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  1. I feel like deathly eye should get total rework, i dont know what but these days hp reduction and tiny magic defenae resuction isnt worth it, hp reduction might be if you level up the skill but then youre taking skill points away from more useful support skills Nightmare could give the enemy some debuff when used as combo or just in addition to sleep, like silence for so even if they were hit out of hit they would have some debuff Connection should last for longer and transfer more of the damage on all levels since now its as you said, only used to transfer infection Most of the times i have had to use poison rain to heal tank has been standing still tanking some boss, if theyre just running through lab or something seal and bone shield have been enough so i dont really agree with removing the healing combo but rain could proc dot poison faster Idk about dead soldier, never really used it seriously
  2. If we want to be grammar nazis about this then avoiding ≠ getting damaged Medieval knights could avoid arrows or get hit by them but on hit arrows could deflect on in and so would not be avoided but eoumd be blocked I kinda agree with the globe suggestions because who wants to be punched to death by caster with 1000 dmg but then again damagers with enough buffs could still hit enough to actually kill someone even with 80% dmg reduction
  3. You should have 0 mana regen to make it fair
  4. Maybe thats because not that many exist in the first place in emerald or sapphire which are "english" servers And those who have the book are already basically unbeatable in pvp I agree with these parts too because if this was the case then it could be countered by using debuffs in tactical order
  5. Jcbreff

    Quests bonus

    Couldnt you then just make a party when turning quests in to get bonuses
  6. The joke was that before which town of ayvondil did we get achievements so did we even have the chance to get 50 quests
  7. did we even have more than 50 quests in the game before achievements
  8. You could try ask other players in server And raid bosses dont have one single respawn time but a time window during which it can respawn at any point
  9. Only support team can help you via email, not forum
  10. i mean if you can get enough ls to survive with fewer healing skills then go for it but it might not be that good if you end up in group sometime
  11. because level 5 player has not reached map 2 yet
  12. Since you are level 13-14 the game assumes you are in map 2 and so gives you quests related to map 2 which happen to have avenger and hydra's spirit lurking in caves But i do agree that battlepass quests shouldnt be those bosses atleast for lower levels
  13. did you even read those other posts about changed devs added thanks to community suggestions
  14. even more thing devs added based on suggestions @Fortuno
  15. Also, a proper tank in dungeons with aoe damage should be able to survive while you heal yourself and then return to healing the tank
  16. Priest is a healer so it shouldnt need as much lifesteal as tank or damager to survive solo If i were you i would probably focus on stats that make you survive like defense and stats that make your heals better, magic power and criticak hit and these days talents (even though they increase healing by only few %) Lifesteal can be useful on cape,amulet and rings if you dont want to take extra health or crit or dodge But if you have enough other stats you shouldnt need lifesteal gear since you should be able to outheal the damage
  17. Most recent suggestion they implemented was baits not taking 15min to respawn and only questers being able to activate them, and before that they added multiple loadout options for fast switching between pve-pvp-3rd loadout
  18. T5 is basically that you need to be in guild that does gvgs for mermen reputation and attack on ship/grotto for doubloons for underwater gear just to start actually questing there
  19. so people would still need to complete normal and hard legit? yes, if that ai is better than human players
  20. Simple improvement? Removing requirement for teamplay from dungeons and bosses?
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