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  1. New skills for Sentinels and Forsaken are too much.It's overall one side favour especially BD having multiple stunning skills and now absorbing damage to Zero. They complained about warlocks circle, Shaman Lightening shield they make it smaller and reduce chance of critical of shaman lifhtening.What about you gave full to Range's blessing?.May be it's time to give back locks circle and shaman lightening shield back again.
  2. Nope.I mean 'Bone Shield' .Use common sense,how can Necromancer use Melees's shield.
  3. thanks, Brother. My pleasure.
  4. Hello, In continue, with the recent update of new level of Berengar's Tower. Here is the guide of Heroic level of difficulty. WREATH OF THE MOON : (Asterius) In order to enter this level of Berengar's tower level, you must finish all previous levels i.e, Easy,Normal,Hard including all required quests like Norlant Swamp Yellow quests.The time given to complete the level task is 20 minutes. Players level recommended for this level is level 20.This level is no ordinary level.It has more obstacles and have more difficulty than previous levels.But as there is saying, n
  5. dude,no one kicked me off clan you fake ugly person. As long as i remembered i didn't care to join your ugly clan who takes advantage of people for joining. Be more real enough and tell your fake friends you're a Guy.you don't even have real guts to do that.Shame on yourself,Freak. Remember how you tried to fake by stealing other girl Facebook pictures and calling yourself that.By that that truly shows how ugly in real you're. So done here.I don't want see your ugly comments either So you're blocked before i quit.And i don't care to reply it either.
  6. why even you care to comment then,Fake. Can't post for beauty contest instead of Fake stolen of others. :rofl: All knows you're some ugly Indian guy who is seeking attentions acting as you're girl. Fake get life.
  7. Thanks,Fran. All the best with your life.
  8. Probably it's my last topic here in forum.Saying my goodbyes my cyber friends and enemies.I decided to leave cos there's so many things to do in life other than sitting in front of pc.I find myself it as negative situation whenever i play and it's holding me back from things i want to do in life..Actually i want to complete my 3 year programme higher education and do something in life. Well,it's been fun playing 3 and half years.I am leaving with no regret what i did and what i said.It's was all for fun and it was worthy.And i am not one of them who will change mind again once i decide to q
  9. Actually, i don't care at all being getting kicked or unacceptable in guilds.This feature of warspear is hell boring and i wouldn't even look twice joining. All i logged on is to see my craft getting done and helping my frens online.Or else overall it's boring to spam tickets and same drama everyday. Meanwhile i rejoined my old guild in LOL.. and it's more fun to be with them. Geez,i just got pentakill and i m having fun alot.
  10. I strongly suggest game Devs to select the winners with real pictures. Most of people are using fake photos and imposing which they're not in reality. Like those faker who use someone's stolen facebook pictures or from other social media pictures.We already know don't we? Like most of fake girls in forum and game still they're shameless to accept.I know they're only few real people who plays this game. For that,i think the contest should be like that "I play Warspear" picture competition type.One have to be with picture including mobile or tab.It will prove that very person plays and kno
  11. I wasn't playing for 3 days,when i logged on i see i got kicked.Every week my Guild point collection is higher than anyone else plus i collect more than you said to collect in a day.There are other heirs who are not even playing for weeks. :facepalm: You know what,i am done playing this game.I hate this feature of game anyway.It's worth playing other RPGs! Peace on earth!!
  12. i just replying the favour,loser! Sorry,i am not such cheap person either to act fake and to be ugly prostitute in internet seeking attentuons like you did or still full on it or who name himself SEDUCE and later name Katrina which is not even your real name! :rofl: writing comments and pricking your ugly nose every where which is annoying to watch your meaningless comments everywhere. And you ugly,stinky Onion get a life.Your poor way of writing manners shows true you and the way you think. God bless You! :sorry: Kill your self..You're blocked! P.s Moderators banned this guy again,it w
  13. Attention seeker? Sorry, i am no like you who seeks attention every where spamming and trolling in forum.Beside from that no one knows you.You got even banned for that, still you're seeking for more. Apart from being attention seeker you are ugly fake who pretended to be girl using fake name and even include yourself in a guild where you don't belong on it. LMAO epic troll! I don't care or give damn you know me or not cos many people in this game knows me well unlike you who don't even exist and being fakest..And for names, same name is everywhere.it's not about names,loser! it is you from ca
  14. I like most of Rom-com Movies and few SciFi.Here is my favourites of all time: Pretty Woman My best friend's wedding Hachiko Gravity Just like heaven We're the Millers Scream 1,2,3,4. Forrest Gump. And i use to watch alot of asian movies: First Love (Thai) The reunion (Filipino) Bride for rent (Filipino) April Bride (Japanese) You are Apple of my eye (Mandarin) The Classic (Korean) My sassy girl (Korean).
  15. Duh!! I don't think the word 'kindest' suits for MMORPG games.They would be total violation LOL.It's very rare cos here it is means of surviving and getting stronger than anyone.It is not like i am playing newbie druid and some level 20 shaman didn't kill me doesn't make him/her most most kindest.. In terms of friendly and most helping one, there were few exceptional people i met in game are Kiezsha,Megan aka Ambrielle, Besenkotak, Skynete ( Coolest) and most of my Filipino friends cos my game started with them,all the way they were coolest community in this game.few exception annoying h
  16. Game Over literally. It means most of Mcs are done with amplifying with present armour sets and dooms.! Mean now,all are busy with crafting till then i guess there'll be less demand of signs. Unlike Elves,which population is still spouting, who needs further more signs.Too bad! Guess what we need more high drop rate of catalysts in tower so we can buy a lot many of Stamina scrolls and License. BTW selling license is much profit! XD
  17. I would like to share too,i never did share in forum..Mine was alot funny too. I remember getting this ring when i played my first shaman and i have this Garr shag quest. I didn't know where Garr shag quest was.Then some player helped me find the cave.When i entered the cave,i couldn't See the Garr shag but full of spiders.I start running towards them but in vain i died three times cos they were too many. After 3 attempts i was able to reach down where there were some level 18 players farming. The name i remembered was Supersaiyan,Marsz,Venesacue or something else.i don't remembered the names
  18. I been to tower last 2 days and i haven't seen anyone getting this Energy Catalyst. And i am stuck at level 3 Craft. It's so freaking annoying just to get one piece and we have to collected FIVE piece of them. Neither of Devs replied where it drops apart from just a hint it drops as reward! But Where? And the price at Dealer is crazy.Atleast, make this items available in the miracle shop. :facepalm: I spent all my golds on getting it.It's getting annoying.
  19. This update is most confusing and complicated one..It says i need to use Licence! There are 2 types Master's craft and Prentice Craft license..And from which level to start? From level one or we can go directly to level 13? :wacko: And which boss drops this items all red bosses or just few??
  20. Hello,Crimsonians,how's everybody? Sorry,i won't be playing longer time like for weeks cos i got jaundice and my works are pending everyday.Moreover i don't feel like playing game it's boring right now.I can't keep up right now with all this stuffs goin on...So guys, kick me out of guild,cos i won't be able to make gps till i am okay to play.Invite someone else who'll make it.Goodbye for now..wish ya'll well!! Lastly,very sorry i m still making you wait for the guild video.It is already made but i will upload soon..Till then,enjoy this video lmao!! (Perfect Situation) ^_*
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