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  1. On 4/23/2019 at 9:32 PM, Zurp said:

    still works like it used to...


    No, since they moved the chat, it changed from "F2 + 4" to "F2 + 6 + 8" which is way harder and uncomfortable to do.


    3 hours ago, lallouss said:




    Ill post a tutorial video on how to switch ur QWERT into 67890 keys again it, after i finish watching avengers end game tonight bq62.gif

    That would be awesome, how will I find your channel/video?


  2. 5 hours ago, Zurp said:

    For me its easier to hit 12345/QWERT without looking at the keyboard. Just move your finger down a little bit. Also there are some shortcuts in the new version. C=character, Z=Chat, A=Attributes, I=bag

    That goes for you. For me I could go to character, chat, etc. without looking at the keyboard before the changes using F2 + the corresponding number as well. But now it's almost unplayable for me, like I don't want to look on my keyboard just to find some C, Z or A button when before I could just click F2 + 4 for chat which is much quicker and doesnt require looking on the keyboard.

  3. Why were the keybinds on the PC version changed? The slot 6-9 and 0 were changed to QWERT, this is very hard to get used to when you've always been playing with other keybinds. I wish you guys could implement a setting to reverse this or even set own keybinds. Same goes for the Events Tab on the place where Chat used to be, I probably use the Event tab once in a week while I use the Chat on a daily basis so why would the Chat be hidden in the Social Tab now? However, I did get used to this one but my complaint about the Skill Keybinds remains.

  4. Hey,


    so since the Halloween 2017 Update (I believe), you are able to put a Stun Enchantment onto your characters' boots. I've put one on my barbs' boots and it was 5.4% on level 23 boots. This was quite high so I have tried the same on Shaman boots, surprisingly it only gave the (level 22) boots a stun percentage of 2.7%. This is also the case with Rogue/Hunter/Ranger/Seeker Boots. So the only exception are Tanks boots. Now my question is why is that? I haven't found any information about that in the forum posts nor any rational explanation. Is this a bug or is there any reason behind this? I've attached Screenshots.

    Thanks in advance, Nut.






  5. 5 minutes ago, Tayleeo said:



    EXTREMELY unfair for elf rangers who have no stun "shot",  rather, a useless melee stun which results in their death. 


    We don't need another pala class. 

    We don't need a damage-over-time class that's worse than rogue. 

    We need you to re-balance pvp and all the over powered stuns that mc side has. 


    Why do you hate us elves so much?

    Can you explain that to me, an elf player who's invested thousands of dollars into i this game? I feel like I'm PAYING TO LOSE along with many other elves. 


    Why not just joining mc side if u consider elf side as so shitty?

  6. Hello everybody!


    First of all, I want to thank you for showing interest in my costume and I want to say in the very beginning that any kind of praise as well as constructive criticism is welcome. I've also written a story to my costume, you can skip it though if you're not interested.


    Also I will apologize for my English, I do know it's not the very best. 





    Costume Name: Apollyon


    Apollyon, also known as the Fallen Angel of the Abyss is extremely arrogant, aggressive and violent. His only goal is eternal life and the Spear of the War to gain ultimate power and he will do whatever it takes to achieve this.

    He has big black eagle-like wings and red eyes which can shoot fire beams. Furthermore he's wearing red gloves and a red boot, representing his home, the hell.




    Story behind the costume:


    Apollyon wasn't always called "Apollyon", he once was a real Angel called Uzziel and together with the other Archangels and the Gods of Arinar, he ruled over the lands and the paradise in heaven for millions of years. But very soon the end of Uzziel was approaching.

    It all started on the day when the Gods created the first humans. 


    After just a few thousand years they populated the entire world and ruled over it. From then on, it was the Angels' duty to take care of the humans and keep them safe. Most of them did what they were told. 

    However, Uzziel had an argument with the Gods and their decision and he doubted his lords. He told them that humans are full of greed and hatred and he rejects the idea of taking care of such creatures when all they do is destroy. The lords however didn't like the thinking of their underling. They banned him from heaven and made Uzziel himself a merely human.


    Uzziel was boiling with pure rage. It was such a dishonor for him to be on the same level as the creatures he hated. His rage rose and rose when suddenly, he fainted and woke up in a dark, yet hot and fire-red place.


    The devil himself brought Uzziel to hell. He felt Uzziel's unbearable rage against humanity and his former Gods and he wanted to have Uzziel for his own demon army. The Devil gave Uzziel his now black wings, Apollyon the demon was born. 

    Together with the other Archdemons he's spreading terror all over the lands of Arinar, taking innocent lives and causing as much destruction as possible leaving everything in chaos and ruin.




    I hope you like my costume and leave your comment below! May the best one win :)










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