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  1. Hydra hunting 27th,Feb,Us-Sapphire Mcsakens! It was like 9 players hardly,after many tries and kills, it was fun.. ;D here is my first upload of Videos from the game.
  2. Lord mercy! grats.. :shok: It is time like people were excited about Abyss gladius soon after released of astral lab!Can't imagine it,one does hit 600+ normal attack on equipping both hands.It's very rare too,i haven't seen yet,apart from staves..
  3. Thanks. Anyway,Staff looks kind of this like green Doom Stave.Pretty cool!i Just saw a guy running with it and i asked for SS. LOL XD
  4. Can anyone post SS or link how Baton & staff looks like? :unknw:
  5. katerine

    Dungeon bug.

    Hello GMs,my Necromancer is having same problem with dungeon's hard level.I have finish normal level quest and othet require quests.Please check this bug.
  6. Thanks,Stern! Yeap,indeed very familiar. :friends:
  7. ty again ;D Sorry, i can't type in Russian.But i can help you, may be with help using translation. :) I will try post this guide,just that i m not good enough at this ,there are many good guides there too but i will try my best to guide.Thanks for your suggest,i really appreciate.
  8. Thanks. :friends: Thanks for your suggestions. ;D
  9. Safespot for Easy added. Duh,there are only three level of difficulty now in BG Tower and three yellow quests.Idk if they might add Heroic level after Hard but as i know there is none after Jaggernaut at mean time! Ty,Dupeali ;D
  10. It's Valentine's week,whose song could be more melody than Love Songs artist herself. Ours by Taylor Swift. Happy Valentine's day! www.vevo.com/watch/taylor-swift/ours/USCJY1103932#!
  11. I guess such problems in quests can't be help with game moderator. You're on your own as this is game's task. Yeah,sapphire sentinels are over guard at that caravans stairs are really annoying. It's like they are online in game 24hours nothing else than just to watch over that stairs point like those SATPOLPP. :wacko: wonder they even sleep? lol Prior to update or maintenance time or after is best for completing CL quests as most of players are busy and offline. Take a friend,cross the stairs when no elves there and go towards your boss.It is folishness to announce in world chat fo
  12. Hello everyone, This guide is about game's latest instance dungeon the 'Berengar's tower 'including it's features in details. FEATURES: 1)Introduction & Location of Berengar's Tower. 2)Require quests & Faction reputations for different levels of difficulty. 3)Team making. 4)Tower's quests & tasks. 5)Rewards. 1)INTRODUCTION & LOCATION OF BERENGAR'S TOWER : Berengar tower is the new instance dungeon type of game.Here Instance dungeons refers to such such dungeons or areas where only one individual or party can enter at one time or which is only availa
  13. Grats,Baba.. if ya don't wana it then why don't ya just unbind it and sell it! ;D Duh, after all it's level 19 higher with more stats..Look on the bright side,if Greater charm bonus enchants it adds more criti + more HP + More magic defense.. its not waste at all. :friends:
  14. Way 2 go,Bro! Half Mcoins for me too... :rofl: love the humor in writing..Good luck.
  15. Billionaire - Bruno Mars Ft. Travie McCoy
  16. Healers are so dead now! No astral,Low defence,low Attack and now delay in Escaping through Rooting and rest skills...R.I.P ! :bomb: Gosh,0 astral? :facepalm:
  17. You're bad at keeping secrets,i see..Stern calls ya Bro. ::) +1 :rofl:
  18. True, sire. Every player can use two accounts. But yeah,those multi accounts in arena and world chat spammers should be cos that's not even fair at all.
  19. OmG,this is most funny video and enjoyable video in the competition..Best video for me. ;D Congratulations,Dupeali ! :rofl:
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