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  1. Indeed it's a joke post! Bahaha just give *hyena laugh out* :bomb: especially,the one number 4. There is another post by Crossfit,which is better.You should have know this very topic existed. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=84401.0
  2. damn,auto correction of Android. I misclick on 'Unity' instead of 'United'. :bomb: As for mistakes " For brillants,hint is more than enough". Thanks for correcting! :snorlax: I know right! ::) lol sup,big guy? :lol:
  3. You should post this in suggestion . Yeah,totally agreed with this one.Sometimes cos of lag problem and disconnection inside tower leads to respawn back outside.It would be much better if one respawn in same place where they disconnected.
  4. "In your dreams" lmao That's your favourite saying right. just returning the favour. :facepalm: There are already bunch of same topic on this suggestion section. Simply, the answer is why would they create another pvp zone if PvP arena feature is already in game. Pvp cave wasn't mean for pvping in first place,it's mean for quests location. Anyway,why would we spare the ones who ganks us outside that cave and act like some holy saint inside that cave. lol
  5. It is my favourite too.It's meaning is very much touching. Some songs never gets old,it's always makes us feel better in case we are sad! lol Just for a remembrance! xD
  6. Since,it's (warspear online) is a massively multiplayer online rpg, here is simply one yet most promising one.It is team work and bonding weather close one or just companion,that is The Unity. Great man once said "Unity we stand,Divided we fall." Here is just an example: This guy though he could beat 3 of us,just becos he enchant and amplify his gears higher enough. But sadly,he failed to do so.
  7. Boss,you still trying to save dead of mcsaken..go go :clapping: Well,i am busy too as you can see i hardly come online,We all have duties and works in life so it's okay i guess.We can't keep be online 24 hrs like Satpolpps :lol: right? i missed last war time but I'll be there,see ya in game. *Make 300 gp and go off* ^_^
  8. katerine


    Here is mine.Can you tell,which Kunoichi cosplay i draw here? ;D
  9. katerine


    Your drawn picture kind look like this guy,Darui.Are you fan of Naruto ? :rofl: well,keep drawing no matter what others say good compliment or disappointing one.One should Never give up their hobby. :drinks:
  10. katerine


    It's good not bad,you can draw.Red emo hair is kind of humour though. Use blank sheets instead of ruled page,it would be more cool. ;D
  11. The announcement art is so Rio. lol Congrats Portuguese speaking players. :rofl: Devs,is there any scope in future for making specific Server for Bahasa speaking players apart from south east server.I think there are many players in Sapphire and Emerald from Brunei, Indonesia,Malaysia, Singapore and others people staying abroad. It will be really awesome thing to play like own native speaking language server and easy to understand.Other people complains everytime about them for not using English.I think it would be great if it's possible. Thanks..
  12. katerine

    Forest Song

    This skill is actually cool i like it.if you're against melee hero such as rogues.If you use it it can detect rogues nearby you,it does make them appear out of stealth and it is really good at escaping.Though,it's doubtful it works against mobs or not? or else it would be great skill to skip in place like lab and dungeons. At level 1,it is low Chance of getting its effect. I don't know at level 3 it miss chances of effecting or not.But i think it's cool,if study to level 3,by sacrificing some points from bolt and Barkskin,since now it is kind of lame as magic defense can increase b
  13. You can click on modify post and remove the attached pictures and upload new picture and save it to change your post contents. Anyway,why you want do that,it's normal for all having such amount gold. You're funny.lol ;D I think in future,you should post for such broken or things which aren't workin,in support section so game mods can figure ur problem out easily and helps you.
  14. Ahem,you know you forget to hide your gold in second screenshot.It is Twelve thousand ,one hundred thirty eight.. :lol: It's not only you who is having this skill thing.I am having same problem and there are already bunch of topics in support section.Be patient they'll fix soon let's hope.
  15. Zaru,That's bcos you weren't there when we were ganking elves and farming on that day. ;D i will add Screenshots of your soon. Oh,by De way i finished making the video i mentioned earlier,Trizz. It's been weeks i finished making it,problem is the background music i add on it is facing copyright issue on my YouTube channel. Anyway i m gonna change it soon.My bad for keeping you guys wait for so long! :snorlax:
  16. It's same with me too and many more players. Snorlax said he will see it.So,lets be patient and wait for some maintenances and fix. :drinks:
  17. Very funny.I think you haven't realize it out till date,Sapphire have more elves/chosen as compare to Mcsakens.One can simply figure it out by those numbers of obsessive ones blocking stairs whole day,Swarms of elves at swamp,Lab in their bosses as well as Mcs bosses plus not to mentioned the stationary ones at towns as most of them are chat spammers.Its funny,every time i read world chat,it's all about seing them at unusual place.They're everywhere. Some players with their different characters only play now at mc forsaken side as i know and some are even shifting elves side cos of update.Mcs
  18. Deathly eye is most annoying skill of all class,i wonder why even need two times for damaging in first place :rofl: I dont know why even bother to play this class which is nothing else than healing.Now two hits of ranger blessing having more penetrate against bone shield or bd hamstring having two stuns .I gave up long time ago,Priest is supporting too but its way better and intresting skills to play.It's fact ,Necro is worthless the way right now.Yet,more disappointing skills! Whereas priest got Aoe damage skill.
  19. Don't daydream,duh.Answer is 'NOPE' . :lol: Gift we'll get is losing 40k from bag lmao!!
  20. Thanks Devs. I understand and glad with the results.And in same,proud to be part of this contest. Congratulations all winners!
  21. aww..it's awful, i m only one who wasn't in uniform.Guess what,i should've put that Guntram's green one.. :lol: LMAO haha how funny!
  22. katerine

    Minions Guide!

    Great guide,Nik! I didn't noticed it all when you post it.It's from last year.. Why didn't you apply this for contest ? other guide was okay too. But i like this one.It's perfectly helpful.
  23. Nightmare is well balanced right now.I don't think it's cool down should reduce further.Necros can be tough to beat if you knows how to set your skill point or else it can be most boring of all. In my opinion,what necro needs to improve is that 'Deathly eye' It's chaos still ! At level 1,it is worthless unlike other classes dps skills such as Barb's chop or Druid's insect which works okay to somehow.
  24. I don't know either what is 'YT' means! I put the video name 'hunt for the hydra' which is quest actually in game.. ;D ok thanks brother,i ll try to change or improve it.I am kinda newbie in YouTube. I may made mistake which i have no clue right now.. lol
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