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  1. ~~Skills~~ 1) Canto de un dios ( Singing of a god ) Produce un sonido que atrae a criaturas marinas para que ayuden en la batalla. ( it produces a sound that attracts sea creatures to help in the battle ) 2) Savia Estelar ( Stellar Sap ) escupe un liquido verdoso que envenena al enemigo. ( he spits a liquid greenish that poisons the enemy ) 3) Embestida ( Push ) Ataque cuerpo a cuerpo, produce daño físico y deja aturdido al enemigo unos segundos. ( Melee attack, produces physical damage and stuns the enemy for a few seconds ) 4) Furia Marina ( Marine
  2. Great, I like purple Great, I like purple
  3. Hello people This is my costume First I want to apologize for the errors, I speak Spanish and I had to use google translator. And thanks for looking Long ago, in the depths of ayvondil, a red minotaur appeared with a surprising power, several warriors tried to face it alone, but all failed in their attempt, until one day a group of warriors ready to defeat him joined forces (elves clear xD ) After several hours of combat managed to finally defeat that monster, it had left a reddish skin, but the enemy alliance attacked before they could be made of t
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