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  1. Dear Devs its still 2nd September on my time zone why is that we can't post or edit the Page? Can you please give hint for future like what time or date does forum follows.I don't understand as it says on competition rule. :unknw:
  2. Fullexcuse a.k.a Gunz guild don't deserve it..they re Full of cheats and shamefull sportsmanship on Such wonderful MMORPG game like warspear. Well said,Sire.Best reply ever. Way to go... ur way of thinking and how u inspire others is totally cool.u totally encourage the players. :good:
  3. I am playing dis game cos I gotta bored playing W.s right now the way it is. I think ya should check dis out.It is for mobile and Tab platforms.Idk about PC. I played like 2 days and im already in love playing it. :yahoo:
  4. Dear Devs,Please could you add how those new armours and hoods for chosen and forsaken looks like? It would be great. :)
  5. just don't add unknown strangers on ur social media.If they re adding after u refused to accept,just Block dem and keep ur wall clean from such tricks.
  6. Here is another example of players using multi accounts to win arena From Sapphire Noexcuse Guild. The game arena is totally ruined.This is ain't luck nor talent nor its not even what we call Game anymore. It is Totally cheat. :facepalm: wish Devs will take serious on this matter.
  7. Nope,Deapknight is potting lock :bad: He even try that hard to beat my level 18 Druid with level 12 staff. Pvplock is all star pro. More ever this topic is for 18s lock.Not for 20s. :unknw:
  8. katerine


    You mean that game with Block structure toon characters? I do played Tibia, it got same lag problems like all RPG online games. Duh,have patience! Devs are working on it. ya're acting immature saying all this. Everyone is having same problem,it's not just only u. :facepalm:
  9. Adorable. Such a affection is rare to see. I would definitely buy and give my lil sis to wear it.Good luck.
  10. update ur signature,Duh :fool:
  11. Change my name back to Katerine please. ;D ty!
  12. why don't i see u at clan farm then? Babaroi Gosh,is that King Julian Picture? :rofl:
  13. okay! Endeavors then? Well u r old player in game so i guess ur frens will miss u. Goodbye Ihtehotdog.
  14. Pro art work and costumes are just outstandingly amazing. Good luck.
  15. u mean OPE guild? lol why so much drama in the house ;D He will come back forsure,Nik !
  16. oww.. Scary cute! Nara ;D Indeed typical Naranja with those quail egg eyes and big tummy.One of my favorite. Just like cute Patito. love it. ur handwriting looks funny too. :lol:
  17. tooo.. cute ;D Well,after long tym..
  18. Amazing! ;D I like The Silver Crusader one tho.It look unique and new in arinar.
  19. it says u can use graphics redactors? what does that means ? :unknw:
  20. This competition sounds more interesting and creative task than any competition yet before .Thanks Devs. :yahoo:
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