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  1. It is not stupid if someone express their frustration. WE love this game and became part of ouR daily life. We are all angry disappoint but once Game is fix all are always thankfull and happy LIKE ALWAYS. Forum is for writting game problems and bugs. Its for all. Thank You GM We LOVE you...WE are WAITING for Your action and hope you understand our frustration... :)
  2. I am really sad some other platforms playing and we are crying for help.Still no solution. I am really disappointed. We wait for months and now we have to wait and wait...Newbie symbian players level 01 whereas others already level 12... :'( :'( :'( so sad we can only read how good game is...
  3. Why DATA CACHING appearing again and again? Am i only one who facing these? Do anyone knows or can Help me to overcome it? :( :( :(
  4. when is update? Still another new hero to wait? I think all new heroes may be cool. We have'nt use it. Its hard to judge now. Likewise some people says druid or shaman is boring,some prefer b.d or barb or ranger. I think priest could be someone's choice too. I am glad;just keeping my patience alive. (waiting)
  5. How long more?i feel bored staring at screen,trying helpless just to connect... Zzz yawnssss *z* its not update? Don't you?
  6. Dear Kutmitch,we can't connect right now. What is the matter? :( hope it i get connect fast. I can't wait to chat along with my frens. Please do help!
  7. What will happen to the two factions i.e elfs and mountain clan? So that means there will be four factions against each other in arinar? I am excited overjoy. Omg i can't wait. Please someone explain if they knows any more information. Thank you.
  8. oh how Funny...i am more sad that you not even giving atention on problems.All i see w.s is just making good money now.Neither hearing players problem nor issues.Its not sarcasm its true and this is what you don't like.
  9. Just fix sms payment. I been saying this over time again and again.I need to buy alot of things from miracle shop.or if sms payment can't be work atleast increase the gold value again in creeps.
  10. sms payment still bug and the price of repairing scroll went up.i can't repair my stuffs.please fix this sms payment bug too. There is no point in giving new items on shop,when there is no buyer. I am so done.Nor i can amplify nor repair items. Wew, i am quit.
  11. Dear sir,is sms payment bug fix too? I am excited to see new costumes.Hoping i get miracle coins this time. Thank you so much for approving on connection bug.
  12. hi everyone. I need good suggestion. For ranger which Bg set armor is good or better. Is that 'doublet of berengar shadows' or 'Brigadine of berengar revenge'? Reply with ur reasons and why. thank you
  13. i am facing same problem too. I can't connect well more ever i am geting auto log off or game crash ( i don't know what they call that ;D i am just using my words). I wish this problem is solve so we could enjoy more game. Thank you for reading.
  14. Thank for your support.I appreciate you. I was there in emerald few months back. But i got few problem so i deleted my druid. Still i miss some cool people over there.i Just had good time with them,enjoyed the game.
  15. :cray: people may be sayin i am the only one who is having bunch of problems and issues. While,Hi again There is something not working good with my game.i don't know its call bug or viruses or my mobile incompacbility. :cray: as i try to enter sea monster cave chamber,i will get disconnected or auto log off. I can't even move a step. i was doin my chainless.seems now i can't complete my chainless and i have to delete my character cos without chainless stuffs i can't play or compete. I will be gratefull if u fix or give suggest what i should do or wrong with me. Thank you. God bless hope to se
  16. Tengku! hope someone listens me :good:
  17. :sorry: i don't agree this. All class have equal power as well have usefull.Just you know how to use it..
  18. :cray: Hi ! Hello ! Ya You! I Have many issue regarding sms paymen again and again. (sigh) i been trying more than twenty times.Game charge my credits but no miracle coins in return.I wait for online hoping to get it but atlast i give up. This is hopeless.I can't amplify my items nor can buy scroll of repair. Gold value from creeps went low. so please hear Players issue and make a server maintenance please. Its a request from all newbies. Thank you. Till now i enjoy the game. Hope if you maintain i will be loving more. :good:
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