players. Now you dont have to complete normal tt to unlock it
  18. Buying non cd techno staff pm jcbreff Mc in emerald Edited no need anymore
  19. I think its between meg and ducking garbage
  20. Jcbreff


    Miks melko moni op/hyvä pelaaja on suomalaine
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