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  1. 44 minutes ago, Rindizar said:

    Hello. I'm Rindizar. First born and Ranger. Server US- Sapphire. I was wondering how to get coins other than quests and killing the monsters? I'm currently lvl 13 and I'm now on the second map. I still haven't finished first map fully, well the mob quests. I wanna buy a summon on second hand shop but it's too much coins. Is there a good way to get coins other than quest and killing monsters?

    Only by doing daily quests or go back to map 1 and do the boss quests

  2. 1 minute ago, AntraxXL said:

    I meant balancing and bug fixing


    That takes a long time to see what is necessary and what is just complaints because of a minor challenge. So they have to sift through the evidence and what people are complaining about and determine if it's a problem. That's why it takes so long. Unlike other companies not so many people actually makes videos of the game 

  3. 1 hour ago, AntraxXL said:

    I want to make this post to give suggestions for the game, but it can end up being a vent depending on your point of view.

     Firstly, Warspear is a very good game and has the potential to be the best.

     Warspear currently, for me, lost its fun, when I was low level, it was more fun, because I was learning about the game and leveling up, that is, I was active in the game, but when I got level 32, it turned the tables, no I have more because I level up, I'm already at the maximum level, in the beginning I did the dones and tw, now I stopped with the dones because it takes a long time and it's a lot of stress, that is, there's only the tws left, which I'm already sick of too, so I wanted to play some ideas here (in general, will be for PvE, as I don't like PvP or GvG.

      - New ways to farm gold:

       At level 18 - 20, we could farm wisps and suck goat, but at lvl 32, there isn't something like ff, area to farm gold, so I could start there, it gives players more courage to play and the lows level up and get out of the wildfire, in addition to helping free players and moving the economy in the game.


    - Daily and Weekly Challenges: Firstly, the pass was something great for the game, players were more active to complete challenges and earn rewards, they could do it without festive events, not a clear pass, but daily and weekly challenges, you would do the missions and accumulate points until you had enough to collect the weekly chest (it would give 10k-20k gold + 1 random reward, 50% potions, minion, seals, stamina pot, relics, oblivion book and etc, even a costume who knows, things like that are not absurd, but it would be worth the effort) It would give players a reason to log in every day, I particularly like that.


    - Better rewards in Quests: Map 3, without a doubt, is the best it has, because in addition to being more challenging, you can get good rewards with the card system, they could put this system in the quests of maps 2 and 4 (Daria 1 of these: regular crystals and runes, grey, blue and purple equipment, bars, scrolls and potions, spheres, seals, etc.) Incentive for players to donate daily quests, and can increase the gold for each quest as well, because it's sad to amount, the gold you get from quests (map 2 and t1 and t2 of map 4) you spend almost everything buying the repair.


    - New Events: Add new events, would have some theme, (Ex: Demons), would have npcs that would give missions around this theme that would give extra gold per mission and reputation with these npcs, which could be exchanged for buffs, reputation, bars, xp, corindom, etc.


    - Update patches: Increase the number of balancing updates and bug fixes per year, it could be monthly, bimonthly or quarterly, in my opinion, it should have at least 3 balancing per year, because once a year is a long time and it would be fairer for both factions, there is no way to have 100% balance, but there is a way to make the game fairer and better (with less bugs, especially the visuals).


    - Tw end-game: That's not my idea, it was Arthas's, I'll summarize it here, for more details just go to his post, there would be npcs and they would give you quests, if you complete them you would gain reputation and exchange for a pass to tw, the tw would be divided into floors and each floor would have a theme, after a few floors reached would have a challenging raid boss with puzzles for the team to solve and overcome it. Honestly, great idea, I recommend that you look at his post, adding, they could still add new floors over time, so as not to become something repetitive.


    - Raid Boss: Currently, most players do not give value to raid Boss, because even if you join the entire faction, only the group that caused the most damage will gain something, discouraging the rest, they could give a participation prize to everyone in the boss area, my suggestion is that it be a chest with: Reputation, 5 - 10k gold, lackey and some buff. I imagine it would motivate players to pay more attention to raid bosses. Also, they could set a fixed time for the raid bosses we have, if I'm not mistaken 3 raid bosses, there would be one in each turn (1 in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at night) if there are 4 bosses it would be: 1 for morning, 2 in the afternoon and 1 at night, so everyone could participate in a raid boss and it wouldn't be at dawn either.


    - New alliance events: While not in festive events, you could put some kind of alliance battle, there would be a unique location for the event and it would be 2x a week, the battle would change every year, an example, Alliance castle: Every alliance would have their castle, the objective would be to destroy the throne, before that, they would have to destroy the wall, which would have a buff of damage reduction and high life, then the gate, which would have 200k life and no buff, and the guardian of the castle, which would deal damage and debuff in area, after all that, it would be the throne. The winning faction would have a buff that would let you enter any tw for free for 1h, the losing faction would have half the duration of the buff. It's just an idea that I had an algorithm, but it could be another kind of competition, but the buffs I think I could keep.


    - Alliance War: while it is in wartime, all active guild skills will be disabled (except guild xp and ap), but the war would have a commanding group, this group that would receive the alliance skills, which would only work at wartime, they would be: Alliance Blessing, Alliance Invisibility, Alliance Sponsorship and Alliance Globe, similar to guild abilities but would work for everyone in the alliance who are in the location of who used the skill, to define the group command would be through a vote that would take place every Sunday, the group would have a leader and that leader must be a lvl 10+ guild owner, he would enroll members of his guild to be part of the commanding group, he can only have 1 group per guild, players of each alliance will be able to vote for the group that they think is most suitable to lead the alliance in the war, to vote, the character must be lvl 18+, the group that wins will have the name highlighted with a different color in the perso nage and in the chat, for everyone to know who will be the commanders who will lead the alliance. I thought of this format because faction warfare would be more fun if there wasn't the guild's union skill and everyone in the guild had a chance to attack, because just defending in war is pretty boring and cloying. Also, the losing alliance would receive half of the buffs of the winner, it would be more like a consolation prize.


    - PvP Tournaments: They could add an arena mode that would be a bit like a moba, it would be 5v5 and players must destroy the enemy towers and destroy the main tower to win.

                                  - You could also consider a battle royal tournament, this tournament would have 20 players on a map, for the player to select this mode, he must be paired with another player, it would be 20 players, 10 teams of 2 players. It would have a maximum duration of 7 minutes and every 2 minutes part of the map would be covered by a fog that would be similar to the poisoning of t3 when some elf invades the mc side and vice versa.

                                  - Finally, they could add a 1v1 PvP tournament.


    OBS: I used the Br - Tourmaline server as a reference


    These were parts of my ideas, if I were going to talk about them all here, it would end only tomorrow, I ask everyone to comment what they think and if you have better ideas, the game needs to move players, currently, the game from lvl 32 is very boring , the PvE part at least, I ask the admins to read and comment what they thought of the ideas, obviously it's not fully detailed, and Aigrind would have to make some adjustments, I know it's not possible to apply all my ideas, but at least take some into account or use as a basis for other ideas, if you ask any player for suggestions for the game, other than nerf or buff, I'm sure there would be a lot of ideas.

     Sorry if there is any error, I don't speak English and I used the translator


                                                                                                                                                                                                                      - AntraxXL



    They already do quarterly updates. That's the event ones. Although everything else is interesting 

  4. 43 minutes ago, Fortuno said:

    Ah yeah, this thing called "Name selling", which I find absolutely scummy

    I have to agree. They take names of players who quit (and deleted their Characters) and sell the names 

  5. Just now, TheCaster said:

    Ah my bad. I thought you played forsaken from your message. I play on the Legion side mainly. Sorry. xD Good luck though, there are some helpful players on both sides. 

    Try asking Yuna or Zilla from potato guild. They might help you if they're available. 

    He is EU. I doubt either of those guilds are there

  6. 2 hours ago, Rindizar said:

    I can't seem to add you. I go to Society > Friends > Add. When I type your name in, it says "Unable to add an enemy player to your friends list". Did I do the adding wrong somehow?

    Your likely a firstborn or chosen I am a forsaken 

  7. 6 hours ago, coldravens said:

    Was about to say the same haha, the idea is verry cool and fresh but as aweys im concert about the reward, powerful personal weapons/gear sounds amazing but its obvious you wont drop every run so the question remains is what will be the "junk" loot, i wont be happy if i slay tons of op mobs and incredibly hard boss for the end chest to contain deff and common sub.So my idea in such dung common ressurces and regular relics to be removed from the drop loot and insted at the end all from pt to get set amount of gold (10-15k wont break the game im sure) + some unique scrools/pots+energy/eth sub depending on luck.

    Here is some ideas:

    Pot of luck:for next 2hours all gold drop from the monsters will be doubled (elits included)

    Pot of undying rage:for next 5mins all stats of the character (defense and offense) are boosted by 20% magic and psy power included (resilience not included ofc)

    Scroll of swiftness:for next 2h char move speed will boosted by 50%(doesn't work in arena mode, doesn't work in gvg and castle raids,does not stack with chars speed skills)

    Scroll of harads power:for next 5mins character power is boosted by 30% depending on witch power the char use more magic or psy.

    Scroll of harad unification:for next 2h increase the guild points received from quests and dung by 100%(stacks with unity pots)

    Final note:ofc the durations and power can be change abit if it looks too powerful, but don't forget high risk, high reward.

    Correction of misspelled stuff for you 

    And in addition I would like to see some unique stuff. Maybe even weapons with a unique skill. For example- Arcane Blade of Garaans Wrath- level 32 physical sword, skill: Dragon Aspect- The Player gains increased physical dmg, physical defense, and deals aoe damage for 30 seconds (think Steel Hurricane) 

  8. 11 hours ago, Avamanyar said:

    Yes, they have a city in a volcanic region called nadir but from where they came from in the eastern part of arinar it isn't mentioned that it is a volcanic region too. 

    Ah now I see what your saying :facepalm:

  9. 8 hours ago, Rindizar said:

    Hi everyone. I'm Rindizar from US-Sapphire. I'm a new player. Only level 10, but I'm stuck since I can't beat the quests "Forsaken Commander" and "Dark Oracle". I know I can create a party for Forsaken Commander but I can't get anyone to help me. I've tried asking world chat but no ones available and there's no global discord to ask too. If anyone is free can they help me? My goal is to at least reach level 16 but its going super slow since I can't beat the quests and just stuck. Thank you for future responses and aid. 

    You can also add me, Drakoslayd

  10. 1 hour ago, Avamanyar said:

    Wrong. They may have a city in irselnort but it wasn't specified they live in volcanic regions. 

    Look at the surrounding land of Nadir. It's a active volcano. A desert is very much an yellow/red color sandy area. Unlike Nadir's red, black, grey color scheme

  11. I personally hate the idea of allying with the enemy. It just doesn't make sense because of how much problems it causes. Look at many servers in WoW. They basically take turns killing raid bosses as they spawn. I prefer to fight bosses and other enemies as they come. It's more fun like that. But when a mc guild gets mad and sics an elf guild at us it's not fun at all 

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