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  1. Playing RPG games like Warspear is much fun with siblings. ;D
  2. my bad I mistake dragon catcher costume. :crazy: but my point is not mistake.These ticket spammers went unequip weapons armours just to win by fraud using multi devices with characters .Its not even game. If he really wants to win he could buy bow of less price from shop or dealer but he isn't Even buying one and neither want his arena mates to win. BTW Gokuu player is totally jerk. :facepalm:
  3. See the costume first.lol He could buy any atleast level 12 bow or cbow. New arena is full of fraud rich people who spam tickets.Its tricky one. they play with two or more devices having one character on each.One team full of good equips and other naked without weapons or they don't even move.I don't know how arena random demands work but i have seen it in Game especially level 11-14 one. It's not even arena anymore.
  4. katerine

    Server down?

    Every update we been through such bad connections.What is new lol. We all know that. :crazy: Stay calm and wait for update or server back.Anyone of you remember the update release of new classes forsaken and chosen,i wait whole night.lol
  5. katerine

    Server down?

    Pre Update problems lag,connection problem? :rofl: I m getting same situation.I think it is something to do with new coming update today or tomorrow.
  6. Seriously i m not playing my necro.It is stuck at level 17.Every time i see my necro makes me sad. Now HP exhaust plus mana exhaust.Devs already update few features of 3.4.4. like mana exaust increase on high level and shaman warlock skill decrease .it will take months for devs to reconsider necro skill.It is Better start playing other classes.Priest is alot better than necro.Atleast no one dies healing someone.
  7. The duration of aggressive increase with skill upgrade.The enemy will be under more effect at level 5.
  8. I lost again. matet :cray: :rofl:
  9. :aggressive: Where was it? btw
  10. хорошо,Mr Jerruss :rofl: Especially the second one.
  11. Yes only two piece of signs.Atleast this Guy doing something good and people who play this game are having fun too.
  12. katerine

    Necro stats

    Can someone explain new update of Bone shield HP exhaust.Do it increase or decrease on Skill upgrade? Right now my Bone shield skill is at level 4 and it takes 80+ HP on using it.
  13. jah Lol. wouldn't it be Great if we go shopping in Armor cliff? :rofl:
  14. we are learn something again today. ::)
  15. oh,don't be this man ;D We love your game contests.Please continue such contests in future with same pattern. There were people before this contest too who says something on not winning.And you shouldn't feel yourself down by such negative comments.
  16. i think Block better I have seen my team tankers blocking rather than Dodge in farm. ok now what is the answer? game maker ;D
  17. Please tell time and faction side this time. :(
  18. Game name is Run as Wind lol. I will mention later at night. It's for Rogues.
  19. It's not End of world.There were many participants and only few will or have won.Try next time again. ;D
  20. You didn't mentioned before it was elf side or MC.You play both so do I.I was confuse and was searching with my necro and I totally forgot to search when a party invite me for Avenger Demon boss. :crazy: :rofl: ok we can continue this game tomorrow I will add items from astral lab drops worth of 2k - 5 k from capes to Hoods.Stay tuned. ;D
  21. oww.. nice.I learn something. :rofl:
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