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  1. I do agree. I feel Barb skills are chaos now..it realy need bit improve.
  2. Eh,Twisted Stave is 75k? I been farmin GG bt stil cant get one..
  3. Low levels can join too? I mean i could level up..8-) They use to kill me everytime at Gg cave while farming..
  4. Sapphire is fill with many blood thirst players and few players who are always busy farming.They only help their clan people.And it is not simple to join any one of them.I was their too facing same.I quit sapphire and join emerald.At first i dnt ve much frens. still they help me and i did finish my chainless quests in hours.I m nt tellin which server is best but my point is if you ve choose already the one,you ve to face it too..god luck.
  5. why are declaring war? just go quick and grab yr quest when mcs are asleep..xxD
  6. i dont realy ve no idea what was this skill about. I just spell,it consumes some enemy Hp but indeed mana wastage..
  7. million thanks. Yep this is the one i am searching for. Wow this is cool. Hehe thank you thank you thank you..
  8. Ok thanks alot. Hope it works,we will take one who went there.
  9. Can someone give me link or tell me where can i get astral laby map.or it is necessary to take the one who is been there before? Thanks.
  10. My hatemost character is not on this poll. His or her name is ''HARMLESS'' mountain clan.Above some are annoying and some help me when i was new on game. I never have enemies on firstborn but have bunch of really cool friends..hehe.( HARMLESS i will hunt you down some day) lol
  11. Nothing much about being level 20. It means your like 70 old man who is left home for baby sitting. Many people will ask helps in quest,farms but will get blame if low heal.People starts getting talks as if they know all things and they argue at each topic.They start racing for their stand in game,farming,killing or disturbing their enemies.Your friends befriends with the one who whom you hated.Now you becomes friend with other people..
  12. I believe chainless not easy on either sides..some players just take it personal occasion for letting out their past quarrels and some don't you to stand where they are.It is not bad if you ve good accomapany of friends. I faced this too,but if its not working just level up and collecting other items like arena or c.c. All the very best endevours.
  13. What will be the best skill for rogue? Dodge,kick in the back,stealth or gouge.I would be glad if experience vateran give good advice. Thanks
  14. I stopped doing c.c quest.It will take more than 4 months to complete whole set. New price are insane.Currently i am depending on arena items with no dodge nor accuracy neither permeation. I mean to say here is what is use of increasing it if players will make other items or drops from lab. for instance low level druid or ranger can't reach avenger stela. Before they enter they get killed whereas it is easy for rogues.It will be affect badly on those players who can't finish chainless quest either because of no help or continous killed by existing players (disturbers). It is totally discouragi
  15. My [email protected] you words are really funny hahaha :-D I am on firstborn anyways but all the good luck for your new clan. Lastly can i join too? No pressure...XD
  16. You mean like making new team mates on farm or killing moutain clans? so far i have heard and seen few called like panda clan,rabbit clan,dragon clan lol... It would be really cool making comapctible team mates. Good Wishes.
  17. Umm such things are very common in Us sapphire firstborn often.High level helps unless they are paid But i never saw this on either of emerald mc or fb sites,they helped each others. such players later make newbies to play so hard. It happened with me and many like new users.I almost lose my hope of playing game in beggining but some high level make it possible to finish quests that newbies can't make it.They only think of their mean..
  18. Very funny..these days what i am is seing Some players having both faction killing newbies on quest way. They got nothing else to do except for sitting at town and peeping at trade chat in towns.pOOR MC kIDS..ThEY are so NAIVE..pheww i am a first born.
  19. Not fair...... :'( both my symbians are useless now. Game already giving andriod players 3.10 ver and still nothing for symbian. I am so done here,screaming at forum invain. bye Warspear.....
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