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    [2019.01.17] Arinar goes beyond its limits

    Skylore wont have an impact on warspear's developers since they are two separate teams
  2. Jcbreff

    Amplification chances shown in percent

    But i replied to Iallous and he asked for improvement %
  3. Jcbreff

    [2019.01.17] Arinar goes beyond its limits

    They will make it later
  4. Jcbreff

    [2019.01.17] Arinar goes beyond its limits

    Already registered Does testing for other countries start in the end of january or tests for russians
  5. Jcbreff

    Amplification chances shown in percent

    That is why they wont release this game in China, atleast not yet
  6. Jcbreff

    [Higgings] - [EU-Emerald]

    Grinch stole his own pillow
  7. Jcbreff

    Hrungnir Costume

  8. Jcbreff

    A potion or pot to REDUCE lvl 🧪 hm right

    I believe R0land once said that it would be a technical difficulty
  9. Jcbreff

    We recive a big scam

    Support cant help you because it is an ingame problem
  10. Jcbreff

    Amplification chances shown in percent

    I highly doubt that they would tell us amp % or anything else like that Until ws is released in China because then they propably need to tell those
  11. Jcbreff

    Weird chat error

    Well i did use google translate so its no suprise
  12. Jcbreff

    Weird chat error

    Weird because google translate says its latin for musician Maybe warspear doesnt line latin
  13. Jcbreff

    Cheap coins in china?

    Warspear isn't even officially released in china
  14. Because cooldown works differently from what you might expect Formula for counting this I copypasted this from another topic Let your cd in % = X Let Y be the base CD of any skill in seconds. Let Z be the final CD of any skill in seconds. The formula goes like this:  Z = (100 / (100 + X)) * Y
  15. I hope you dont expect to win every single player just because you spend money because skill plays a huge role in this game especially on higher levels where you have expert skills
  16. Jcbreff

    [2019.01.04] The XXVI Arena season is open!

    Logically maximum would be the amount of imperials needed for full level 28 set
  17. Do arena point bonuses stack additively or multiplicatively If we get all 3 territories do we get 30% more ap or 33.1%
  18. Jcbreff

    Plenty of Suggestions for 8.0

    1. There is option to change your UI to small but i cant press anything correctly while using it 2. I think they cant really remove full screen option since this game doesnt know whether you play on phone or computer, it might only know wif you downloaded the game from app store 3.i agree that it should be removed since its not even available 4.i am a F2P player myself but most who buy mcoins appreciate that they can get more for their money 5. The map window shows the area youre in at the moment and you can always use map option from menu so it shows the whole island 6. More music would always be nice 7.i dont think that many players would be intrested in what kind of background you have since you see so little of it 8. This has been suggested before https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/68118-new-feature-for-the-market/ 9.if we could trade gold for mcoins then some people wouldnt buy mcoins but if the gold for mcoin ratio was too high then no one would use it 10.yup, was suggested before 11.there are rewards for 400 and 450 medlas and i believe that they are hair style and weapon skin (if someone can confirm what they really are the i would be grateful) 12.elite mobs arent that rewarding to kill, if theyre your level then you will get >10 gold most of the time. And you can always try to get a party to hunt a boss 13.if the enemy is your level then you will get some gold most of the time, if the enemy is higher level than you are then you will get more gold more often (good example are engineer guards which are level 30 and drop 30gold or more most of the time) 14.no comments from me 15.also suggested before https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/68106-change-of-sex/ 16.i have seen shield glowing but it might just be the skin 17.is case of helmets they might be like a headband and your hair can be on top of your cloak 18.its pretty much set animation for each weapon type 19.you can use chat and practice to type real fast The your anti suggestions All of these have been suggested before and i think that admins have said that they wont be implemented
  19. Jcbreff

    Arena is really PROBLEMATIC.

    If you get enough imperials of greatness then you could buy some low level arena gear and dissasemble them and hope that you get some good materials
  20. Jcbreff

    Craft rings are not accurate with dmg

    Someone who has craft accesories can test it out and see that those calculations are correct
  21. Jcbreff


    Who gave them explorer and why?
  22. Jcbreff

    Craft rings are not accurate with dmg

    Craft gear only multiplies base damage This hunter has 101 damage Craft cloak gives 4% more damage which in this case is 4 damage Amulet gives another 4% so it also gives 4 damage Rings give 3% each so they add 3 damage each So damage is 101+4+4+3+3=115 And this rogue has 901 damage before accesories and ring's 3% equals 27damage so 2 of them is 54 damage, cloak's and cape's 4% equals 36 damage each so they give 72 damage so in total accesories give 126 damage 901+126=1027