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  1. GMy phone type is samsung galaxy pro...and now..after the stuped ass update..the screen doesn't work...I can't writw numbers or samples...it works whn u be in the game...but you need to use numbers and duckkn _ @ to log in the game! How da fk am I suppose to enter those if there is no fkn screen? :facepalm:
  2. I updated...I played for 20mins...went off for 30mins ...tried to log in again...it says it needs updateing...problem is..ITS ALREDY UPDATED, so I can't update again...it won't let me...so wtf?! :shok:
  3. Please mcs! Stop running damn it! U waste duckin 20mins of my life everyday!
  4. I really would like them to change something. Else in that game 8) in arena...as an elf...I fight lots of mcs..ii mean its okie for them to vanish..stun..run... :pleasantry: however..what's up with the almost every mc I fight who vanishes and run untill they get full health?! I mean....u still die too! U just waste my time running in arena like bitc*es! >:D I wish arena have some kind of timer..after 5mins..the fight ends..and team who did most damage wins!...I won't say the name of the mcs who run...just please...have some dignity...and die like a man.... :rofl:
  5. What really pisses me off..is the fu*king noobs in arena! Take "cvstate" for example....who runs and hides when he almost loses like a ♥♥♥♥♥...and when he get full hp again he fights...and he still loses!so if we need to grow sum!...he needs to grow hell a lot more.... :facepalm: people like him that makes mcs look bad
  6. Yeah , everytime I kepp calling and be like help help mah! But elfs scream WE DON'T CARE! Or ather just ignore me, will that situation ever gonna stop?and elfs will finally grow a pair !!
  7. I'm broke...make an event so I get money haha
  8. Lol...u ppl...I think it a rare case........cause I used like 100signs nd nothing habbend
  9. minicirno

    WAR DAYs

    Why u say rangers overpowered? :blush: :blush: I hot arena bow +5 and with old crystals and my dmge isn't over 300..how is that over powerd?ather clans have over 300 at lvl 13...and we whave low def...why would u call ur overpowered?we are avrage.............u just don't have the skills to kill rangers..so get over it lol :yahoo:
  10. minicirno

    WAR DAYs

    If u made about rangers. Mcs can vanish..freze ..stun...and jump...why ur mad? We all hve an advantge point dude :mega_shok: nd like 50% of mcs I pvp in arena...whn thy almost die..they use vanish then run...untill they fully heal...at least rangers fight like men..not like sme rati scumbs 8)
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