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  1. Hi i have a sad situation my friend Inspece lost account bcuse she cant log to game. If she trying recovery account she cant bcuse email to her account is changed. I dont know how work recovery system at support team but we think support give account email to wrong player who know how to hack ppl. She lost her accounts 28lvl paladin Inspece, Charmer 28lvl Mandinka and Shaman Natka. Hacker unbinded and sold all her items in elf side she lost all her time and investitions at game bcuse support gift her account to hacker bcuse recovery system works so wrong. Why i tell it here? bcuse i lost 3 years ago account too same like Inspece. I play in my necro and if i try login next day seen message wrong password or login wtf.. and if i try recovery i seen wrong id or email. well that the account was linked to facebook and i log in facebook and if i log from game i seen new email :[ and that email been new and i lost all. 28lvl necromancer and 8k miracle coins and time... Please help her bcuse its not fair. Hacker log to game evreyday on her accounts :[. Ban her account or give it her back or delte. I have some suggestions to support or safe players. Connection accounts with phone numer and if everybody lost account or they wanna change email or passsword they recive sms with code email with code or link first.
  2. im happy to see this great news. finally bcuse im been so tired and nervous with this waiting for that last part of avyondil bcuse it is 2 years.. only weak events and nothing interesing for old players what waiting too long for it. many friends gone bcuse only events for ppl what have much time and real cash :[. Now i feel better but add more often news like this bcuse only news like new localizations are better interesing for us not weak events or promotion miracles.. and please change some skills like warden block from healing bcuse warden can have now 35% block and 15% parry and heal from block near 600 and warden go to get more monsters and got better heal -.-
  3. weak..... weak... weak... add update no sht. events wth sht. costumes. i stop play 2 weeks ago bcuse weak and nervous. We waiting 2 years for this last city and what? npthing... i starting to hate this game
  4. Grrrr well we still must waiting for nothing. Guild castles and all other updates is not for me. I need to see last city and we need better armours with bonuses to set than kronus set-.-
  5. Hi all i doing this topic bcuse i dont want to see auto demanders or bots at #1 and if they stealing my rank or others. This topic is about Smileyang rogue 16level. He spamming arena and he is online 24/7. How i can win with bot what demanding 24/7. But its not all. He always afking in arena fights and he have many loss fights and he trying steal my rank. Please help me and others or say if we can use bot or other illegal programs to play. And here is screenshoots :
  6. Very important question what a rewards got charmer from sreba? Msgic acccesories and light armour .?
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