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  1. Maybe hassn stopped playing and took few lessons to become more friendly to other ppls Hassn came back so maybe its time to go wars again
  2. 8x8. Yeah... must be ancient version
  3. Necromancy is a supposed practice of magic involving communication with the deceasedeither by summoning their spirit as an apparition or raising them bodily. Straight from wikipedia
  4. Necromancy is waking up undead and calling them. So it would make sense for necro to have some sort of summon skill that summons skeletons summons 1x1 area and in that area summons mobs every x seconds for x amount of time. Skeletons arent op tanks or dmgrs but for distraction and some extra damage. Or Summon monster for x amount of time. This monster would be tanker Or Summons few monsters that deal high amount of damage to enemy. These could be expert skills that only drop from certain bosses and dgs I had to include picture of necromancer i found from google. Doesnt it look line its summoning undead
  5. Well atleast 1st reward is serpent and 100 chests
  6. I would say shaman for both too
  7. What is your boredom tomorrow. Solo slug
  8. Ok. So it takes very long tie and alot of xp for craft level 20
  9. What level is your melee weapon crafting now?
  10. Lol How many u have ignored?
  11. How much ls u have How much ls u have? 12%?
  12. Ok. Did u have to constantly use heal skill or did you take so little damage that heal was not required all time
  13. How much ur def were and such? Cuz im thinking to make tank And that is damn impressive
  14. Good thing he didnt equip sd crossbow back then
  15. One of pt members should buy life scroll for hard and suicide on left sode spawner room while others go right side. Because if done so the left spawner room will be empty in about 3-5 min and you can go through. Mechanic of hard is to go through spawner room and then teleport and kill small robot. Then find teleport to next to other spawner room and then go through it (if it was the one where one suicoded then you can go straight through). Then kill small robots. Then find another teleport than teleports you to last section. There you have to go forward and kill certain mobs (i think,i died b4 that and came back for boss). Then just go and kill boss. P.S i died 4 times in there and rest of pt went through dg while i was walking back to dg so what i wrote is based on what i was in without dying.
  16. How easy it was. Next stop hard. Gz
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