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  1. Alchemistr

    Axe or mace - pvp

    Thank you!
  2. Alchemistr

    Axe or mace - pvp

    Which one is worth the most? And is it better to enchant with ferocity or crystal damage?
  3. Eu estou olhando para redistribuir os pontos de habilidade do meu padre ... No momento: 5/5 cura, 5/5 escudo e 3/3 palavra; Mas eu estou falhando em pvp e eu quero deixá-lo assim: Curar 5/5, Armistice 3/5 e Word 5/5. O que você acha?
  4. Alchemistr

    Priest Skill "op"

    About this priest's skill, Elusive Threat, I bought it today and it's being useless, since I'm not going to the arena and I'm just doing missions. Why not let it at least run on mobs under 5k ...