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  1. currently the point of limited slots is to force us to diversify our skill builds, characters that have many passive skills have it easier than those with all active skills
  2. you should consider that this is 13 year old game and they would have to basically merge 13 years worth of data from 7 servers into one
  3. personally i think that it is ""technically"" possible but only if they were to give the exact same items and enough xp pots to achieve same level as with the old char but it wouldnt be simple so they have just decided not to do it so i think it is technically impossible to transfer character itself from server to another but possible to give new character exactly the same gear and items and level
  4. Event: Mermen trials stage 1 reward "blissful isle" is the spring island, not ayvondil or lonely island
  5. Jcbreff


    If i understood correctly he is complaining that everytime he gets into arena he spawns on the down part of arena and since there is "up wins" deal between players he doesnt get wins So technically 1. but probably not in the sense you meant it
  6. Jcbreff

    New class Design

    That just sounds like chieftain 2.0
  7. Newest "fun" section secret achievement You need to kill mini boss "vendano prince" or its equivalent on elf side but i dont know who there rides a wyvern You need to get this drop from the mini boss (you might have to kill it more than once to get the drop) Then go to "west gate" in first city and click on the green bush Should be done
  8. Maybe they will consider it when enough of thai join and suggest it or something so aigrind sees that there is large playerbase from thailand
  9. we will find that out for sure when the time comes for release post
  10. if this topic is based on video in which chieftain has 2 rows of buffs then i dare to say that it represents average player as Nolan said
  11. That is one option buf wont work if party is full and no one wants to leave the party as it might be with raid bosses
  12. Imagine those zones before when dgs didnt give any reputation
  13. Just saying the same thing that has already been said We dont even comment of the suggestion itself, we just point out that kronus sure is a raid boss
  14. if demonologist had backstory this would be great for it
  15. "let your imagination fly" well you just launched your imagination to low earth orbit
  16. just be sure not to break rules while doing so in the forms of spamming or using inappropriate language
  17. i didnt say that we would lock your topic based on what there is now but if you dont provide any further useful information
  18. moderators are not the same as admins, we are in no way affiliated with aigrind and topic wont be closed unless it doesn't provide any additional information in a while or simply break the community rules. and for your information you can be warned for abusive behavior if you continue being abusive towards other players
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