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  1. LEGIONS 21st February,Thursday Vistain,Bandit Ridge.
  2. i can help leveling your shaman just pm me in game.
  3. auto correct in android is something annoying sometimes lol. Whats with that Poll thing? Ofcourse This Thread is for players who need Help and i am sure it does. Atleast if new players read, they may perhaps know the locations i wrote on first page and if not we keep posting like Emerald one.
  4. 19th Feb,Tuesday Sentinels Velaid,Lamp Riff Foot of Mountains
  5. katerine

    Necro stats

    Pretty amazing.Best Necro stats i saw so far. Could you guys explain about skills distribution for level 14s? I went for Bone shield and heal now i am regretting choosing shield.It don't even work against BD hamstrings. Here is mine stats lol.It need many upgrade.
  6. Playing warspear with siblings is fun.Try that.My olds frens were gone too and i was kind of bored but I asked my bros and cousin sis to play.It's like now i ve to hear their frustrated Losing scream wen they lost arena against me and its more fun to chat them online and laughing out. :lol:
  7. :lol: unless mcs poops up and kills you. My way of farming gold.Do dailies sell reward items like accuracy critical potions in game shop and drops which require for dailies quest in Dealer shop. This way you farm golds faster and level up faster. For mcs go to Salt hill,farm the refugees it drops 4 gold value drops.It's very easy kill those refugees.
  8. Thanks for linking.Didn't know that one exist.
  9. Depends opon the tapjoy application you downloading.Read the intrustions.Some may say download and run and some needs credit/debit cards for subscribe the monthly like those movies online.I tried few days ago with application name 'throw seeds ' for 4 Mcs. But it happens to be long process to Get seed so i removed that application.
  10. 16 th, FEB SENTINELS: Uter,Black Mist Island.
  11. The day i was looking for repair scrolls at 1.5 k and all my items were broken in Sapphire.
  12. I like the second and the third.
  13. Legions,15th Feb Friday Ingolv,Leeward Island.
  14. None of you play our server.It's still vaccant and i do rarely see any Asian players.
  15. I heard about it.It's faction based game with more skills and characters.But i never tried to download because it's for pc.I will try it. Is there any server system like Warcraft or w.s for South Eastern countries? Tell me about it.
  16. 14th February,Thursday LEGIONS: Elder Beyn,Fishermen Village.
  17. Happy Belated B'Day. ^ ^ ^ l l l [=========] [=========] [=========]
  18. 13th Feb,Wednesday RELICS LOCATION SENTINELS: Main worker,Good fame Island.
  19. Add one more option i would definitely vote. "I m attention seeker who got doom bow but can't win against shamans" If you think developers preferred MC/forsaken site then why would they make elves chosen site which includes most op classes in game like range heroes as well melee ranger mage paladin BD and most good healing classes priest which dnt loose HP to heal/shield like necro and Druid more Astral moon over shaman. Stop complaining alot and stop giving more crap suggest making more boring in game. :facepalm:
  20. thanks.I would be glad if more people contribute to share. ;D
  21. it is yesterdays lake quest.Group of elves came for chainless but many MCs gank them all.Yes you were there too i think when i took screen shot. It is not my poster.I don't know how to make cartoons in photo shop.I have no chance of winning.
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