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  1. 1 hour ago, Higgings said:


    Alright. Then could you please link the relic you have put on this skill? 🙂


    post a screenshot in our forum, in this section, so that we can see further in your case.

    I only use common relic, with relic buff my phy def from 3,0k being 3,3k but dmge i taken from boss still same.


  2. Guys, i have dk 13th lvl and i have some problem with that.

    1. I put relic physical damage resistance on my dark shield but it dosn't work correctly ( phy def added, but dmg taken still same without relic buff)




    2. My phy def 3074, with dark shield activate dmg from 76 decrease be 13 ( from sir kevin), Problem is i see one other dk have phy def 3067 with dark shield active dmg from 76 decrease be 6 ( from sir kevin too)


    Can someone tell me why? Sorry im bad in english

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