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  1. ~~Skills~~ 1) Canto de un dios ( Singing of a god ) Produce un sonido que atrae a criaturas marinas para que ayuden en la batalla. ( it produces a sound that attracts sea creatures to help in the battle ) 2) Savia Estelar ( Stellar Sap ) escupe un liquido verdoso que envenena al enemigo. ( he spits a liquid greenish that poisons the enemy ) 3) Embestida ( Push ) Ataque cuerpo a cuerpo, produce daño físico y deja aturdido al enemigo unos segundos. ( Melee attack, produces physical damage and stuns the enemy for a few seconds ) 4) Furia Marina ( Marine fury )Aumenta el ataque físico y mágico de los aliados alrededor. ( Increases the physical and magical attack of the allies around. ) ~~Description~~ Hace miles de años, estos seres sirvieron a una extraña criatura que habito este mundo, cuando este monstruo fue sellado en las profundidades del océano, recurrieron a esconderse en las oscuras aguas esperando el día de su despertar. Con los disturbios que están sucediendo en las profundidades han decidido unirse a los valientes guerreros en su nueva aventura. ( Thousands of years ago, these beings served a strange creature that inhabited this world, when this monster was sealed in the depths of the ocean, they resorted to hiding in the dark waters waiting for the day of their awakening. With the riots that are happening in the depths they have decided to join the brave warriors in their new adventure. )
  2. Great, I like purple Great, I like purple
  3. Hello people This is my costume First I want to apologize for the errors, I speak Spanish and I had to use google translator. And thanks for looking Long ago, in the depths of ayvondil, a red minotaur appeared with a surprising power, several warriors tried to face it alone, but all failed in their attempt, until one day a group of warriors ready to defeat him joined forces (elves clear xD ) After several hours of combat managed to finally defeat that monster, it had left a reddish skin, but the enemy alliance attacked before they could be made of this skin, and a rogue cowards managed to snatch their items, days after this feat, a Suit made with the skin of that minotaur, combined with wyvers leather cut with the best splinters, resistant leather finish on the wrists, tinted copper plates protecting the legs, made of this a light and comfortable suit with the appearance of that fearsome minotaur From the depths, its price was unbelievably high because it was unique, but there were rumors that the minotaur had left offspring, which meant a greater trade in these costumes.
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