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  2. Hello people This is my costume First I want to apologize for the errors, I speak Spanish and I had to use google translator. And thanks for looking Long ago, in the depths of ayvondil, a red minotaur appeared with a surprising power, several warriors tried to face it alone, but all failed in their attempt, until one day a group of warriors ready to defeat him joined forces (elves clear xD ) After several hours of combat managed to finally defeat that monster, it had left a reddish skin, but the enemy alliance attacked before they could be made of this skin, and a rogue cowards managed to snatch their items, days after this feat, a Suit made with the skin of that minotaur, combined with wyvers leather cut with the best splinters, resistant leather finish on the wrists, tinted copper plates protecting the legs, made of this a light and comfortable suit with the appearance of that fearsome minotaur From the depths, its price was unbelievably high because it was unique, but there were rumors that the minotaur had left offspring, which meant a greater trade in these costumes.