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    rafa9876 got a reaction from Nolan in tlaco done quest 2 years ago warspear aniversary   
    Pretty sure you are just confused because what you actually completed was hard garden.
    Note how you only have 1055 reputation with the Maliat Elves which means you did it during the anniversary.
    Additionally you receive a total of 210 reputation by doing easy, normal and hard termitary which means there's no way you completed them...
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    rafa9876 reacted to vavavi in Suggestion for a possible guild leadership transfer system   
    It's been a topic for a while that a new system to transfer guild leadership is needed. As far as i know, it's in the works, but there has been no word about how it would work. Either way, it would have to be a system thats not easily abused, would be forgiving enough for just being busy and one that would not lead to scams by a random leader being selected. So, my suggestion is a voting system. 
    A fair way to even start the process would be needed. Someone being busy for 2 weeks and losing a guild they've worked on for years isn't exactly fair. One way this could be done, is implementing a box, for the lack of a better word, for the leader to sign off on, say, once per month, to confirm they still wish to keep the lead. If this "box" would not be checked after a month, or however long time is seen fit, has passed, the option to start a vote for new leadership would take place.
    This vote could happen during a week or so, in which the heirs of the guild, could vote for another heir, who, with the majority of votes, would receive the leadership. This would not only prevent scams, but also allow the members of the guild to choose a person, that they see fit, to take on that role. 
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    rafa9876 reacted to Babocool in Knowledge Guide - Jaan, Eu-Emerald   
    Knowledge Guide

    Collecting Knowledge seems hard for some people, in this guide I'm trying to show you how I have done my Legendary achievement, the easiest way how to finish Knowledge talents, how to get Knowledge the fastest, how much Knowledge you can get in a single day and way more.
    First of all, What is Knowledge?
    Knowledge is a ressource you need to level up the Class Talent. Each class is divided into a category, for example, there are 4 Categories. Each Category has their own Special Talents:
     Damage Dealing
    -Blade-Dancer, Ranger, Seeker, Mage, Hunter, Rogue, Chieftain & Warlock
    -Warden, Barbarian, Paladin & Deathknight
     Templar & Charmer
    Druid, Shaman, Priest & Necromancer
     Class Talentes are splitten into 3 different Sections. ( Offensive, Defensive and Auxiliary)
    Since we spoke about the talents, lets speak about, what you need to do to get Knowledge, how to gain Knowledge & where to get Knowledge.
    You can get Knowledge from :
    - Dungeon (900 limit daily)
    - Dynamics in Underwater Map                                                                                           
    - Raid Bosses 
    - Quests (900 Limit daily)
    - Guild Events
    - Daily Login Awards
    - Battlepass
    You can get Knowledge from dungeons. The higher the difficulty of the dg, the more Knowledge you get. 
    In my opinion the easiest and fastest way to get Knowledge in dg is Easy Tree. The Dungeon is located at Marakosh(t3).
    The dg takes 2 minutes solo as damager, in a party of 3 people, it  takes less than 90 seconds to finish this dg.
    8 runs needed to finish the daily limit of Knowledge in Easy tree. That way, it will only take you around 10mins to finish the daily dg.
    - Easy         120 Knowledge  each run.
    - Normal    135 Knowledge  each run.
    - Hard        150 Knowledge  each run.
    - Heroic      165 Knowledge each run.
    - Mythical   180 Knowledge each run. 

    Dynamics in Underwater map:
    There are 6 dynamics daily, every single one of them gives Knowledge. The upper ones are easier than the down ones.
    You are only able to do them if they are activated. How to activate them? How to finish the dynamics? Dynamics 1-4 has no cooldown to activate. Dynamic 5-6 do have a cooldown of 3h. Once it's activated, you got 90 minutes to finish the dynamic.
    You can receive 450 Knowledge daily from Dynamic.
    - 1.  Blowfish Monster.   Reward 75 Knowledge 
          - Kill 6 Elite Mobs at the upper part to activate this dynamic.
          - Kill 20 Horros of the Deep.
          - Kill Blowfish Melanodon.
    - 2.   Infamy of the White Sharks. Reward 75 Knowledge
          - Kill 5 Pirate Baits to activate this Dynamic. 
          - Kill 15 Pirates
          - Kill Captain Thomas the White Shark. (300k Boss)
    - 3.  Will of the Swashbuckler of the deep. Reward 75 Knowledge
          - Kill 12 Sea Baits in down part of Underwater Section to activate this Dynamic.
          - Kill 15 Gladiators
          - Kill Arsinus the Swachbuckler of the Deep.
    - 4. Oath of the Crimson Waters . Reward 75 Knowledge.
         - Kill 10 Elite mobs in bottom row to activate this Dynamic.
         - Kill 20 Crused Octopus.
         - Kill Mytion Purplewater.
    - 5. Airless Frigate.  Reward: 75 Knowledge. 
        - Kill the Diver in the location to activate the event. 
        - Kill 10 Coral Nauplius.
        - Collect Cage with small fish at the barrels near the mobs.
        - Place the bait.
        - Enter the Lower Deck, Touch the shark and swim to the Ruby.
    - 6. Merchant's Treasures. Reward 75 Knowledge
        - Kill the Diver in the location to activate the event.
        - Kill 10 Creepy Ampullaria.
        - Kill Crustacean Mutant
        - Collect Faceless’ Amulet, Eastern Coin and Golden Turban. (Down left, up right and up left.)
    Raid Bosses:
    This is the hardest thing to keep track on. Every Raid Boss gives Knowledge.
    The Raid Bosses die pretty fast, so you have to be prepared to get to them in time.
    You don't have to attack the raid boss or do anything. You'll receive Knowledge just by standing there.
    Max Knowledge you can get from Ayvondil Raid Bosses are 400 daily.
    The Black Elm
    - Located at Marakosh/Anzu-iri (T3)
    - You will receive 100 Knowledge after it's dead.
    - Located at Pelion/Tom-Lugu (T4)
    - You will receive 100 Knowledge after it's dead.
     Captain Giant Octopus
    - Located at the Underwater Map, up from Doom Island.
    - You will receive 100 Knowledge after it's dead.
    - Located at the Underwater Map, up from Lonely Island.
    - You will receive 100 Knowledge after it's dead.
      Event Raids
    - There are usually Event raids at Horror, Snow and Spring Event.
    - Each of them usually gives 60 Knowledge.
    Quests are the one of the easiest thing to get Knowledge from. Each town in Ayvondil gives different amount of Knowledge. The harder the town, the more Knowledge you get. For me, as mcoin user, the fastest way I finished quests was. Get Quest at Marakosh, (T3) Take the collecting quests and buy the items from the Miracle coins shop, after you've done that.. you only need to finish 5 more quests to gain the max Knowledge after that. Easiest way to finish Knowledge.. Finish Pelion (t4) quest.
    Kronus's Labyrinth/ Astral Labyrinth
    - 60 Knowledge each Quest
    Norlant Swamps
    - 60 Knowledge each Quest
    Maliat (T1)
    -  60 Knowledge each Quest
    Tlaskoe (T2)
    - 60 Knowledge each Quest
    Marakosh/Anzu-Iri (T3)
    - 70 Knowledge each Quest
    Pelion/Tom-Lugu (T4)
    - 70 Knowledge each Quest
    Albatross Harbor/Thunderbird Port (T5)
    - 80 Knowledge each Quest 
    Guild Events
    To be able to get Knowledge from Guild Events, you should try to join a higher level guild, the chances to get the max Knowledge daily is very high there. Being in a lower level guild, would make it more difficult to gain Knowledge, since higher level ones are more active. My guild has finished this event daily, So I was able to get 1400 Knowledge daily just from Events. (2x Music of Magic, Wild Hunt) 4 GP Events daily. How to do them?
    Wild Hunt
    - 12 Hours Cooldown, can be done twice a day.
    - You will receive 100 Knowledge after the event was completed, (200 Knowledge max a day)
    - Find Rottung in Castle's and kill it.
    Music of Magic
    - 12 Hours cooldown, can be done twice a day.
    - You will receive 100 Knowledge after the event was completed. (200 Knowledge max a day)
    - Kill Nocturna
    Filth's Dungeons (Maliat t1 Event)
    - 16 Hours cooldown, can be done twice a day. 
    - You will receive 100 Knowledge in the first stage, 150 Knowledge in second stage.
    - Creatures of the Gray Hollows (First Stage): Kill Hornets/Cavers 
    - Satraps Lair (Second Stage): Kill 8 Satraps (300k Bosses)
    - Max Knowledge each Event: 250 Knowledge
    Lord of the Depths (Tlaskoe T2 Event)
    - 16 Hours cooldown, can be done twice a day.
    - You will receive 100 Knowledge in the first stage, 150 Knowledge in the second stage.
    - Cave Predators (First Stage): Kill Ayotls and 2 Chupacabras. 
    - Pontifices Abode (Second Stage): kill 8 Pontifices (300k bosses). 
    - Max Knowledge: 250 Knowledge (500 if done twice a day)
    Grove of Black Elm (T3 Marakosh Event)
    - 16 Hours cooldown, can be done twice a day.
    - You will receive 100 Knowledge in the first stage, 150 Knowledge in the second stage.
    - Dangerous Plants (First Stage): Kill Faiding Flowers/Malefibloom
    - Putrid Lands (Second Stage): kill Mistress of the Swarm, Rotten-Bud Ashud, Five-mouthed Goose and Moon-Maned Shandon
    - Max Knowledge: 250 Knowledge (500 if done twice a day)
    Rusty Wastelands (T4 Pelion Event)
    - 16 Hours Cooldown, can be done twice a day.
    - You will receive 100 Knowledge in the first stage, 150 Knowledge in the second stage.
    - First stage: Kill 6-8 Baits. You don't need to kill different baits, even killing the same bait, will finish the Stage.
    - Second Stage: Kill 200k Bosses(Steam & Horse) and Petriks.
    - Max Knowledge: 250 Knowledge (500 if done twice a day)
    Special Event
    During the Spring Event, you can receive Knowledge from Magister Avaris(NPC). You must gain spring reputation to be able to buy Knowledge.
    You will receive 250 Knowledge for 400 Spring Reputation.
    Daily Log in Rewards:
    This Feature is pretty new. You have to log into the game to claim the awards daily. In 20 days, you can get 2000 Knowledge.
    Day 3:
    - 500 Knowledge
    Day 8:
    -500 Knowledge
    Day 13:
    -500 Knowledge
    Day 18:
    -500 Knowledge
    In the Battlepass, you get the most Knowledge at once, you will get around 9500 Knowledge from the Battlepass if you buy it, if you don't buy the Battlepass, you will only get 4500 Knowledge. After reaching 850 Points in the Battlepass, you are able to receive a Knowledge buff "Great Knowledge" which increases your gained Knowledge by 20%.  In my Opinion, the "Great Knowledge" buff is very needed. You should try to get it shortly.

    However, the maximum Knowledge you can get in a day is 5050 Knowledge without the Battlepass buff. You need around 500k Knowledge to finish all talents. However, to finish talents in a fast and not stressful way, you should find a very active guild. If you want try to finish Knowledge talents on your own, it will take way longer to finish. 
    Thanks for your attention, I hope this will help some people.
    Jaan, Eu-Emerald

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    rafa9876 reacted to Raislin in Crafting rare non event books   
    Title is the idea.
    Basically you would be crafting the books using extra knowledge AFTER you have maxed the talent tree. You'd unlock the books in the talent tree as "talents" after you have maxed out the tree. The books would be split into 4/5/6/? pieces depending on the book and you'd spend 50k knowledge and maybe some gold to unlock the pieces of the books. Once you have unlocked an entire book you would receive it into your mailbox and it would have the "Personal" parameter so you wouldn't be able to sell it.
    And by non event books I mean books dropped from raid bosses, guild events and pirate chests.
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    rafa9876 reacted to Nolan in Major bug in Enchanted Reserves Area   
    Devs will check this. Thanks. 
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    rafa9876 got a reaction from Nolan in Major bug in Enchanted Reserves Area   
    Maned wolf reduces the cooldown of the Portal skill, allowing its usage while inside the area.
    This however leads to situations like these upon logging in (I logged out within the area) , I am unable to move or do anything at all.
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    rafa9876 got a reaction from Pokerface in Major bug in Enchanted Reserves Area   
    Maned wolf reduces the cooldown of the Portal skill, allowing its usage while inside the area.
    This however leads to situations like these upon logging in (I logged out within the area) , I am unable to move or do anything at all.
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    rafa9876 reacted to Holmes in Welcome to the Forum! - manual for new users   
    Welcome to the official forum of the pixel hardcore MMORPG - Warspear Online!
    We hope that this guide will allow you to quickly understand the features of this site and become a full-fledged part of our multifaceted community.
    The first thing you need to do is register a forum account. You can do this in the authorization menu in the upper right corner of the screen.
    Having a forum account will open up the following opportunities for you:
    create topics: write proposals for the game, share your creativity, communicate on all sorts of topics, etc.; leave messages in the topics of other users; set reactions to messages and topics of other users; write private messages to other users and administration. For security reasons, new forum accounts are subject to certain restrictions:
    all your posts must be approved by the moderation team (this may take some time); you cannot change the avatar or other information in the profile, as well as set reactions to messages from other users; As soon as the moderators approve 7 of your posts, then all these restrictions will be automatically removed. Treat this with understanding, as there are many malicious mailings. This system allows you to avoid dozens and sometimes hundreds of spam messages daily.
    Terms of use
    Our forum maintains order and a friendly atmosphere through the efforts of the administration and moderators. In case of violation of the presented rules of communication, your messages may be deleted, and profile restrictions may be imposed.
    The following is prohibited on the forum:
    using obscene language, even in a veiled form using the symbols *"%#, etc.; insulting or derogatorily addressing other users; using graphic, sound and other materials marked 18+; using links to dubious resources; The full list of communication rules can be found here. We recommend that you read it in detail.

    For violation of the established rules, the following restrictions may be applied at the discretion of the administration or moderators:
    pre-moderation of messages (temporary \ indefinite): all your messages must be approved by moderators before publication; restriction on writing messages on the forum (temporary / indefinite); prohibition of access to the site (temporary / indefinite). For all questions regarding the restrictions or lifting them, you can contact the administrator @Holmes or @Nolan in private messages.
    Forum functions
    While communicating on the forum, you will come across various tools that will make it easier and more functional.
    For each individual message, you can put a reaction. You can do this by clicking on the icon  in the lower right part of the message and selecting the desired reaction The author of this message will receive a notification, and all other users will see what kind of reaction you’ve put on the message. This information is displayed in the activity feed and in the profile.
    Received reactions "Like", "Thanks", "Wow" and "Haha" are positive and will bring 1 point to the overall rating of your profileThe rest of the reactions do not affect the overall rating of the profile. If you get the most reactions for the day, you will be given the status of "winner of the day".
    The rating of profiles with the most reputation can be found here.
    Mentions and citations
    If you want to mention a specific user in your message, then you must use the @ symbol and then write their name. For example, if you write @Holmes, I'll get a notification.

    You can also quote the whole message of another user or part of it. There are two ways to do this: select the desired piece of text and select "quote" in the menu that appears, or use the button in the lower left part of the message  When clicked, the user's message is quoted in its entirety in your message in that thread. If you need to use quotes in other topics, then you need to use the button  (multiquote). When pressed, the quote will be saved to the clipboard (moreover, several quotes from different people can be placed in the clipboard at the same time), after which you can use it (them) in any other place on the forum.
    Private messages
    To write a private message to another user, you need to go to the profile of the user you need and find the corresponding button  or  Alternatively, go to the private messages menu and find the "create" button, and then specify the nickname of the user to whom you want to send it.
    Message Formatting
    The forum post editor allows you to use all the basic text formatting features such as lists, highlights, centering, changing colors, using quotes / spoilers, etc. And of course, don't forget about emoji. Our forum contains a wide range of animated and static emojis that will allow you to demonstrate the full range of emotions 
    In addition, you can edit your posts after you send them, but you can't delete them. Only the administration and moderators can delete topics and messages.
    Complaint system
    In case of violations of the rules of communication by other users of the forum, you can complain about their messages, after which your complaint will be processed by the moderators. In a similar way, you can ask to delete an unnecessary message, or ask to move the topic to another section of the forum. You can find the button to send a complaint through the extended menu in the upper right corner of the message
    Content follow system
    If you want to be notified about the appearance of new topics in specific sections, or about messages in a specific topic, or even about messages from a specific user, you can use the following system. You can subscribe to a forum section, topic, or a specific user using the corresponding button  You can do this both anonymously and openly. In addition, the notification system is very flexible - look into the settings!
    System of titles and awards (badges)
    For active participation in the life of the forum and services to the community, one of the existing titles is awarded:
    Legendary Mentor - a true legend of the forum;
    Lord of Knowledge - a true guru who can answer any question;
    Guardian of Spear - an old-timer and active forum member;
    Master of Arts — an author of art about the game
    In addition to the title, you can get rewards in the form of unique badges. They are displayed under the avatar and in the profile.
    The full list of existing awards can be found here.
    Once you reach the rank of Members (7 posted posts), you will be able to edit your profile information, change your name, avatar, as well as put signatures, statuses, etc.
    Profile name
    You can change the profile name after 200 published posts. You can do this no more than 3 times a month, and the name change history will be displayed on your profile.
    Signature and profile status
    Any forum user can set a profile signature - an additional area under your message, which is separated by a dividing line. You can use plain text, static or animated images, quotes, etc. for the signature. The signature will always be displayed under each of your messages.
    In addition, you can set the location and status of the profile, which will be displayed above the avatar.
    !* - Please note that the signature, location, and profile status may not appear on the mobile version of the site.
    Search system
    For a long time the forum has existed, the community has managed to discuss a lot of issues. This means that the search engine will become an indispensable assistant, with which you can find answers to almost any question or . Don't forget to use the search and sort settings to exclude unnecessary queries from your search.
    That's all. Have fun and see you on the forum!
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    rafa9876 reacted to ThiagoWanted in Guia para Magos V10.2.4   
    Guia Para Magos 

    1. Habilidades
    1.1 Combos
    1.2. Qual habilidade compra primeiro lv18
    1.3. Build
    1.4. Relíquias em destaque
    2. Atributos Principais
    3. Equipamentos
    3.1. Cajados
    3.2. Manto
    3.3. Amuleto
    3.4. Anéis
    3.5. Cinto
    3.6. Conjuntos
    3.7. Conjunto de Tritões
    3.8. Conjunto do Tritões mesclado
    3.9. Equipamentos Sub Aquático
    1. Habilidades 
    Para deixar mais claro para você, decidi revisitar brevemente essas habilidades.
     Bola de fogo é a mesma habilidade com a qual você irá aplicar muito critico, se deixar ela no 5/5 você ira aplicar um dano muito alto. 
     Distorção Temporal é uma habilidade de fuga e dano em área ao mesmo tempo. se for upar essa habilidade recomendo deixa no máximo 3/5, pois apenas números de dano são adicionados, e é bastante insignificante a diferença do 3/5 para 5/5
     Estilhaço Dano em Área com chance de Stun. Você definitivamente deve deixa 5/5, pelo menos por causa do Stun, embora não 100%, acampamento.  
     Correntes Ilusórias é uma ótima habilidades.  empurra a multidão para longe do mago, mais não vale apena upar, recomendo deixar 1/5 mesmo.
     Armadura Solar é uma ótima habilidade. aumenta seus indicadores de defesa, mesmo mago usando armadura de Tecido, consegue através dessa habilidade uma grande Defesa, conseguindo em algumas ocasião fazer até o papel de tanque se tiver uma quantidade alta de vampirismo. recomendo deixa 5/5
     Barreira Etérea - na minha opinião, a habilidade de salvamento mais forte do jogo, e é passiva. Você definitivamente deve upar, recomendo deixar no 4/4. Magos com muito vampirismo e uma boa amplificação costuma deixar 1/4
     Olho do Dragão é a habilidade fundamental do mago. Regenera energia para cada golpe do mago, adiciona precisão e velocidade de ataque. Com toda certeza você deve deixar ela no 4/4.
     Fogo estrondoso é a habilidade que aumentará o dano recebido do alvo em 20%, também é uma habilidade de dano em área.
     Sobrecarga - Excelente habilidade passiva, a cada habilidade usada o personagem ganha um auxilio, quando chegar a cinco auxilio, é ativada a habilidade passiva, no próximo ataque básico aplica um dano continuo no alvo.
    É uma habilidade com dano muito alto. aconselho deixar 4/4
     Chão Ardente - habilidade dano em área. Que incendeia os inimigos e causa dano mesmo fora da própria chama. Poucos magos investe nessa habilidade. 
     Enobrecimento  Magic  - um limpa o personagem ou aliado dos efeitos negativos, Habilidade muito usada em batalhas de guilda. é uma habilidade muito usada no PvP, mais em algumas ocasiões pode ser usada no PvE.
     Banimento Magico - Remove um dos efeitos positivos do alvo inimigo. é uma habilidade usada mais em PvP.
     Flecha Congelante - causa dano a um alvo solo e diminui sua velocidade de ataque. Essa habilidade pose ser usada como combo com habilidade Fogo Estrondoso.
     Aurea de Fogo - causa dano ao redor do personagem e é uma habilidade permanente. Você pode pensar que a aura é uma habilidade muito boa, mas ela causa pouco dano. e diminui a regeneração do personagem
    1.1. Combos
     Chão Ardente +  Bola de Fogo = O efeito de Chão Ardente tem a chance de estender sua duração
    Fogo Estrondoso +  Flecha Congelante = Atordoa o alvo por alguns segundos. Uma combinação extremamente forte. 
    1.2. Qual habilidade Comprar Primeiro
    Começamos upando  Bola de fogo até o limite que você escolheu , depois upamos  Estilhaços e  , por último,  Distorção. 
    Vale a pena considerar que antes do nível 18, você definitivamente deve gastar todos os seus 12 pontos de desenvolvimento de habilidades disponíveis, porque se você não fizer isso, não poderá melhorar as habilidades especialistas.
    Ao atingir o nível 18, recomendo que você pegue qualquer habilidade de dano em área, exceto  Aura de Fogo, com ela você começará upar um pouco mais rápido.  deixamos os pontos de desenvolvimento intocados, e pegamos o Olho de Dragão no nível 20 e upamos para 4/4. Ao chegar no nível 22, pegue  a  Barreira Etérea e upe até o limite que você escolher. 

    1.3 Build
    Uma questão extremamente difícil, já que o Mago é uma das poucas classes cujas habilidades são quase todas dignas  e são extremamente úteis.
    Build de habilidade universal:
    Enorme dano de alvo único e múltiplo.
    Se você tiver capacidade de sobrevivência suficiente e estiver confiante em si mesmo, poderá remover os pontos da  Barreira  e colocá-los em  Sobrecarga . 
     1.4. Relíquias. 
    Todas as relíquias são uma questão de gosto, no entanto, algumas extremamente úteis se destacam entre elas. 
    Grã Relíquia de habilidade de Punição- Aumenta o dano da habilidade em 12%. Nós inserimos na  Bola de fogo e, se você tiver muita penetração, em Estilhaços de Pedra e  Distorção Temporal. 
    Relíquia da habilidade Atordoante - Tem 10% de chance de atordoar o alvo por 3 segundos. Embora seja PvP, ficará tão bom em PvE. Insira na Bola de Fogo.    
      Relíquia do Veneno Magico - Tem 10% de chance de infligir veneno no inimigo por 6 segundos, infligindo uma mágica periódica. dano. Também uma relíquia extremamente forte, nós a inserimos na  Bola de Fogo , caso você não tenha gostado da Relíquia da habilidade Atordoante.
     Grã Relíquia de Abstração de Defesa - Aumenta a penetração da habilidade em 10%. Romper é nosso tudo, então nós o inserimos em  Estilhaços de Pedra e Distorção Temporal.
     Relíquia Terrível da força Vital - Tem 20% de chance de aplicar um debuff e se o alvo usar alguma habilidade, não mais que 1500 hp serão tirados dele. Uma habilidade extremamente útil, principalmente em batalhas em massa, por isso a inserimos em  Estilhaços de Pedra e  Distorção Temporal.  
     Relíquia da Robustez - Aumenta em 10% o parâmetro Robustez, por 10 segundos. quando resistido pelo alvo da habilidade. Nós os inserimos em   Correntes Ilusórias e usamos em Boss, já que Correntes quase sempre entram em resistência. 
    2. Atributos Principais 
     Penetração. À medida que você progride na história, os mobs ficarão cada vez mais forte, mas graças a esse atributo você pode ignorar a defesa do seus oponentes. O mago é uma das poucas classes que consegue coletá-lo muito devido ao fato de não exigir  Regeneração de energia nos anéis, então vale a pena conseguir ao máximo, inserindo-o sempre que possível.
     Acerto Critico. Críticos devem ser adquiridos ao máximo. Existem muitas condições no jogo sob as quais um crítico vai te ajudar termina uma batalha mais rápido. Definitivamente, deve ser superior a 40%, já que essa estatística é encontrada em itens com muita frequência. 
     Recarga de habilidade. Mago é capaz de usar suas habilidades sem parar, e essa estatística ajudará nisso. Aconselho você a não se empolgar com isso,  No entanto, todo mágico é obrigado a ter 40% ou 50% de CD, conseguir esse valor também será muito simples.
     Roubo de Vida.
    Vampirismo é o atributo mais importante que você deve ter. Inserimos essas runas caras em todos acessórios. Sim, é caro, mas isso por si só será suficiente para que seu Mago recupere muito HP durante as batalhas. 25% é o suficiente.
     Precisão. Apesar do fato de que o Mago tem uma maravilhosa habilidade  Olho do Dragão que adiciona 18% de precisão, o mago ainda não tem precisão. Eu recomendo não se empolgar com essa estatística, pegue dois anéis com precisão e, se possível, insira um cristal de precisão no amuleto se tiver crítico suficiente.
     Fúria. É exatamente o atributo que deve estar presente, mas em quantidade mínima. Inseri-lo na sua armadura do peito já é o suficiente. até porque além da Fúria, não há nada de especial para inserir no equipamento do peito.

    Além disso, não se esqueça das estatísticas de proteção:
     Robustez - Na medida que você aumenta sua defesa, sua Robustez também aumentara.
     Aumento de saúde - eu recomendo ter pelo menos 4,5k HP
     proteção física- A capa é o Principal equipamento de defesa para Mago, deixe no mínimo +7
     Proteção mágica . Acessórios são responsáveis por aumenta sua defesa magica.
    3. Equipamentos 
    3.1. Cajado
    O principal critério para a escolha de uma equipe é a presença de um parâmetro de penetração nela.
    O melhor cajado para um mago é a Varinha Real , que é criada a partir de dois cajados mais fracos apenas durante o evento da Primavera. o ponto forte desse equipe é uma enorme quantidade de penetração.

    Outro cajado excelente para mago é o cajado de vampirismo você consegue ele durante o evento de Halloween. O cajado de Craft , que você pode fabricar ou pedir para que alguém fabrique em qualquer época do ano. No primeiro, há um Roubo de vida extremamente necessário para o mago, no segundo Recarga de habilidade
    3.2. Manto
    Tudo é extremamente simples aqui, o manto superior do Mago é o de Craft , que pode ser obtido a qualquer momento.
    As estatísticas são perfeitas: danos e regeneração de energia. com ele, seu dano aumentará significativamente.

    Capa da Grandeza também é bom . Claramente, não é adequado para um iniciante, pois é extremamente difícil obtê-lo, mas se você o tiver - parabéns, você não deve alterá-lo.
    3.3. Amuleto
    Na minha opinião, a melhor opção é amuleto de Craft de Halloween. A principal vantagem do manto é a porcentagem de dano, além disso, possui penetração e um bom indicador de roubo de saúde.

    Mas alguns jogadores acham que o Amuleto da Grandeza é muito melhor. Aqui a 5% de magia. mais dano, mas não há penetração mais sim HP em vez disso. Da mesma forma que com a capa, é quase impossível para um iniciante obtê-la..

    Além disso, se você tiver problemas para obter os amuletos acima, selecionei para você amuletos mais econômicos e de fácil acesso. O primeiro é um amuleto com roubo de vida e penetração . Sua diferença do primeiro mostrado pelo amuleto é o valor fixo de dano magico. O segundo é um Amuleto do evento de Primavera , que tem HP e CD. 
    3.4. Anéis
    A coisa mais difícil na escolha do equipamento de um Mago é pegar anéis para ele.
    Como escrevi acima, o Mago precisa de precisão,
    Uma escolha ideal seria fabricar Anéis de Halloween 

    Anéis de Grandeza são uma relíquia. Sim, eles têm HP, mas se você conseguiu obtê-los, obviamente você deve usar ele, porem para o PvE não é muito bom porque tem Resiliência.

    Anéis com Robustez do Evento de Primavera são uma ótima opção se você frequenta muito o Setor 5 de Ayvondil e o Coliseu dos Campeões. Existem os mesmos, mas com precisão, escolha ao seu gosto. Sua principal desvantagem é o dano fixo, mas obter quase 7% de Robustez dos anéis é bastante interessante.

    Anéis com Recarga Evento Primavera também são uma ótima escolha, que contém quase todas as estatísticas importantes para um Mago. 

    Bem, aqui estão dois anéis que são piores que os listados acima, mas dignos de atenção. O primeiro é um Anel de Halloween , o segundo é um Anel de Primavera . E o que eu definitivamente não aconselho a comprar são 
    Anéis de Craft . Pode parecer para você que eles são de ponta, porque eles têm precisão e HP, mas 5% de magia. o dano é tão baixo que mesmo os anéis de dano fixos serão muito mais fortes.
    3.5. Cinto
    Dois cintos de igual utilidade - o Cinto Craft e o Cinto do Seto 5 Ayvondil , que podem ser obtidos em baús no território subaquático de Ayvondil. Olhando para as estatísticas, acho que você mesmo entende em quais situações qual será melhor. O primeiro adiciona uma quantidade significativa de HP, o segundo tem uma penetração
    3.6. Conjuntos
    Conjunto do Coliseu dos Campeões é o melhor conjunto para um mago.
    Suas estatísticas definidas são Acerto Critico e  Poder Magico.
    O ponto negativo deste conjunto é um indicador de HP baixo quando montado.
    Conjunto de Ayvondil tem estatísticas menos úteis, mas compensa um pouco mais de HP.
    Suas estatísticas definidas são  Precisão e  Poder Mágico.
    Conjunto de Fúria também é um conjunto extremamente bom, mas difícil de conseguir.
    Suas estatísticas definidas são   Furia e   Poder Magico.

    3.7. Conjunto Tritões
    Por que falir com esse equipamento?
    É simples, quando você coleta meio conjunto, uma habilidade de ação permanente ficará disponível para você, após a ativação da qual, se você usar habilidades em um aliado ou inimigo, receberá buffs positivos - pilhas. Um stack adiciona 2% de Acerto Critico e 3% Dano Critico , e os stacks podem ser maximizados em 10. Além disso, se você acertar com um Acerto Critico, você receberá um buff positivo que multiplica seu dano numérico em 30% por 10 segundos , no entanto, não pode funcionar mais do que 15 segundos. (janela apenas 5 seg.). Com este meio conjunto, para coletar a quantidade máxima de Acerto Crítico, você só precisa conseguir 30% do seu equipamento. 
    A habilidade de ação contínua requer 18 pts. energia,. portanto, você precisa obter regeneração de energia suficiente. Para fazer isso, basta inserir um cristal de regeneração de energia em seu cinto, comprar pernas e um manto com regeneração de energia e estar em uma guilda de nível 6+ com um mana reg passivo.

    3.8 Conjunto do Tritões Mesclado
    Mescla o set Triton com equipamentos de Craft eu recomendo    , pois adicionam muito HP. 
    Também vale a pena prestar atenção nos conjuntos Fúria e Vampirismo.

    Ao contrário do equipamento acima, eles têm estatísticas definidas e extremamente úteis -   Fúria e  Roubo de Vida.
    3.9 Equipamentos Sub Aquáticos
    Equipamentos com essas estatísticas, pernas e um Cajado serão primordiais.
    Créditos: https://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?/topic/299975-гайд-на-pve-мага-1020-актуально/
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    rafa9876 reacted to Zurp in SCREENSHOTS FROM THE GAME   
    17383xp in one day... 5 days to finish all story quests
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    rafa9876 reacted to LeeLoo in [2022.02.21] Say goodbye to winter brightly! Carnival is already in Arinar!   
    Dear friends!
    Winter is about to come to an end! It's time to soak in preparations for the famous Carnival in order to meet the long-awaited spring in all the splendor of the holiday! Rhythmic and cheerful sounds of samba are already coming from the direction of Irselnort, so go there and join the endless fun! 
    The excitement of the upcoming celebration covered the whole Arinar! Both experienced warriors and inhabitants prepare for the carnival procession and choose the most spectacular outfits, but one fat goblin decided to ruin the holiday again! Found the moment, the villain stole the key of the city! Now he is trying to impersonate the king of the carnival Momo. It's time to deal with the ugly double and discourage him from cheating! 
    World event “Carnival”
    Because of the tricks of the goblin, the holiday is under threat again, and only the warriors of Arinar will be able to restore justice! To do this, complete all stages of an exciting world event - help prepare for the festive procession, restore the carnival platform and deal with King Momo's double! For this, each player, starting from level 5, who was in the territory of the stage for at least 30 seconds at the time of its successful completion, will receive the following rewards: 
    1st stage “Feathers for costumes” 
    “Ruby Jewelry Box” “Greatness of life” buff, increases the character's maximum health by 5% (3 buffs maximum - 15%).  

    2nd stage “Flower pollen”
    “Amber Jewelry Box” “Greatness of spirit” buff, increases the character's maximum energy by 10% (3 buffs maximum - 30%). 3rd stage “No wheels - no celebration”
    “Topaz Jewelry Box”  “Healing practice” buff, increases the healing effect of items for the character by 10% (3 buffs maximum - 30%). 4th stage “Hands off Gratiana!”
    “Emerald Jewelry Box” “Battle rage” buff, increases the damage done by the character’s critical auto-attacks by 5% (3 buffs maximum - 15%).  

    5th stage “Lights above the ground”
    “Sapphire Jewelry Box”  “Unstoppable doublet” buff, increases the character’s chance to deal double critical hit during the auto-attacks against the monsters by 5% (3 buffs maximum - 15%). 6th stage “King Momo's look-alike” (if the 5th stage was successfully completed)
    “Tourmaline Jewelry Box”  “Power of Unity” buff, increases the number of guild points received by the character by 30% (1 buff maximum). "Unprecendent agility" buff,  that increases speed cooldown of character’s skills by 3% (3 buffs maximum - 9%).  

    Each jewelry box may contain unique Carnival hairstyles, collectible smileys, and also:
    common empowering relics signs of Imperishability minions small Gladiator Elixirs, Unity Potions and Elixirs of Knowledge potions and scrolls precious bars The jewelry box for the 6th stage may contain the “King Momo” costume! 
    Restart time: on schedule: 02:05, 10:05, 18:05 CET
    Guild event "Monstrous Ogre" 
    The warriors of Arinar more than once had to deal with nightmarish monsters and terrible creatures spawned by the forces of darkness... So the monstrous ogre Quibungo, attracted by the festive bustle and cheerful screams, got out to hunt for residents of Irselnort. Hurry to the Hall of the Avenger, where Quibungo is hiding and kill the monster! 

    All guild members starting at character level 10 and higher, which was on the territory of the stage at least 30 seconds at the time of its successful completion, partake in killing the boss and were present alive on the territory of the event at the moment of its death will receive the reward of "Treasury of Quibungo" chest, 100 units of "Knowledge" and "Deadly Position” buff, that increases character's “Critical Hit” parameter by 5% for 24 hours (2 buffs maximum - 10%).
    In "Treasury of Quibungo" you can find:
    “Enhanced Penetration” book “Quibungo” costume unique empowering relics Seeker's Stamina Elixirs unity signs signs of Imperishability minions great elixirs of a gladiator, unity and experience potions and scrolls precious bars Conditions of activation: collect 5000 Guild Points.
    Restart time: 12 hours after finishing the event.
    Do not forget that you can always fight with a raid boss to get additional unique treasures:
    unique empowering relics unity signs minions catalysts, essences and  substances spheres of damage and defense enhancement precious bars Boss respawn time: 30 minutes.
    Festive excitement is felt even in the most hidden corners of the dungeons of Arinar! Only for the duration of the Carnival, unique holiday "Jagur" and “Steel Cutthroat” costumes have been added to all Dungeons of heroic and mythic difficulty levels (the drop rate increases with the level and difficulty of the dungeon). Moreover, the rarest classless book "Enhanced Penetration" has been added to all Dungeons of mythic difficulty level (the drop rate increases with the level of the dungeon). Don't miss your chance to get the most valuable trophy!
    Exclusive items in the Miracle Shop
    Hurry to the Miracle Shop for unique holiday chests! Spectacular costumes and bright decorative skins will help you fully experience the atmosphere of the holiday! 
    Legendary Carnival Chest
    Sorcerer of Guarani Queen of Amazonia Supreme Shaman Spiky Shooter Over-the-top Beauty Warrior of the Southern lands Carnival Patron Heavenly Scout Caatinga's Ghost Peacock princess Selva’s goddess Cangaceiro Carnival King Carnival Queen Decorative skins
    Gladius of Carnival Madness Staff of Carnival Madness Tomahawk of Carnival Madness Falchion of Carnival Madness Labrys of Carnival Madness Spadone of Carnival Madness Caduceus of Carnival Madness Recade of Carnival Madness Bow of Carnival Madness Arbalest of Carnival Madness Pavise of Carnival Madness  
    Cache of the Crazy Fun 
    Spirit of Amazonia Enawene Nawe Shaman Princess Araguaia Chasuble of the Expensive Joy Frock of the Expensive Joy Hunter of Araucaria Moist Forests Fearless Cougar Charming Uirapuru Enchanted by the Wind Carnival Shaman Carnival Dancer Guy Carnival Dancer Girl Priestess of Terreiro Decorative skins
    Dagger of Tropical Sunset Gladius of Tropical Sunset Mace of Tropical Sunset Scimitar of Tropical Sunset Poleaxe of Tropical Sunset Baton of Tropical Sunset Staff of Tropical Sunset Bow of Tropical Sunset Bombard of Tropical Sunset Shield of Tropical Sunset Minions
    Summon Spotted Jaguar Summon Maned Wolf Great elixirs
    Gladiator's Great Elixir Great Elixir of Experience Great Elixir of Unity Powerful scrolls and potions
    Invigorating Mate Revitalizing Terere Mangrove Scroll of Confrontation Mangrove Scroll of Patronage Palm Scroll of Confrontation Palm Scroll of Patronage and precious bars!
    Unique minions, available only during the Carnival, are ready to help you in battle again! Holiday minions now regenerate their own health additionally! Choose your best helper! 
    Summon Cuca
    increases health and energy regeneration of the minion’s owner by 30% for the entire duration of the minion’s life (passive skill); instantly restores health to the minion’s owner (active skill); increases skill recharge speed of the minion’s owner by 30% for some time (active skill); deals magical damage to an enemy and applies the “Stunning” debuff for some time (active skill). Summon Curupira
    increases “Penetration” and “Critical hit” parameters of the minion’s owner by 7% for the entire duration of the minion’s life (passive skill); instantly moves to an enemy and deals physical damage (active skill); deals magical damage to an enemy and with a certain chance applies the “Stunning” debuff for some time (active skill); deals physical damage to an enemy and lowers their physical and magical defense by 35% for some time (active skill). The holiday starts on February 21 at 09:00 CET and ends on March 9 at 10:00 CET.
    Have fun at Carnival!
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    rafa9876 reacted to Kyrai in Seasonal Costumes List [Warspear Online]   
    The seasonal costumes are those that we can obtain through the payment method of the game, opening the way to a premium battle pass that will allow us to unlock new features such as emoticons, chests, buffs, and most importantly, costumes!
    They are costumes that we can get for a limited time during the season, currently there is no way to get the previous costumes again, however, there will always be new costumes coming out and for those collectors do not miss the opportunity to obtain them.
    Season 1: The King's Trials [Info]
    Season 2: Forward to the Past [Info]

    Season 3: Masks Off [Info]

    Season 4: Benefit of Horror [Info]
    Season 5: Miracle’s Whirlwind [Info]
    Season 6: Dreams Festival [Info]

    Season 6: Spring Ritual [Info][Coming Soon]
    Special Thanks to: Forum administration for their daily effort with the posts
    Costumes Links: Emodudu, Jcbreff, Stardom (EU)
    I do this for game information and it's bad to let this die XD
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    rafa9876 reacted to Holmes in [2022.02.14] Game server restart. Seeing the Snow Boundary off until the next year!   
    UPD: The servers are running!

    It is time to bid farewell to the Snow Boundary: tomorrow, 15.02.22, at 08:00 CET the game servers will be rebooted due to the end of the World Creation Day celebration. After the reboot, the following changes will be implemented:
    the appearance of “Priest of the Flame” costume is corrected; summon Flame's Recruit: added the visual effect of the minion skill, which increases the physical/magical power of the character. To remind you, after the servers are online again, the event crafting tasks will become unavailable, as well as holiday items in the Miracle shop, and also the number of Good Luck Tokens will be set to zero.
    The game will be unavailable for around 3 hours.
    Also don’t forget that the used elixirs and minions will be paused and Seeker’s endurance will be returned if at the moment of the restart the player was in a dungeon.
    Please don’t plan anything important in the game for that time.
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    rafa9876 got a reaction from Kyrai in Demonessa [Jessyca / EU-Emerald]   
    Pretty good!
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    rafa9876 reacted to Kyrai in Demonessa [Jessyca / EU-Emerald]   
    Description Page:
    "From the depths of the dark abysses of Arinar, these demonesses inhabit, their mission is to spread panic and fear, they dedicated themselves for many years to torturing those unfortunate souls who had a life of bad deeds and desires that fall in combat during wars ."
    "Recently after serving for long years locked up tormenting the souls of the lost to their fateful end, they decided to rise to the surface using their human form and they can be distinguished because their horns and tail are visible thanks to a powerful spell cast by a priest with the help of a human wizard, both were called [ ... ] and [ ... ] were loyal faithful of Harad.
    "They are quite skillful they can impersonate any living creature, and they have skills that attack from the deepest dreams of the living, they deeply hate the human Priests of the sentinels, and what they want most is to destroy the cause of good because they consider it a waste of time because with only go to the war to kill and hate the enemy is a cause of eternal damnation, they think that a world full of evil would be better than doing good in vain."
    "Currently they have infinite powers, and only works for their conveniences, it is said that the damned souls are used to create a huge army to erradicate all humanity of the Earth, all types of skills are unknown, they are very good in combat, and they never stop causes problems to people who still alive. Living people are advised not to deal with these beings because they usually feed on blood and leave incurable wounds that lead to death."

    And never [...] Lost data...




    dark style aesthetic clothing with heavy protection
    Demonessa (Name example like Vanessa)
    Demon > Demoness (Girl Demon)
    Black lines in head and hands are lines references for show them. are not included in costume
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    rafa9876 reacted to Jcbreff in Hotdog (Jcbreff Eu-Emerald)   
    Facing right
    Facing left
    Lore of Hotdog: Some of the creations of Astral are more terrifying than others but all of them are horrifying even if the warriors of Arinar can't see it. This sentient piece of meat is the manifestation of gluttony and pleasure of removing hunger. It was long thought to just be a myth circulated amongst explorers who wander into the Astral as they were dismissed as mentally insane. But now the sin of gluttony and pleasure of eating has gained a physical form and it even fabricated itself some wings that resemble the usual toppings one could find on a hotdog if they were sold in Arinar, ketchup and mustard. In fact, it's insides are filled with them. 
    I just wanted to make it's eyes different color even though every costume ingame has just one side profile and its just mirrored on the other side 
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    rafa9876 reacted to LeeLoo in [2022.01.17] The “Snow Invaders: Chapter III” and “Dungeons’ Raiders” events of the week and the Holiday Weekly Rankings Tournament!   
    Brave warriors! 
    It's going to get really hot in Snow Boundary Dungeons this week! The northern hunter Nanook hides valuable treasures in his igloos - iconic costumes, the rarest book and double the number of Guild Points. In addition, two guaranteed rewards for completing any holiday Dungeon aim to jump into your bag!
    Time to start Chapter III of the “Snow Invaders” event of the week! 
    iconic costumes "Mr. Grinch" and "Evil Gremlin" was added in all holiday Dungeons (the drop rate increases with the level of the dungeon); the rarest classless book "Enhanced Damage Reflection" was added to holiday Dungeons "Snow Igloo", "Ice Igloo" and "Icy Igloo" (the drop rate increases with the level of the dungeon); 2 guaranteed rewards for completing any holiday Dungeon; x2 Guild points for completing all holiday Dungeons. Event time: 17.01 12:00 CET - 24.01 11:00 CET
    Don't forget about the Holiday Weekly Rankings Tournament in the "Completed Holiday Dungeons" and "Good Luck Tokens" categories!
    50 prize places with incredible rewards await you: 
    1st place: costumes "Mr. Grinch" and "Evil Gremlin" and 100 Cache of the Ice Kingdom
    2nd place: costume "Evil Gremlin" and 75 Cache of the Ice Kingdom
    3rd place: 50 Cache of the Ice Kingdom
    4th-10th places: 20 Cache of the Ice Kingdom
    11th-20th places: 10 Cache of the Ice Kingdom
    21st-50th places: 5 Cache of the Ice Kingdom
    Tournament time: 16.01 23:00 CET - 23.01 23:00 CET
    See you in the game!
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    rafa9876 got a reaction from Avamanyar in fix the priest regeneration   
    Your total regen : 48
    Your total regen with aura : 48-10 = 38
    Your total regen in combat : 48/ 2= 24
    Your total regen in combat with aura : 24-10 = 14
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    rafa9876 reacted to Kyrai in Best class Sentinel side 2021 [Poll]   
    Happy new year everyone!, we already started 2022, but I think we should close the year with a survey of which was the best class of the year from the Sentinel side.
    The vote is free, and you must be sincere, it is not only supporting the main character that you use or only trolling.
    You should also vote for the class which you consider to have performed well in game events, upgrades, PvE, PvP, arenas and GvG.
    I think this would help a lot for new players of a future who want to start playing the game.
    Poll for Legion side:
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    rafa9876 reacted to Kyrai in Best class Legion side 2021 [Poll]   
    Happy new year everyone!, we already started 2022, but I think we should close the year with a survey of which was the best class of the year from the Legion side.
    The vote is free, and you must be sincere, it is not only supporting the main character that you use or only trolling.
    You should also vote for the class which you consider to have performed well in game events, upgrades, PvE, PvP, arenas and GvG.
    I think this would help a lot for new players of a future who want to start playing the game.
    Poll for Sentinel side:
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    rafa9876 reacted to LeeLoo in [2021.12.31] Happy Holidays! The New Year party in Arinar!   
    Dear friends!
    Another year of glorious deeds in Arinar has come to an end! No doubt, this year has been rich in exciting events and generous with incredible adventures! In 2021, we exposed Julius at the School of Magic, traveled in time to celebrate the 13th anniversary of Warspear Online, discovered new talents, and fought bravely on the stage of Vinetta. And most importantly, we passed this way together! Thank you for being with us! Your love of Warspear Online is the greatest gift for us! 
    And although the events of the next year are hidden by a veil of secrecy, we know exactly: there are many new achievements, and discoveries ahead! May the coming year be happy for all of us and make our most cherished dreams come true! 
    And since there are only a few hours left before New Year, it's time to recharge with a holiday mood! We invite you to the New Year's party, where everyone can find something to their liking: 
    x3 Guild points for completing all holiday Dungeons; x2 increased the amount of Knowledges for completing all holiday Dungeons; x3 increased the daily limit of Knowledges for completing all holiday Dungeons; х1,5 Good Luck Tokens in all holiday Rides; 50% discount applies to items in the "New and Noteworthy" category: "Sneaky Raccoons", "Unicorns", "Festive Kolobki", "Keeper of World Creation", "Jolly Penguins" and "Winter" smileys collections; Christmas Hair Stylist Set, Polar Barber's Kit, Snow Barber's Kit; 60% discount applies to all Crystals and Runes in the Miracle Shop (*sets are not included in the promotion). Event time: 31.12 12:00 CET - 03.01 10:00 CET
    Join the fun celebration, but don't forget to support your Alliance by earning points in the weekly Alliance Tournament of Seneschals! At the end of the tournament week, players who are actively earning points will receive generous personal rewards! 
    We also want to inform you that our Support Team will be on New Year's holidays from December 28, 2021 and will be able to answer your questions only after January 09, 2022. You can always ask other players for help on our forum or game chat. 
    Happy holidays!
    See you in 2022!
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    rafa9876 reacted to Zurp in Seeker's skills   
    Updated to 10.2
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    rafa9876 reacted to TheCaster in Warlock Rebalance: The changes that we need but don't deserve!   
    Hello everyone,

    There have been numerous number of thoughts and opinion posts about all the class reworks around the entire forum. I noticed that there wasn't one about locks in the international forum so I have taken it upon myself to do an in-depth analysis and provide some suggestions that could benefit the class overall. Let's get started.

    "Developer commentary: The Warlock had problems with energy, which in a number of game situations did not allow it to fully realize the capabilities of the class. Reducing the energy cost of some abilities, as well as increasing defensive potential and survivability, compensate for the weakening of key control skills."
    Warlocks are controllers with very high survivability and one of the most easiest classes to play so it was really important to introduce some of these changes.

    Warlock commentary: The defining skill of the warlock that displayed too much efficiency especially in mass battles. Since the resist parameter doesn't exist in game, it was important to increase the cooldown. Adding onto the fact that, the other side does not have many aoe stun skills, the developers did really well in nerfing this skill.

    Suggested change: I personally feel that the cooldown of 20s is too low as this would still let the warlock use the skill every 15s or so. The cooldown of this skill should be increased to 40s since it's a really powerful skill that stuns so many as compared to Templar's reverse flow, paladin fetters and other sentinel AOE stun classes. This would greatly benefit the balance on both factions.

    Warlock commentary: As we're all aware, one of the most powerful skills of the warlock that silenced many enemies at a time while reducing their magic def, this skill was just asking for a nerf. Since one nerf of this skill wasn't good enough, it's only right it takes a hit another time. Again, locks don't have to worry because since we're losing key skills the developers have made sure there's a subsequent increase in other skills of the lock,

    Suggested change: Increase the duration of the skill back to 12s. But it shouldn't be used very often by locks, since warlocks never get stunned in GvGs so increase the cooldown from 30s to 50s. Reduce magic defense reduction from 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 > 2 / 3 / 4 / 5. It's only fair as zero's at the wrong place could have drastic effects. It's also important to push all enemies in the zone out of it every 2s so they don't get silenced often.

    Warlock commentary: The best healing skill in game upto date. To be fair increasing the numbers on this skill by 10% on both sides is a bit too much in my opinion as this skill works brilliantly alone without any combinations of other skills. It's been known to heal warlocks from low hp to full hp instantly especially in arena battles and GvGs with just 1 click of a button. I have seen bladedancers attacking locks for over 10 mins but not able to outdmg this awesome heal skill.

    Suggested change: Decrease the range of the skill from 4 yards to 1 yard since healing so much in arena from so far is not ideal. Make a 3 skill combination of weakness zone, grimoire and exhaust. Now, the enemy must have both (zone + grimoire) debuff at the same time to activate the extra healing effect of this skill.
    Warlock commentary: The best talent on the warlock skill tree that's worth every grind in knowledge. I mean who doesn't want 2.5% damage reduction that stacks to 5 buffs almost instantly without depending on grimoire? It's good that there is a max number of stacks otherwise all locks would have accumulated this talent within seconds of its use making them extremely tanky with 12.5% damage reduction. It's almost a passive skill.

    Suggested change: Similar to exhaust change, this talent should not activate without a 3 skill combination.
    Warlock commentary: One of the key skills of warlock that everyone invests skill points in due to it's massive AOE damage. But still since warlock lost a little bit of their key controls, it's only fair they get compensated by 18% in this department. In PVE, this change might increase the pool damage from 240 per tick to 2400 per tick as we all know zero's work differently for locks. Not to mention in the PVP department, the skill might change from 50 to 5000 damage per tick with this increase creating a massive imbalance.

    Suggested changes: This skill should not just be resisted, when more than 2 enemies are in the affected area, Harad himself descends to erase this skill and increase it's base cooldown by 12 minutes.

    Warlock commentary: Some conspiracy theorists say that the enemy is feared so bad that they reach Mars.

    Suggested changes: Everytime a warlock clicks this skill, it should drain 50k mcoins. Since it always gets interrupted now, the developers should at least make some money from the nincompoops who even try to use the skill. If the player doesn't have 50k coins, the interruption chance should be increased to 100% directly.

    Warlock commentary: Best life saving skill. Period. There have been rumors that staring at a lock in stone body reduces the reaction time and IQ of the enemy player behind the character to perform repetitive tasks. One of the few skills that carry over it's effect to beyond the screen.

    Suggested changes: Pulls all enemies in a 5x5 radius around the warlock towards it. This effect cannot be resisted.. Alternatively, reduce the heal from 4/6/8/10 every 2s > 1/2/3/4 every 2s but increase duration of the skill to 2/ 3/ 4/ 5 MINUTES. This helps the player grab a glass of water or make a cup of coffee as we all know sometimes we need a break from the game and hey, why not right after stone body?
    Also suggest renaming this skill to "Coffee break".
    Warlock commentary:  Another relatively easy and practical skill combination of locks. One of the most popular skills that's been rightfully buffed. There have been cases were a lock has applied hex and the enemy has waited patiently for 8s as a sign of respect so locks could apply this skill and achieve high damage reduction.

    Suggested changes: This skill shouldn't work at all if power of relaxation is not on. Enough said.

    Warlock commentary: This 1 and 2 unit reductions in mana regen cost might help locks to switch out all regen crystal on accessories with pene ones. Might want to reconsider the numbers.

    Suggested changes: Since warlock playstyle is too simple, I propose to mix things up a bit. If any of these skills are used consecutively, then the warlock instantly loses 50% of his mana. This will encourage the use of complex analytical and statistical models by lock players thereby contributing to the field of science and mathematics which is something no other class can boast about.

    VISUAL CHANGES: The :troll: emoji is sometimes not readily available for free to play players. So I have a suggestion that might make it more accessible to everyone. Every time an enemy resists a warlock skill, the :troll: emoji should pop up.

    With this we come to the end of your comments and suggestions. I'd like to thank everyone who patiently reached all the way here. This post would not have been possible without our developers so a big thank you to them. 
    @Holmes I know you're flooded by tons of messages messages about the rebalance but if you could use google translate to include these suggestions too, the entire warlock community would be ever so greatful.

    @Nolan If this post doesn't reach the devs or other admins, please help us warlocks by making sure it reaches the concerned individuals.
    Last but not the least, I'd like to tag some people who I think would enjoy reading this. @Unkindled @Higgings @Jcbreff @Afatoldman @Lwn @Buuuu @LeeLoo @Revolt @Horimiya @Khrone
      P.S: I hope the russian members can understand through translator.
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