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  1. yeah zhark i like the looks and because armor not help me too much. only reduce the damage around 1-2% :crazy:
  2. Its the example of The Blade Dancer strength...
  3. Its sweet memory to remember... :give_rose:
  4. Thanks Slade you take the sword as reward and try to give it to me but..... :'( oh no its personal item :rofl: Sold it at around 200 gold only and enough to repair your bow free :facepalm: Vic why you said just "ouch" ? The important thing is we all are happy playing :yahoo:
  5. slay


    Try to cancel the quest then turn it on again hope it will help
  6. slay

    Party mixed up

    yeah Van, I like if it back to the previous setting that the leader status can pass only by previous leader not by the game :shok:
  7. No doubt about it, BD more devastating then sluggish Barbarian Not too difficult to raise as his brother Barbarian but still depend on the player tactical skill to raise it alone. BD and Barbarian imho are the class that can stand in every situation and usually as a tank that other player depend on. For me hp,defence are nothing compare to the critical chance BD so rock :yahoo:
  8. Hello Warspear Team, I experienced many many times that on my Android HTC Nexus One when playing the touch keyboard often not responding when open the dialog box while change to the next area screen. This happen sometimes if click on the player name to change to private message then the keyboard not responding but the game still normal. But playing will be meaningless because talking is the most fun part on this game. It forced me to restarting the game to get the keyboard function again :'( Please repair this issue team.
  9. yeah me too in the beginning but tried about 5 times and the conclusion is my internet connection not stable or probably something wrong with the warspear server. My experiences have difficulty to connect to emerald server, please warspear team do the investigation about this server reliability cheers
  10. He looks very cute when posed like that :tease: Kicked by friends in faith : Slade, Slay, Vic Waiting for Rapgear to kick other Boss
  11. yo Van really enjoy play in your team, I have done all the quest and next update should go to the Centaur Island but the road still blocked. Now I m back to my team and will help other to finish this update. My plan next is finish all quest in 1st island (so much to do) because i leaved that island at 713 reps :wacko: Pls feel free if u meet char named Slade, Rapgear, and Vic they are elite warrior in my opinion :drinks: lets dance
  12. You guys deserve to happy :give_rose: After playing in desperate money situation on my new char. I force myself with around 700 rep to new area. More and more pain there. Finally I meet my old teammates and now I m not alone and doin quest together. Now I m realize that hunting at new area is the perfect place. DH drops 20 gold worth loot woohoo :yahoo:
  13. Congrats to all of you hunting lover before update and have many gold. Since today overall loot value become 1-2 gold only. The aim is yo make game more difficult and lost many customer that not enjoy the game anymore. Its silly to reduce the loot value while the gears price not balance. You need to kill 300 monster to buy a silly gears. Since this update i m not interest to play warspear >:D
  14. I m running on android using nexus one. There are maybe flaw in the game engine: 1. Since update, the virtual keyboard often not respond to the touch so player cant chat 2. Still happend that monster body glowing althought empty (firstborn class). Which is not happend in mountain class Buy overall I still love this game :yahoo:
  15. I am very in the beginning. After playing 3 hours as barbarian in the new continent i found that the new gears need new skills that still under development >:D I have tried to search any npc that will train the two handed axe and chain mail armor skill but failed. Enemies there need long time to kill with low damage of barbarian. I think other class will be overwhelmed with the thoughness of the enemies. Oh and the monster drop worth not higher then 4 gold :facepalm: Well if you want to try it you should prepare 540 gold at least so you can back to the first continent because the boat charge at 270 and you will regret it. Sometimes hand indicator for taking loot dissapear but works. It happend to if you move to other map section after quest loot, you should click again on the edge of screen to move to other map section. And you will be kicked out from party, and should seek your friends later in. Imho the update only bring you new area, new quest, new npc, new gears, new enemy but you cant use the gears without the skills which is under development. Oh yeah, the gears still no name so dont buy it because I am afraid it will be dissapear in the next update
  16. I think barbarian is the coolest among the other but sadly his barbaric nature defeated by others. Barbarian = strongest defense its not his nature. Barbarian usually neglect defense and boost their attacks. I prefer barbarian = berserker = enraged fighter = low defense high attack its imho 8)
  17. whoa if its going to come in the reality i will glad :yahoo: to be a barbarian lover. melee damager are most tactical to handle then any range attacker, and more challenging to raise up alone. i respect all player that dare to use barbarian, rogue, and blade dancer. i'm in your element :give_rose:
  18. i'm agree with iria and vanhelsing that its not necessary. to take that bush, scrypt, crystal, mushroom sometimes we have to breach enemy defence, kill monsters and the trophy is empty..... :facepalm: speechless
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