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  1. I dont know what kind of warden you are playing but the ones i have seen are pretty unstoppable at tanking, and isn't the whole point of heal from block skill that it heals certain % of max hp
  2. Facing right Front Facing left Back Lore of Hotdog: Some of the creations of Astral are more terrifying than others but all of them are horrifying even if the warriors of Arinar can't see it. This sentient piece of meat is the manifestation of gluttony and pleasure of removing hunger. It was long thought to just be a myth circulated amongst explorers who wander into the Astral as they were dismissed as mentally insane. But now the sin of gluttony and pleasure of eating has gained a physical form and it even fabricated itself some wings that resemble the usual toppings one could find on a hotdog if they were sold in Arinar, ketchup and mustard. In fact, it's insides are filled with them. I just wanted to make it's eyes different color even though every costume ingame has just one side profile and its just mirrored on the other side
  3. there are classes with 0 passive skills
  4. Lets just hope we don't get 3 restarts in 3 days so nobody discover any new bugs alright?
  5. still waiting for the blizzard during which you cant see anything
  6. I didnt quite undestand what are you asking those with red names are considered enemies and you can attack them and they can attack you nothing is stopping high level players from killing low levels if they choose to do so
  7. I'd say that warspear is simple enough game that different architecture on laptop shouldn't affect it too much
  8. i dont have experience with M! Mac but i think basically every machine nowadays can run warspear considering this game was released to be played on phones, like 10 years ago
  9. i would support the idea more if it was this because xp is useless to max level players and there shouldnt be new content added that excludes them
  10. would this make levelling up trivial or would it be little enough to not take players away from doing dailies
  11. Holmes said that there is a problem with the skill and that they're looking for a way to fix it so this topic doesnt need any more offtopic comments
  12. flag is only 1 entity, player minions and npcs are many more Topic of the post "Paladin banner at war cause lag in the server" and if it was about damage it wouldn't have to be in support section, it should be in suggestions or class discussion
  13. I agree with Gladiator about this topic going offtopic towards banner and its damage instead of why its causing lag so this topic might be locked soon
  14. that also sounds like a player problem. Why should they nerf skills just because one server has imbalanced players amounts
  15. yeah this works now that devs have added option to turn numbers off
  16. that is simply because the game needs to display so many numbers and so just as many calculations at the same time the same happened with halloween puppeteer boss, if you used aoe skills when mobs spawned sometimes the game would just crash because it overflowed
  17. you need to wait until apple approves the newest game version to their game store
  18. they will bring it back in some form eventually there were complaints about guild leadership being transferred automatically and guilds being scammed because of it so that might be why they removed that feature
  19. so you use blue bulbs where red ones should be used and then can't get more blue ones?
  20. if you just change weapons and keep it in your bag the skin stays on that weapon
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