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  1. Great job,everything in so details about the clumsy class i thought guess i was wrong...I like that skill build.. i can see the pictures too.. ;)
  2. I remember this fellow one. He was the disturbing whole players at sam hain evading it whole week and now he turns out to be scammer too..I would be glad if devs take action against such scums who is discouraging and violating game to players who wants to play.. :facepalm:
  3. Great work,i enjoyed reading this one. it's almost same strategy of every lab farmers.. Good luck! :good:
  4. Oh my God? where are they? :snorlax: I like to design too..Perhaps i could get some inspiration if you post them out here :friends:
  5. Loosing my old enchant level 13 rare items when amplification was introduced,Level 15 staves and deleting few characters until i realized i stored few golds,rare drops and costumes on them..Game been great so far and best rpg i played.. well,yeah little regret for spending more time yet i have fun ! Peace!
  6. Duh,Please!! Sky don't insults people or taunt as wannabe Pro at all.He is calm cool guy.I think what i saw was you guys start yelling first the word NOOB on world chat and provoked him.. Looks like someone couldn't digest game's hot head moment and decided to bring it out on forum.lmao
  7. Sounds awesome !! I think this will be most exciting update after long time in game.Thanks,Devs I am really excited and looking forward for it in coming day... hehe ::) Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  8. katerine


    You didn't killed me thrice in a row.Just once with your rogue fren together 'THEFEED' And I am not posting any Makeup stories. You may have killed 30 elves, as fact they were all newbies like I said level 12 1314 doin their quests near Nadir.Every level 20 can do that especially playing warlock.You were killing them until i went there and killed both of you.And your fren run like hell from there. And i am not judging you nor I hate u.Maybe you should learn how to speak with people instead of calling them NOOB NOOB everywhere and claiming to be best.My bad I posted on ur guild page.or else I
  9. katerine


    it's good that you winning tourney and good leveled guild and all. Eventually no one did hated you guild but everything you saying now those craps and taunting you rule the sapphire just make you another Guy who needs attention from people but nothing else. Your guild wins the arena in 5vs5 its quite simple you all play Locks and Shamans.I don't think you will last being Chosen/elf melee heroes. That's what wannabes do,First they say annoying crap,then they relize he's been hated and they cry atlast at Chat or forum. here are some SS I took of you killing newbies near Genie cave and
  10. OMG! I can't stop laughing.. I should try too :rofl:
  11. Pretty cool..Can't wait. Welcome to Forum, Laonza.
  12. indeed u never learned! :facepalm: Believe me,no one wants to be you ( a pedo with kid at home) and u re just no one.Digest it,duh!
  13. Selling doom stave,Abys rings,Amulets,Level 13 both set of heavy & light armor,boilersuits and many more.Most probably on cheaper rate. Goodbye. :drinks:
  14. Now,that is interesting statement? I don't really think SO! whole game would ve flooded wit dooms now. Post whatever u wan.who cares wat JELLIES spk. :drinks:
  15. Congrats. And feliz cumpleaños. :)
  16. Close this topic please.I sense more drama coming. It's already end anyway.
  17. And Still it's 2nd Sept! Sad. :facepalm:
  18. Yea tell us where is he? :bomb:
  19. Depends on one's taste. I didn't says w.s boring game either.
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