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  1. haha Guild section is a warzone itself, nevermind me Roley i tend to sit back and enjoy the fireworks nowdays. and add wood to the fire ofc :blush: but im good honest - 1 week sober 8)
  2. ;D its cool, good to know you take good care of this forum now. for 2 years we could spam whatever we wanted here in International ;D
  3. Bunch of fuvktards in this guild aswell :crazy: yay we make lock guild we soo stwong yaaa :crazy: fuvkin faqgots
  4. shit gets real when BUKKAKE turns up xD
  5. Grimsat

    Photo Spam

    please ladygi we must see some beastiality now :blush:
  6. he said he stuck on maraksha thats why
  7. the girl with black hair should post some pics with less clothes :good:
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