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  1. True even Dota 2 was required to do it So Ws? Somethings fishy
  2. they do and u should read em fully and understand not brush it of by saying they dont force us or its up to us Obv its up to us BUT the game involves progress thru gambling which is very direct chest or not amping is a gamble for that matter ppl dont go to casinos not knowing its a gamble Buying in game currency to buy chest doesn't mean it isnt gambling The thing is the game should be regulated by an agency for fairness BECAUSE the players do not trust the game on being fair as per their breach of right to know Aigrind is not really possible to contact to u dont get through to anyone googling aigrind doesn't pull up anything As for the rest of what u said I have the right to make players aware AND in any case this topic vanishes then the game has something to hide
  3. Its not about addiction even if it is read this http://ec.europa.eu/growth/sectors/gambling_en and no one here can argue chest and amp isnt a gamble Once real money or crypto currency or bitcoin is used to buy ingame currency its gambling I heard that aigrind is based in Russia so i might have to pull up state laws for gambling so https://www.gamblingsites.org/laws/russia/ OPSS
  4. This game is obv a gamble (amping and chests) If the game is not regulated by the law of the country they are based in then its in danger of getting sued One of my friends is a online gambling game regulator who was involved in shutting down of The loot crates of EA game Starwars says this game is 100% a gamble This game hasnt been verified as fair (being a gamble) by any government agency or other of sorts(if it has please show where or give me the verification number) They do not release the chances of drop either (which players have a right to know) Also not to mention unfair advantage to other players who are playing in the same sphere(cheaper mcoins) The game is not famous but has a large player base its high time to get checked and regulated he isnt talking about addiction mind you its about being fair we do not trust the game because their breach of the right to know So we need to know if the game is regulated and checked for fairness
  5. I ve been killing Engineer since it has been released over 300 kills and i havent dropped anything and so hasnt a friend who attends every kill other random members have dropped counting 5 drops over 300 kills I feel its absolutely stupid And also we want to know the chance of dropping everything in the game Amp chance, great charm chance ,chest drop chance,boss drop chance (this game is basically a game of chance *GAMBLING*) We have the right to know this and we want to If u have already released this please show me where THANK YOU
  6. i was just joking btw how much increase in hp with expert book hp @Reivenorik
  7. Kinda true here cuz Eu elf guild karma killed it with bd tank and 20 ppl there was wardens tanking mobs but bd tanked the boss Next time we kill i ll make a video
  8. I dont care about level ups
  9. warden is a dead class seen tons of +10 warden unbinding me included barb and dk can to tons of dmg even as tanks which is insanely stupid Warden had the most unnecessary nerf(comparing to other tanks) warden without shield basically useless and ofc necro and priest do need a buff
  10. ye ye btw i can speak chinese
  11. so ungrateful what if Etea knows about this
  12. everyone knows it for a fact and gzme and etea told it themselves or are u telling ur precious sponsors are liars?
  13. I ve hated Magna for years for mass reporting my rogue and He says Dim Amped me nice go talk to her first then talk here
  15. atleast i can be proud i have amped my chars all by myself and not by others grace and charity unlike u and vava has rewards so do u and u still lose at seals badlyalso even to run a public relation acc on social media a person who has to handle it there are has to be ppl involved to run public relations
  16. You do not know my age and also i didnt say u were selling read properly Public relation? is basically a company hires someone to have him keep good relations with the consumers and has nothing to do with this topic (u prolly googled it) when will i find someone who know how to argue here
  17. Please learn how to debate. No one can advertise mc debuffs but certainly u can advertise ur relics and scrolls
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