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  1. If they have access to email they can reset password and change it
  2. Jcbreff

    Ne Craft lvl

    The upcoming update is massive and its release is planned for the spring of 2019.
  3. Someone cant message you if they dont know your nickname
  4. They could be, who knows?
  5. Just as R0land said
  6. I remember R0land saying that those items are just leaked text packets that dont exist on normal servers
  7. Those are links of developers test items
  8. Jcbreff


    I would say shaman or druid because they have good heals, damage and survivability
  9. The fact that some classes can solo faceless without any problems
  10. Jcbreff

    Ne Craft lvl

    Propably when the level 30 update comes
  11. Go with dk if you want to do pve. Barb is better for pvp
  12. Jcbreff

    Gold guide!

    If you decide to become a crafter you wont be making profit fast because you need to get resources to craft items to get to a high craft level
  13. Jcbreff

    Help me

    You should be able to complete "search and destroy" since it only requires you to use a quest item
  14. Nerfs in pve dont work Any class can solo almost any boss if they're strong enough I would say that raid bosses are too easy because you can kill any boss with 1 party and yes, that includes elm
  15. Trying to buy guild through forum is legal for as long as your paying for it with ingame gold and not real money
  16. Jcbreff

    Help me

    Those quests are not required to continue
  17. Jcbreff

    Warden armors

    Yes, if you're planning to stay on that level
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